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My #1 Must-Have Hair Styling Tool – Ultra Chi Hair Straightener Review

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I received no product for this Ultra Chi Hair Straightener Review.  However it has been a favorite of mine, so I wanted to share. 

My #1 must have hair styling tool

As with most women, I have a few staple, go to beauty products. I can never be more than five feet away from a good chap-stick. I always need to have a high-quality concealer on hand. Then of course, my favorite hair styling tool, my Ultra Chi hair straightener. I have what I like to call disorganized hair. Some parts of my hair are semi-straight, while others have a wave or kink and some parts are downright curly. To tame this wild mane, I need a straightener that can get all my locks on the same page in a uniformed fashion. And you’ll quickly see by my Ultra Chi hair straightener review, that this one does just that.

Ultra Chi Hair Straightener Review 5


My Magic Wand – Ultra Chi Hair Straightener Review

This Ultra Chi hair straightener review will show you how truly magical this wand is. My Ultra Chi has one setting, on or off. There is no guesswork of how hot to make it, what temperature works best for what type of hair or remembering a go to setting preference. When you are ready, just flip the switch from off to on and it is ready to go. This thing also heats up, fast. When I turn my Ultra Chi hair straighten on, the LED red light turns on solid red. It only takes about 30 seconds to get hot enough to use and reaches its full temperature after about two minutes. Once it is fully hot, the LED light blinks red. It even came with a protective pouch that you can put the straightener into when it is still hot! Talk about a lifesaver on those mornings you are packing up to leave on a trip and do not have time to wait for it to completely cool down.

My bathroom counter top often looks like the backstage of a runway show during fashion week. Make-up, hair products and random assorted items from my closet are often covering my counter-tops. As I mad dash to throw it all back in a drawer, I never have to worry about hiding it.

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The Details

This straightener is sleek in design with its fire engine red color, curved edges and golden ceramic plates. The “all in one” ergonomic design allows it to not only straighten, but also curl, flip and style in a multi-functional way. Again, if I do need to clean it up in a hurry. I just put it into the Ultra Chi Thermal Pouch for safe storage. Although, it never stays in there for long.

Another one of my favorite parts of this product is that it doesn’t pinch or pull your hair. Some straighteners I have used in the past will almost ‘catch’ your hair. It hurts to run over your delicate strands. This straightener can handle both large and small sections, has a tight clamp without the pinch and has a super long, 9 foot swivel plug in cord. The only downfall is that the plug in cord is almost too long. Sometimes it gets tangled when in use or wrapped up with other items in my drawer. Of all things to worry about, this one is pretty small in my opinion.

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Lasting Results

As a female with disorganized hair, I have tried a lot of straightening methods over time. I have tried a variety of straighteners and hair products. But, none have given me the long-lasting results that I can achieve with my Ultra Chi straightener. This straightener provides a sleek, silky smooth look and once my hair is straight, it stays that way. With other straighteners, my hair seemed to get into a crazy mode of wanting to go haywire after a few hours. This invites bumps and waves that were not necessary and uncalled for by me. With the Ultra Chi once it is straight, it stays straight. Unless it is interrupted by a monsoon of a rainstorm or my waterfall shower head.

I am not sure how the Ultra Chi does it, but I can wear my hair straight for as long as I can keep the grease at bay, which is often up to four days of straightness off one wash and straightening session. I have found that other straighteners don’t get rid of the poof, don’t allow my hair to stay straight for multiple days, or pull my hair when I straight it. But I haven’t noticed any of those things with my Ultra Chi hair straightener. If I was packing for a deserted island, my Ultra Chi in its heat protective pouch would be the first thing I packed.

Ultra Chi Hair Straightener Review

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