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Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

This ‘Why You Should Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year’ post is sponsored by Great Wolf Lodge. As always, all opinions are my own.

You may already know this but the Thrifty Nifty Mommy team LOVES the Great Wolf Lodge. We’ve been to various locations about ten times total between us and have lots of great things to say. Most recently, (part of) my family went and I wanted to pop on here to share my top three reasons on why we like to visit Great Wolf Lodge during the school year.

Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

During The School Year? What About School!?

I know the first thing that many people think about is ‘what about school?’ Now hear me out. Think back to when you were in school. Was there ever a single day that was so important where missing it would be detrimental to your education? I think most of us can honestly answer that question — no.

After losing my 34 year old cousin earlier this year to breast cancer and seeing her leave behind a husband and two young children, I’ve really come to cherish time. Spending quality time with my kids/family is now at the top of my to-do list. Also seeing our two older kids growing up and not wanting to go on all the family adventures any more makes me realize just how fleeting time is. So while school is definitely important, so is spending time together, making memories, and living life.

With that said, when it comes to school, talk to your kids’ teachers, ask for the work ahead of time, then head out and enjoy your adventure. You’ll never regret investing time in your kids.

Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year
  1. Lower Crowds = Lower Wait Times: My favorite reason for booking our family’s Great Wolf Lodge stays during the school year is the fact that the crowds are lower. Staying Sunday through Thursday (when it’s NOT a holiday) means that most kids are in school and the guest count will typically be lower. In turn, we’ve seen:
    • fewer people in the waterpark which means little to no waiting for slides or tubes
    • little to no lines for food
    • walk-up access to waterpark towels
    • minimal wait times for ice cream (as there was still a line for that…lol)
  2. The Character Interactions Are Plentiful And There’s Lots To Do: Even though there’s lower crowds, we’ve found this resort to keep their calendar action packed with fun on weekdays.
    • There were a variety of activities during our stay. From morning stretches and yoga to a bedtime dance party and everything in between. The kids enjoyed games, character interactions, craft kits, and more.
  3. They Celebrate Holidays Too: Even though we weren’t at the Great Wolf Lodge ON Halloween, they’ve been celebrating almost all month long! The decor is spooky (not scary) inspired and they even have trick-or-treating each night. So booking during the school year (on dates that aren’t necessarily the actual holiday) still allows you to still enjoy fun holiday theming and activities.
Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

When It Comes Down To It, Family Time Always Wins

When you think about it, there’s Just NEVER a bad time to book family fun. The problem with life is that it’s just too short. We all get busy and if we wait for the perfect time, we’ll never get to do anything. So I suggest you join the Great Wolf Lodge mailing list and look for a GWL Facebook group. Then jump on their sales/discount codes and book your next family staycation or getaway.

  1. Getting away from ‘it all’ really allows me to focus on my kids. Being able to leave real life, and, yes – school, behind for a few days gives us all the break and refresh we need. We come back energized and ready to tackle life head on again.
  2. Christmas is coming. Instead of adding more clutter to your home, consider an experience gift of a Great Wolf Lodge visit instead!
Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

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Top 3 Reasons To Visit Great Wolf Lodge During The School Year

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What a fun place to visit! We LOVE great wolf lodge.


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