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Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Are you tired of the stress and mess? With springtime cleaning in full swing, now is the time to make some positive changes that can help you maintain a clean house!  We’ve compiled the top 11 list of things people with clean homes do every day.  So if you’re looking to make a change for the better, consider adding some or all of these to your daily to-do list.

Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Fix Your Bed

If you tend to roll out of bed and leave the covers a mess, stop and turn around. It takes just a minute or so to fix your bed and coming home to a clean, fixed bed at the end of a long day feels great. Just think, if you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day!

Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day (clean bedroom)

Never Wear Shoes In The House

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who wear shoes in the house and those who don’t. If you want to keep your house the cleanest possible, be a part of the latter group! Not only do shoes drag in dirt and debris, if you have worn your shoes for more than a month, 93 percent will have fecal bacteria on the bottom of them! GROSS! So just leave the shoes for outdoor wearing. (If you’re looking for ways to organize shoes, check out our Shoe Storage Ideas That Work.)

Open Your Mail Every Day

Mail can REALLY pile up fast which can add to the clutter. Once that stack starts, it becomes a daunting and time consuming task. To help keep your sanity as well as aid in having a clean home, take a minute or two and go through the incoming mail each day.

living room - Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Never Leave A Room Empty Handed

While clutter can happen in any home, it is typically even worse if you have kids. Start a new rule that nobody should ever leave a room empty handed. Grab that book off the coffee table and bring it back to the bookshelf in the study. Pick up that random toy in the kitchen and drop it back off in the toy room. Snatch up that sweatshirt to deposit back in your kid’s closet. No matter where you’re heading, grab something that doesn’t belong from the room you’re exiting and bring it back to its home. This is HUGE in helping you keep your home clean!

As a mom of six, I can attest to the fact that toys can quickly take over a home. If toys are an issue in your house, check out our Brilliant Toy Storage For An Organized Home post to find some ideas that could help get your home in order.

bathroom - Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day (4)

Clean As You Go

Such a simple idea but something I sometimes fail at when I’m in a hurry is to clean as I go. For example, as you make a meal, don’t let the mess pile up.  Place dishes in the dishwasher, throw the trash away, and wipe up after spills. By keeping on top of things as you go, the clean up at the end won’t feel as overwhelming.

Set A Timer For Quick Cleans Throughout The Day

Five minutes will literally make a HUGE difference. Grab a timer and set it for just a few minutes to tackle one particular area. If you have kids, have them help! Even the youngest of family members can pick up a toy or two and dust while you work and set the example along side them.

Game Room - Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Make Your Chores A Part Of Your Lifestyle

I know most people hate laundry.  But if you sit down and fold a load while watching your favorite show, you’ll realize that it’s not that bad!  Plus, you’ll feel great that you got to do something you love while still being productive.

You can also listen to a conference call while you do dishes or straighten up the office as you help the kids with schoolwork. The key is to just be mindful of what you could be doing as you juggle tasks.

Put Things Away Immediately

Whether it’s taking off a sweater and immediately hanging in the closet or unpacking those groceries, doing it right away means you won’t have to deal with the task later. This helps keep counters and community spaces more open, clean, organized, and welcoming.

kitchen - Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Use Essential Oils To Freshen The Air

Having your home SMELL clean is a huge step in the direction of having a home that FEELS clean. But instead of typical air fresheners that usually contain chemicals, use pure essential oils! There’s lots of options so you can find the smells that are most appealing to you. (Cinnamon anyone!?!) I’m very sensitive to artificial smells and usually end up with a headache if I’m around air fresheners but diffusing essential oils is one thing that doesn’t bother me and makes our space smell great.

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Add An Air Purifier To Your Home

Along with having your home smell great, be sure to add an Air Purifier to your space. The Purivortex Air Purifier is a great choice to help provide you better air for a healthier life. This space saving unit helps with dust, smell, allergens, and more.

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Never Go To Bed With A Dirty Sink

Dishes can pile up fast, especially if your dishwasher is broken (like ours currently is!) One thing that I’ve found to be a huge help is to do dishes a few times a day. If we run behind, I still try to make sure the sink is clean and empty at bedtime. Waking up to a clean kitchen with no dirty dishes is a great way to boost moral for the day and help you feel productive.

Top 11 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Where There Is Love In The Home, There Is Joy In The Heart

A clean home brings me so much joy but I want to impress how much more important love in the home is. Do your best, give yourself grace, and enjoy the small moments. I like having a clean home but there are seasons in life where I have to accept that my house will look very lived in and that’s okay! During those times, pick just a couple items from this list that are doable for you and choose to embrace and enjoy the day.

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Lauryn R

Wednesday 25th of May 2022

This is such great cleaning advice, thank you so much for sharing! Like you, I have become pretty good at keeping the house clean by doing it throughout the day. I love the one about always going to bed with an empty sink, it makes such a difference!


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Loved those suggestions

gloria patterson

Sunday 15th of May 2022

This is a great list ..... really like take something with you when you leave a room

Its just me and I do a little over half of this working on doing better


Monday 2nd of May 2022

I am always cleaning. With so many young kids at home it never looks like it.

Mia Rose

Monday 2nd of May 2022

Great suggestions. I think these are so helpful to keep organized and feel less stress.