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Woom Bikes

This post is sponsored by Woom, USA. All opinions are my own.

Tonight, I drove by one of the largest superstores in my area. Like most stores this one was also decked out for the holidays with people buzzing in and out, plenty of red and green splashed around the storefront, and a giant blow-up Christmas tree just outside. As I drove by what used to be the garden center, I glanced in and saw hundreds of bikes ready and waiting to find their new homes Christmas morning. I remember as a kid myself, waiting and waiting for my very first two-wheel bike, and when it finally came, spending hours upon hours riding through the neighborhood. A bike is such a special gift! A bike is one of the first ways we get to experience the freedom of independence, thrills of excitement and the expectation that adventure is just around the next corner. Whether you are looking for your child’s first bike or maybe you’ve got a rider that’s ready to kick things up a notch, A Woom bike won’t just wow your child this Christmas, the Woom is such a fantastic bike, they will be excited to ride it all year long!

Woom 4

The woom 4 is a dynamic bicycle that introduces children to gears!  Our SRAM X4 8-gear shifter expands the possibilities for the rider.  Whether they are out adventuring in an area with hills or going on a long commute in town, this 20″ bike is as powerful as the growing child demands it to be.

  • Hassle-Free Assembly: Our Austin, TX based team of qualified mechanics prepare and quality check each bike prior to shipment. All tools and easy-to-follow in-home assembly instructions are included
  • The 20” woom 4 takes bike riding to the next level. Bike weight: 16.9 lb; Designed for ages 6 to 9 years or overall height 45″-51”. 
  • Bike: This all-terrain bike introduces kids to gears. With 8 gears and light Kenda off-road tires, it is perfect for exploring and longer rides
  • Shifting gears: The SRAM X4 8-speed shifters boost the joy of riding and expand the rider’s range. The gear ratio is designed to handle any terrain, from steep climbs to long descents

I got my hands on a Woom 4 and absolutely could not believe how light it was. My husband and I both have Treks as does my daughter whose bike is comparable in size to the Woom. For lightweight and ease of transport, the Woom 4 wins hands down! We were able to get it out of the box and ready for the road in about 20 minutes which means you won’t have to spend hours on assembly the night before Christmas. My nephew, who tested the bike out for his cousin, loved the bright colors, how easy it is to shift the gears, and how easy the Woom is to pedal. There’s no denying that this bike is specifically designed to be a perfect fit for younger, growing riders. The quality of the Woom 4 is impeccable and the overall look is so sharp and so sleek there is not a kid around who wouldn’t be trilled to call this bike theirs. Woom paid close attention to detail and it shows in every aspect of not only the bike, but in all of the accessories also available.

Woom Helmet

Kids have their own mind – and Woom has the best protection for it. The head proportions of children and adults are very different. That‘s why Woom adapted the Woom KIDS HELMET to the specific requirements of children.

Extended protection for the temples and back of the head, easy-to-use magnetic buckle, optimal ventilation and fit adjustment thanks to interchangeable pads and size adjustment dial. The flexible visor – a unique safety feature – serves as additional forehead protection!

Measure the circumference of your child’s head just above their eyebrows, going all the way around their head.

Simply put, there just is no other kids helmet that’s as cool as Woom’s! You won’t have to be begging your son to put this one on!

The halls are decked, the stockings are hung, the cookies are baking in the oven. It’s that time of year when our hearts swell not because of what we get, but as parents, seeing the joy on our kids faces when they come down stairs on Christmas morning. With so many gift options to choose from, choose one of the best and save a little “woom” under the tree for the best bike on the block!

Click HERE to visit Woom, USA to see all of the different bike sizes available, including Balance Bikes!

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Jeanine Carlson

Sunday 14th of June 2020

These look like really nice bikes!


Thursday 4th of June 2020

We bought this bike as a present for our daughter's second birthday. She loved bicycles and tried out the strider at a store near us but we ended upgrading her to the current bike after reading the net review at two-wheeling tots. Our daughter is average-sized but, comprise a little inseam which really restricted the balance bikes we could get her. This one fit great from the beginning and she or he was easily ready to maneuver the bike and pick it up from the beginning. I feel she probably could have used it around 18 months if we had bought it for her that early. She used it a small amount at 2 but mostly walked over it, took an opportunity from riding because it absolutely was too hot out, then started taking it out on a daily basis within the fall. She absolutely fell smitten together with her PURPLE bike as soon as she started riding it again and now she immediately began to glide. She uses it several times every week and likes to test herself thereon.

Ashley Chassereau Parks

Thursday 12th of December 2019

I haven't heard of this brand until now. It sounds like its amazing quality! I love that its lightweight and introduces gears. I also love the helmet. I've had trouble getting the right fit of a helmet on my kids, but this one looks like it would fit more appropriately and provides more coverage/protection. I completely agree that bikes are a special gift.... what kiddo wouldn't want to find a bike under the tree Christmas morning?!

monique s

Thursday 22nd of August 2019

This looks like a great bike. It looks durable but also has a cool style and look that is good for kids of all ages


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I am a convert! At first I could not believe how pricey these bikes were, but after seeing my grandchildren ride them, maneuver them and be safe with them, I was sold! They are lightweight, so falls are not as awful as they could be. They are designed for a child's legs and arms. They are a great upgrade from a balance bike. And they are adorable. Worth the money!