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Carter’s Watch the Wear Clothing Review

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When I was first contact by Carter’s Watch the Wear, I thought that this was the same company as “Carter’s” In fact, I had (and still have) a Carter’s Watch the Wear baby blanket and gown from when I was a newborn, and I always thought that Carter’s had just eventually dropped the “Watch the Wear” line. I now realize they are two separate companies. I’m so glad I discovered that! I was missing out on a great company!

I found the history of the Carter’s Watch the Wear Company to be very interesting, so I’m going to share it with you.

Carter’s Watch the Wear History

Over one hundred and fifty years ago, America only had 33 states, the nation was in the early days of oil and gold rushes and in 1859 Henry Wood Carter would establish the H.W. Carter Co. in Lebanon, New Hampshire. That same year, Abigail Carter invented the first ever Overalls for use on railroads. Over the next ten years, H.W. Carter presents the original “Lebanon Overalls” for sale across New England.

By 1890 H.W. Carter & Sons became the premier manufacturer of denim overalls and“work wear”. Carter’s Overallswere famous throughout the United States. The company expands to marketing boy’s overalls, as well as railroad overalls, painter pants, coats, jumpers and putting shirts eventually putting everything under the simple trademark“Carter’s”. Growing again a few years later to selling their new ski jackets, sport jackets and wool mackinaw coats, Carter’s would soon acquire the Watch the Wear Overall Company of Keen, New Hampshire and its trade name “Watch the Wear”.

Under the new trademark of“CARTER’S Watch the Wear”, H.W. Carter & Sons continued to expand and grow. Forging through the strain of the Great Depression, CARTER’S Watch the Wear workwear proudly supported American workers as they pushed forward to victory in World War II. CWW was there in coal mines, factories and manufacturing plants. And after America was all done pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and building the American Dream one long day at a time, CARTER’S Watch the Wear was right there with them as the country shifted over to the leisure time of diners, drive-ins, and road trips.

CARTER’S Watch the Wear brand is rooted deep in American history and Americana. Since its inception in 1859, over 150 years ago, by Henry W. Carter, in Lebanon, New Hampshire, the people of H.W. Carter & Sons and the CARTER’S Watch the Wear company have strived to achieve something they can take pride in, something that has been a symbol of quality in the making of sturdy denim workwear. Now they enter a new chapter in history while keeping the spirit and principles of Henry W. Carter alive. What was once designed for the men who hand-built America, is now made for everyday families who keep America thriving.

My Carter’s Watch the Wear Review

I was able to choose 4 items from Carter’s Watch the Wear to review (at no cost to facilitate this review). I decided on 2 outfits for Jacob, and 2 for Maggie. This is what I was sent:

Carters Watch the Wear

For Jacob, I picked the cute little romper and then the other is a 3-piece outfit. The 3-piece outfit came with the striped onesie, the octopus and starfish t-shirt, and cute little shorts with an octopus on the bottom. For my girly girl, I choose 2 dresses. If she picks out her clothes, she always picks a dress. If you notice in the picture that the orange and yellow dress looks a little dirty, that’s because it is. I had to pull it out of the dirty clothes hamper to take the picture because she’s always wearing it! It’s comfy, cool–perfect for summer!

Carter's Watch The Wear Clothing

One of the things I LOVE about Carter’s Watch the Wear is that not only are the clothes cute and made well, but they are affordable!! All of these items I received were $12 and under as their original price! I’m really glad that I was reintroduced to Carter’s Watch the Wear and will be checking their website often for clothes for my kids!

Carter's Watch the Wear 3

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