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StoryWorth- The Perfect Gift For Grandparents [Plus GIVEAWAY!]

My son has 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents. He may never know just how lucky he is to still have so much extended family. Sadly, we know that he will likely never remember his great grandparents or how amazing they were. My family is huge on preserving memories and that is why I knew we had to try StoryWorth to pass along my grandparents’ stories to future generations. I partnered with StoryWorth to bring you this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

StoryWorth – The Perfect Gift For Grandparents [Plus Giveaway!]

Storyworth the best gift for grandparents

StoryWorth documents, organizes, and keeps the memories of your loved ones so they can be passed down from generation to generation for years to come. It is an online company that prompts your loved one with a weekly question about their life, past and present. These stories are then added to a master book, full of questions, answers, and stories that are printed and bound into a beautiful keepsake.

Great grandmother and toddler

How It Works:

1. Once a week, StoryWorth emails your loved one a question you have never thought to ask or might not have taken the time to ask. 
2. Your loved one simply replies with a story, which is shared with you each week, as well as added to their book.
3. At the end of a year, their stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book.

4 Storyworth books

What Is Included:

Each subscription comes with a year’s worth of story prompts for one storyteller and one hardcover book with a black and white interior and full-color cover. Note you can order as many additional books as you would like to ensure everyone in the family has their own copy to keep. You can even order your book in color for an additional fee.

Storyworth open book

The coolest part is, you can be as involved (or surprised) as you would like! As the gift giver, you can choose the questions your loved one receives, edit the questions, or add your own, or, sit back and simply wait for the finished product. The first email I received with my grandmother’s response was to a question I create just for her. It brought such a smile to my face to see her answer!

elderly women at computer

StoryWorth has a whole library of question prompts they will automatically send out each week. Don’t worry if the storyteller misses a week. They have as much time as they need to reply and can always log in to their account to add/edit/change a story/response. Storytellers can even include photos that go with the story if they would like!

Picture of Storyworth website

When the subscription ends, you will receive an email with the option to renew for another year, or to print the book. They do not print the books automatically so you always have time to make adjustments as needed until the project is complete.

Our Experience

The whole process is super simple. First, I checked with my grandmother to make sure she loved the ideas as much as I did and of course, she did! You do need to make sure that the recipient has access to email as that is how they will receive their questions and submit their answers. 

Then, I went online to sign up for StoryWorth. You simply add in some basic information such as the recipient’s name, email address, and your own email address. You can choose to remain on the account or take yourself off to keep the answers a surprise. 

women's hands on keyboard

Once I was signed up, (which took about 2 minutes), I went through and edited some of the questions. StoryWorth must have hundreds of pre-written questions, but I have some of my own! So I edited a few of theirs, added some of my own, and deleted some that I didn’t think would fit for my grandma. You can even select the order in which the questions are sent or, you can do nothing and StoryWorth will take care of all of it!

True Story

One thing I learned from StoryWorth is that my family actually changed our last name when they migrated here from Sweden. Our last name was Olson, but my great, great grandfather decided there were “too many” Olsons, so he changed it to Engwall which means “grassy meadow”. See what kind of cool family history you might discover by signing your grandparent or parent up today?!

Connect With StoryWorth

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StoryWorth Giveaway A great gift for grandparents

Don’t forget to get entered for your chance to win a one-year StoryWorth subscription. Must be 18 years or older and live in the United States to enter. Good luck!

kathy foster

Friday 28th of April 2023

I would like to order more books.

Stephanie Gilroy Kearney

Saturday 12th of December 2020

I am 65 and widowed and I would like to do this for my two boys, ages 36 & 26. There are no grandparents, just my siblings and some cousins, a few great Aunts; also I have no grandchildren. Would this work for my situation?

Mariah Pundsack

Sunday 13th of December 2020

I think that Storyworth can be perfect for anyone! I would recommend getting one subscription per person/household though since the questions are answered via email. It might be hard for multiple people to use the same account. Good luck.

Lisa Hudgins

Sunday 6th of December 2020

How did you handle two grandparents in the same household as far as the questions?

Mariah Pundsack

Sunday 6th of December 2020

Great question! For us, my grandma was the only one capable of answering questions (my grandpa can't use the computer). What you might want to do is get two subscriptions using two different email addresses so they each have their own book. Otherwise, they could work together to each answer every question together. Or tag team and each take half the questions. It would really be personal choice. Any way you do it, you really cant go wrong! Good luck.

Montgomery Schlappi

Tuesday 10th of November 2020

Question: did any of your pages fall out of your book? We just completed this and received a proof book to review before ordering copies for our entire family for christmas. Several pages fell out of the book. Wondering if it is just a freak mistake or if others have experienced this?


Wednesday 11th of November 2020

Hi Montgomery,

I am so sorry to hear that this was your experience! I would suggest reaching out to the Storyworth customer service directly. It looks like you can email them at or even text them at +1 (888) 745-1080. Good luck!

monique s

Monday 7th of September 2020

THis is a really neat idea. It will help to keep the family stories passed from one generation to the next