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Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected Well!

There seems to be two different ‘types’ of people. Apple forever fans and the anti-apple group. It turns out, we’re an Apple family through and through. (That is, with the exception of Gabb phones – the affordable and SAFE phones – for our tweens and teens. If you’re on the hunt for a way to keep your kids connected AND protected, Gabb is the way to go and we’ve got a discount code for you! Just use the code ‘THRIFTY’ at checkout to save.)

A couple years ago, my husband tried switching to an Android but he was back to the iPhone in less than a year. Anyways, there are several reasons we are big Apple fans.

iPad and case - Proven Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected


The biggest reason we’re Apple owners is the fact that their products just seem to last so much longer. We have an iPad that is 12 years old and STILL WORKS! Albeit, not perfectly anymore but nearly! Our MacBooks are also 8+ years old and still function fairly well. My iMac Desktop lasted almost a decade before I had enough issues where I felt the need to upgrade and replace.

Easy To Use

In the (almost) 12 months my husband had an Android phone, I never figured out how to work it. Whenever I’d borrow his phone, I’d give it back in frustration as I just didn’t find it as user friendly. While he managed to get the hang of it after a month or two, we are in agreement that Apple phones are just easier to learn.


A really handy feature of Apple products is the fact that all will connect to one another with our Apple account. So when we recently purchased a new iPad, all we had to do was have one of our iPhones nearby and it automatically read it and linked! We also love the ‘Find My’ feature as it’s handy to help locate missing phones as well as know where family members are.

So now that we purchased a new iPad, it was time to get it protected!

Proven Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected

Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected

1:) A Case

The first thing we do whenever we get a new device is find a heavy duty case to help protect it. Both my husband and our 17 year old have Otterbox Covers on their phones so I knew I wanted to find an Otterbox case for our brand new iPad. (My husband is especially rough on his phone as life on a Minnesota dairy farm isn’t easy but Otterbox has kept his phone safe and in tact!) For our iPad, we turned to the Otterbox Defender Series for help.

iPad and case - Proven - Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected

This case is awesome! The Defender Series is the iPad (7th, 8th, and 9th gen) protective case that guards your device against drops, dirt, and scrapes. The hard internal shell, soft outer slipcover, and built-in screen protector deflect everyday action and accidents. Plus, the included shield stand enables hands-free viewing and comfortable typing.

iPad on stand - Proven - Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected

2:) Screen Protector

If you choose to forgo a case or your case doesn’t have a built in screen protector like the Defender Series does, you’ll want to purchase a separate screen protector. Most are an inconspicuous thin piece of material that is applied to the screen and works to prevent scratches and dents while also inhibiting fingerprints.

iPad and screen protector - Proven - Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected

3:) Be Mindful Of The Elements

Has your device ever shut itself down when out in the sun? Has your battery drained to nothing because you’re out in the cold? Drastic temperature changes may cause condensation build up and damage or diminish battery performance so try to avoid vast variations in the elements and keep your iPad somewhere temperature stable.

4:) Keep Watch Over Your iPad If Children Are Allowed To Use

Young children LOVE technology and are quick to grab any device that is left laying around. The best thing to do is to keep your new iPad off limits but if you are going to allow the kids to use, be sure to supervise closely. Children, especially the younger ones, can get distracted easily and tend to leave devices on the couch (where it can slip between the cracks), on the floor (where they can get stepped on), and on unsafe surfaces (where it can get bumped off or fall to the floor). To avoid these catastrophes and potential damage, be an avid watcher when allowing children to use your iPad and other devices.

5:) Avoid Liquids

Liquids and technology just don’t mix. (Most likely we all know someone who has had to fish a phone out of a toilet before!) Keep your iPad protected by staying away from water. Never bring it near a pool, bath tub, or sink. It’s best to even keep glasses of liquid away from where you’re using and just get up to grab a drink elsewhere as needed.

6:) Use Padding When Traveling

If you’re going to take your iPad with you, be sure to use a bag with a built in iPad/computer pocket as these have extra padding to protect from bumps. If you don’t have a bag with a padded pocket, no worries. As you place your device in your bag or a suitcase, just be sure to surround it with enough padding (towel or other soft material) to cushion any blow in an effort to prevent damages that may take place because of jarring your iPad too hard.

iPad in case - Proven - Top 6 Ways To Keep Your iPad Protected

No matter which level of protection you choose, I highly recommend investing in an iPad as our family loves this device!

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Ashley Parks

Sunday 10th of April 2022

We have really old Android phones, but I only really use the phone for things like shopping apps, taking photos of the kids, and texting sometimes. I'm not much of a phone person. The kids have Amazon fire tablets for educational games. Cases are a great idea no matter what type of phone you have though, especially for kids or clumsy people like me! haha!

gloria patterson

Sunday 10th of April 2022

This is a lot of good information!! I am also a apple user iPhone/iPad and I am lost when I try to use anybody's phone that is not a iPhone. It makes fell stupid............ :-)

Peggy Nunn

Sunday 10th of April 2022

I really like Otter Box. We use them for our phones and iPads.


Sunday 10th of April 2022

We love Otterbox products. Such great quality! Great tips too. Thanks!