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woom 5 Children’s Bike Review

This ‘woom 5 Children’s Bike Review’ is sponsored by Woom. As always, all opinions are my own.

Every year, the kids seem to shoot up and need new pants. Another way that proves how quickly they’re growing is when they outgrow a bike. Well, our Lucy is almost 9 years old now and the bicycle she used last summer is much too small this year. So we are excited to share about her brand new woom 5 bike.

woom 5 Children's Bike Review

Bikes Make A Great Gift

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or ‘just because’; a new bike makes a great present. These days, it seems like kids are spending more and more time on screens so any gift that gets them outside in the fresh air and moving, is a win to me. As a matter of fact, my husband actually gave his godson a new bike last year for his birthday and he was so excited that they had to assemble it immediately and he’s spent hours and hours riding it since. He LOVES it! That new bike was an exciting gift for him and he still enjoys it a year later. So if you’re trying to find a gift idea that has longevity, a new woom bike is definitely it.

girl riding bike - woom 5 Children's Bike Review

woom Bikes Are A Great Choice

When searching for a new children’s bike, I encourage you to do a little research as they are not all made the same. It may be quick to run into a big box store in town and grab the first bike you see but this year, check out woom instead. With their low weight, seamless design, high-quality components, and child-specific geometry, woom bikes are designed to give children the perfect introduction to riding a bike and spark a life-long passion for cycling. The woom ORIGINAL line ranges from woom 1 to woom 6, accommodating different heights, weights, and riding levels.

girl on bike - woom 5 Children's Bike Review

Our woom 5 Bike Review

The woom 5 is an innovative and ultralight 24″ children’s bike that features 8 gears designed for all-round use by children 7 years and older. Currently available in five color choices, choose from: red, midnight blue, moon grey, anniversary red, and mint green.

While the anniversary red really caught my eye with its shiny appearance, Lucy choose the mint green. In person, this bike is super pretty and the green is definitely eye-catching.

Loaded with great features, this woom 5 has been tons of fun and Lucy’s been riding it daily since its arrival.

girl riding bike- woom 5 Children's Bike Review


woom 5 Children's Bike Review

Putting the woom 5 together was fairly quick and easy. With six kids, my husband has assembled his fair share of bikes over the years but we also found the instructions laid out well and we were able to follow them with no issues. I also appreciate how woom has an assembly video available in case customers need additional help.


woom 5 Children's Bike Review

As we unboxed the woom 5, I immediately noticed how lightweight this bike is. The frame is actually made from from light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminum material. Paired with the low entry, lower sitting position and forgiving steering geometry for control and comfort; this bike is very well designed.


woom 5 Children's Bike Review

Perfect for kids who are new to shifting, the woom 5 features:

  • 8 speeds
  • SRAM X4 twist shifter
  • SRAM X4 rear derailleur

Tailor Made Wheels + High Quality Tires

woom 5 Children's Bike Review

These SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS are specially designed for the child-specific geometry on the woom 5 and feature smooth, frictionless hubs and double-walled rims. The rims come with a 20 stainless steel spoke design to offer a perfect balance of strength and lightweight. Paired with the high-quality Schwalbe Little Joe tires that provide plenty of traction and durability making it easy to go from pavement to dirt and anywhere else adventure may take you, it’s a winning combination.


woom 5 Children's Bike Review

The woom bike seat is designed for comfort and to accommodate the anatomy and the biomechanics of growing riders.

Ergonomic Contact Points For Well Designed Pedals

woom 5 Children's Bike Review

The pedals on the woom 5 are durable, reflective, and slip-resistant for safer riding experiences.


girl with bike - woom 5 Children's Bike Review

These handlebars are adjustable! This woom bike is designed with an adjustable vario stem. As we all know, kids grow fast and the best bike is one that will adapt to them as they grow. The Vario stem is constructed of lightweight forged aluminum, making it quickly and easily adjustable.

Comes With A Kickstand

woom 5 Children's Bike Review

One of my biggest frustrations is when a kids bike doesn’t come with a kickstand. So I’m thrilled to report the woom 5 DOES come with a kickstand! I cringe when I see kids hop off a bike and let it go crashing to the ground. Having a kickstand helps as we teach our children to respect their belongings as it allows them to ‘park’ their bikes safely in an upright position where they won’t get scratched and dented (or tripped over!)

Safety First – woom Helmet

woom helmet - woom 5 Children's Bike Review

Over 20 years ago, when my brother was young; his front bike tire fell off his department store bike when he was riding. He flipped head over handlebars and crashed to the pavement HARD. He was badly injured and his head and face took a beating. Had he been wearing a helmet, he most likely would have walked away with a couple scrapes at most. Ever since then, I’ve realized that wearing a bicycle helmet when biking is super important. So be sure to invest in this vital piece of safety equipment for your children.

girl on bike - woom 5 Children's Bike Review

When it comes to both shape and size, children and adults have very different heads, so woom has adapted their KIDS’ Helmet to suit the specific needs of children. It’s designed for extended protection for the temples and back of the head, features an easy-to-use magnetic buckle, and provides optimal ventilation while the fit adjustment is easy thanks to interchangeable pads and size adjustment dial. Simply put, there just is no other kids helmet that’s as cool, easy to use, and functional as woom’s.

Tell me, do you know a child who needs to update their bike and helmet this year? If so, tell them about woom!

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Ashley Parks

Monday 26th of June 2023

I love that it is lightweight and has 8 gears! The bright green is so pretty! I love the helmet too. It looks comfortable and well designed.

Peggy Nunn

Sunday 25th of June 2023

I would like one of these for my granddaughter. It is nice.


Saturday 24th of June 2023

The bike looks fantastic! A few of my younger kids would really enjoy it.

Lauryn R

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

What a nice bike, I love all of the features! I think it is awesome that they have different stages, depending on age and height. This makes it so much easier to pick out the right bike for your kid. The different colors are great as well. I also LOVE that it has a kick stand, I think all bikes should have one. Thank you so much for your review!

Maria Egan

Wednesday 21st of June 2023

What a neat bike and helmet set. The bike looks like it is the perfect fit and with the adjustable handlebars and stem will be one for the future.