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Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review

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I know it’s only January as I write this and, at least for us, summertime bike riding feels like worlds away. Being in the middle of a winter freeze here in MN currently, I can’t help but dream and look ahead to summertime and warm family bike rides with the sun on our faces.

Now that Ruby will be a full-fledged 2 year old toddler this year, I was looking for an option that would be easier for my husband and I. When I saw the Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini, I knew I’d found it!

Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review

Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review

For the past two summers, we’ve utilized a child bike trailer for toting Ruby during our bike rides. While I absolutely do love child trailers and they definitely serve a purpose, they are typically quite heavy. That means it takes more strength and energy to pull. After looking into bike seats, I realized this would be a better option for us.

Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini child bike seat allows parents and their child enjoy everyday bike rides together – safely, easily, and in style.

baby with bike. Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.

Features Of The Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini

The Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini is a lightweight and stylish front-mounted baby bike seat with smart design for fun bike rides around town. This seat is easy to mount and dismount in just seconds on both normal and most ahead handlebar stems with a smart quick-release bracket.

Child bike seat on adult bike. Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.

Features At A Glance:

  • Lightweight Design
  • Sturdy Seat
  • Comfortable Handle Bar For Child To Grip During Rides
Little girl in child bike seat. Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.
  • Easy Frame Mount
  • Contemporary Design
Magnetic buckle - Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.
  • Head Protection For Baby/Toddler
  • Adjustable Footrests And Footstraps
baby show in bike stirrup - Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.
  • Adjustable, Padded 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Soft, Shock Absorbing Seat
Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.
  • Water Repellent Design
  • Geared For Children Ages 9 Months To 3 Years (up to 33 lbs.)
Little girl in child bike seat. Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.

Our Thoughts On The Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini


Installing this bike seat to our Aventon Pace 500.3 Ebike was a cinch! Instructions were fairly straightforward, all necessary tools were included, and the process was a cinch. We were ready to roll in about 20 minutes.

How Our Child Fits:

Ruby just turned 2 years old and she fits beautifully into the Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini! I love how easy it was to adjust and tighten the shoulder harness straps to get the perfect, secure fit for her. I had to tighten the straps quite a bit so there’s plenty of space for her to grow too!

Dad and baby girl on bike. Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.

Final Thoughts:

We truly love the Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini WAY more than I ever thought possible! Whenever we stop riding, Ruby signs and verbally says ‘more, more’ and clings to the seat because she just doesn’t want to stop. The design and position of this seat makes it almost effortless to have our toddler along on bike rides now. Now, as long as we keep having some warmer weather days, she’ll get to continue enjoying her new seat all year long!

Also, the magnetic buckle is really cool! I’ve never seen one designed quite like it. It’s easy to snap/lock and once you know how to unlatch, also easy to open. Just push and slide the lock piece to the right. Simple for an adult but near impossible for a child to figure out.

Dad and baby girl on bike. Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini Review.

Thule Testing

If you have any lasting doubts, let me share a bit about Thule’s product testing with you too. The make safety a top priority and ‘test to the limits!’ At the Thule Test Center in Hillerstorp, Sweden, their products undergo rigorous internal testing to ensure their products can handle the toughest of conditions. After all, Thule child bike seats are made for the most important people in the world. Here is just a sampling of the tests they do:

  • Durability: Used to evaluate the performance under conditions such as those that might be encountered during use on rough or uneven terrain.
  • Wear And Tear Simulations: These are specialized tests that are used to evaluate the child bike seats over time, to assess their durability and long-term performance.
  • Drop Tests: This test drops the product with a specific impact force, in order to simulate the types of forces that might be encountered while the product is in use.

So as you can see, Thule is definitely one of the best and I highly suggest you check them out for your child bike seats and trailers.

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Wednesday 10th of April 2024

This looks like a great seat. Thanks for sharing.


Tuesday 20th of February 2024

My youngest would have so much fun with this.

Maria Egan

Wednesday 24th of January 2024

This looks like a good and safe alternative to a heavy bike trailer as a child gets older.


Wednesday 24th of January 2024

This looks so unique. I'm definitely going to look into this seat.


Wednesday 24th of January 2024

I’ve never seen a front mount bike seat before! This has got to be the coolest thing ever!