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Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair Review

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Have you heard of the Mutsy company yet? They’ve actually been around since 1937 but I just recently found out about them. They make awesome, streamlined, cutting-edge, modern baby products like strollers and the Mutsy Easy Grow highchair that I’m going to tell you about today.

Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair

I LOVE the “About Mutsy” page on their website.  They have pictures of the different products they have created over the years and they are all so COOL! I would love to get my hands on one of the Model M: Mutsaerts’ first strollers!!

I was recently sent the Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair to review. We’ve been using it with Maggie our 2 year old and just LOVE it! Check out the video below:

The Mutsy EasyGrow is great because it will grow with your child, from baby all the way up to school-age child! The seat and footrest of this chair are adjustable to fit your child. You also have the option of using the tray, bumper bar, or no attachment, depending on the age/needs of your child.

When we first started using the seat we used the tray for Maggie. Then, she asked to eat at the table like us, so we took the tray off and used the bumper bar. Now, she’s so good at using her chair that we took the bumper bar off as well. She climbs into the chair on her own, we push it up to the table, and she’s ready to go!

Mutsy Easy Grow highchair

Mutsy Easy Grow highchair

Not only does the EasyGrow work great for Maggie at 2 years old, but when Jacob begins to eat around 6 months, I’ll be able to use it as a high chair because the Mutsy also comes with the ability to buckle your child in.

One of the other things I love about this chair is that it is SO easy to clean! There is no fabric to clean and, let’s be honest when a high chair has fabric, it stays clean for less than 24 hours! The EasyGrow is easy to wipe down, or you can do what I do and take it in the backyard and hose it off every now and then!

Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair

Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair

We love our EasyGrow so much, I’m considering purchasing a second one in a few months so that Jacob will have his own! It’s a great piece of baby gear for sure!

The EasyGrow comes in 2 colors: white (the color we have) and dark grey. As an update to this post, the Mutsy Easy Grow Highchair is no longer available for purchase new, however, if you’re lucky you can find one of these chairs at a local consignment store or yard sale.

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Sunday 17th of August 2014

What is the height of the highest seat position? I am looking for a high chair that can work with a counter height table. My daughter is almost 2-years old and I am hoping that she is tall enough to use this chair on the height setting. Thanks for the helpful review!


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