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5 Thoughtful Gifts For A New Mom (This Mother’s Day)

Mother’s Day is almost here but never fear, there’s still time for you to grab the perfect gift! This year, make sure you up your game when picking out something special for mom. Mothers work hard all year round. I’ve even read that being a mom is like having 2 1/2 full time jobs! Not many jobs require a 14+ hour working day, and most moms do this 7 days a week with little reprieve. Today, I’ve partnered with Bedsure and BBPark to share 5 thoughtful Mothers Day gifts for a new mom. (But don’t worry, these would also make great gifts for experienced moms as well!)

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts For A New Mom

Being a new mom is tough. Unfortunately, babies don’t come with instruction manuals and no two children are alike. So help a new mom out this Mother’s Day with one of these thoughtful gifts!

Master Bedroom - Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheet Set

1) New Bedding

Sleep can be hard to come by when there’s a new child in the home. Help mom get a little better rest with Bedsure’s 100% Bamboo Sheets Set. Cool and breathable, these natural thermoregulating bamboo sheets wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. (Which means they are extra great at helping people with night sweats.)

Bamboo Black Sheets on Bed

She’ll love how the fitted sheet features a 16″ deep pocket and gripping all-around elastic band that can hold the sheet in place and help deliver a perfect restful sleep. This silky texture bamboo sheet set will add a luxurious feel to your home.

Bedsure Cooling Blanket

If mom’s a hot sleeper or dealing with hot flashes/night sweats from the hormonal changes of having a baby but still wants to cover up, make sure to also grab her this Cooling Blanket. This special summer blanket helps fight the upcoming humid, hot weather (or night sweats). It’s a cooling blanket that works to keep you cool and comfortable without perspiration, which means you will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

woman on couch reading - 5 Thoughtful Mothers Day Gifts For A New Mom

It’s also a great blanket for snuggling up to enjoy a good book with!

2) Mom’s Night Out/Off

I love being a mom. However, when my kiddos were young, a trip to the grocery store alone felt like a vacation! Having a few hours to myself to take a bubble bath, read, or just veg out in front of the television would have been an amazing gift. Maybe she just needs a nap! So give the new mom in your life a break by offering to take the kiddos to your place or hang out with them at theirs if mom prefers. Just allowing her the freedom of an hour or two off will be refreshing for her!

woman sleeping - Bedsure Silk Pillowcase & Mask

3) 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask

When giving mom that night off, pair it with a sleek Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask so she can get some rest! The Bedsure 100% silk pillowcase set helps retain moisture for your delicate facial skin to ensure a smooth and silky feel; allowing mom to wake up looking rested and beautiful!

girl in sleep mask

4) A Great Diaper Bag

Every parent quickly realizes how much stuff you end up toting around when you have young children. So this Mother’s Day, make sure the new moms in your life are geared up by grabbing this BBPARK Black Diaper Bag Backpack.

BBPARK Camo Diaper Bag Backpack

Features Include:

  • Hands-Free: The BBPARK Tote Diaper Bag Backpack features a triple design, which includes stroller hooks, so you’ll have free hands to make your daily outings or travels unburdened.
  • Large Capacity: This black and grey diaper bag backpack measures in at 15″ x 12″ x 7″ and contains a large place to carry all the baby essentials to meet your needs for long-term on the go use.
  • Ideal for Both Moms and Dads: This gorgeous bag is convenient for use by both dads and moms. The unisex light camouflage design makes it a perfect mens diaper bag but is subtle enough that women love it too.
  • Multiple Compartment: With a total of 21 pockets, this diaper bag for baby is quite spacious and able to accommodate all the important baby supplies in the organized and neat manner.
  • Durable & Waterproof: This backpack diaper bag allows for quick and easy clean-up as it’s waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof. All great features which allows mom to avoid any mess problems during travel.
Woman holding diaper bag

Functional and fashionable, this bag is a great choice for any mom in your life!

5) Meals – Freezer or Fresh!

Cheesy Mexican Taco Casserole Recipe w/Large Shell Pasta

Cooking becomes a daily chore that, for many mothers, becomes hard. After caring for kids and cleaning all day, the hardest part becomes trying to decide what to make for supper. Give mom a week off by making her 5-7 freezer meals that she can pull out on a hard day or when she’s just feeling overwhelmed or tired. Freezer meals are perfect because she can save them for when needed most but a fresh meal is also very much appreciated. Check out all our recipes for some yummy options!

Full-body Pillow for Pregnant Women

BONUS #6: Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

Whether mom has had baby or not, this BBpark Pregnancy Pillow is a great help both before and after. While pregnant, it offers support for the belly and back. Once baby is here, it’s the perfect choice for support while holding the little one!

mom holding baby - Full-body Pillow for Pregnant Women

More Gift Ideas

Be sure to also check out our entire Best Gifts For Mom Guide featuring over 50 great options for even more ideas!

Tell me, do you have a go-to thoughtful gift for the new mom?

Lauryn R

Tuesday 1st of June 2021

This is definitely a thoughtful list if gifts to give new moms! I would have loved a pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant, that looks amazing!

Peggy Nunn

Monday 31st of May 2021

The Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow looks like it would be a good thing for a lady also. Thank you for the ideas.

monique s

Sunday 30th of May 2021

I think the meals would be great for fathers day too

Peggy Nunn

Saturday 29th of May 2021

I would like the Meals – Freezer or Fresh! at any time.

monique s

Monday 24th of May 2021

the cooling blanket looks so great for better sleep