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The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full”

My husband and I have five kids.  And when we did foster care, we had up to 8 at any given time. 

If you think that’s a lot though… You will probably think I’m crazy when I tell you how many kids we wanted.  For most of my life, I’d confidently say I wanted a dozen kids. 

Frankly, I still do.  But I’ve had 4 c-sections and a VBAC that didn’t go well.  So it looks like my dream of a full house won’t come to fruition. 

Although we’d still love to adopt one day, it’s something we are leaving in God’s hands.  If he brings a child or children to us, we will happily adopt. 

It’s just not something we are currently feeling called to find an agency for.  But anyway, if you have what is considered a ‘large family‘, you’ve probably heard the “You Have Your Hands Full” or “You’re So Busy” lines before, right?

The Best Responses To "You Have Your Hands Full" {+ BlankieGram Review}

Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full”

So if you’re tired of hearing people comment on the size of your family, we’ve got some great responses you can equip yourself with.  Whether you have bio kids, a blended family, adopted, fostered, or anything in between.  The next time you hear the words “you have your hands full” or “you’re so busy”, try one of these replies.

“You’re right and I love it!”

Because really.  Why else would you have a big family!?

“I am blessed to have them in my life. They are my world!”

Kids are such a blessing.  Of course, there are trials and tribulations but so much joy too.

The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full” {+ BlankieGram Review}

“And we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

This is a great one especially if the kids are listening.  Letting them know you are proud of them and your family is one of The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full”.  I don’t ever want our kids to feel ashamed because they have more siblings than someone else.

“You should see my heart!”

For real!  It’s amazing how love can grow.

“I’d rather have them full then empty!”

My husband and I always talk about how boring our life would be without our children in it.

“Yes, in the best way!”

Truly the best way.

“And we’re loving every minute of it!”

Because before you know it, they will be grown and gone and the house will feel empty.  It’s crazy how fast time flies.

“Yes, they are full… Full of blessings!”

Honesty at its finest.

“But we sure do have a lot of fun!”

Life is what you make it.  If you set out to make having your big family fun, you’ll succeed.  And you know what?  You always have someone to play a game with!

“Oh yes!  Full of good things!”

Let your children know you count them as blessings and that they are one of the good parts of your life.

“I wouldn’t want my life any other way!”

While you may not feel this way during every moment of every day, it’s still so very true.

“I know I am so lucky aren’t I!”

You know you are.  Let the world know it too.

“My hands may be full but my heart’s even fuller. We prayed for kids for years and look how awesome God is!”

Children are truly a blessing from God.

Of Course, You Could Always Throw A Joke Out As You Provide One Of The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full”

“Yeah, can you take two, any two?”

“This is only half of them!  The rest are waiting at home!”

“I’m looking for a babysitter, interested?”

“Right? Here, can you hold this? My car is this way….” 

“Oh, no I don’t.   They can all walk.”

“Yep, the cable wasn’t working.”

 If you have an open hand.  Wave it and say: “Actually, I still have a free hand!”

So tell me, how big is your family and do you ever get this line from strangers?  I’ve had friends with as few as 3 kids have strangers say this.  But I suppose if the average family only has 2 kids, maybe 3 is big to them???  What do you think?  How many kids do you need to be considered big and that you “have your hands full”?  Do you have any great replies you’d add to our Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full”?

The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full” {+ BlankieGram Review & Giveaway}

With Such A Big Family, You Probably Need Some Amazing Blankets!

Each of my kids have their own BlankieGram Throw Blanket, which they absolutely love!  Perfect for cuddling up during family movie nights as well as covering with at bedtime.

BlankieGram Throw Blankets

Thinking About Giving A Gift That Has Meaning This Holiday Season?

This holiday season, have you considered choosing gifts that give back?  I’d like to introduce you to BlankieGram!  They help you to wrap your loved ones in comfort and love with their sweet, cuddly, and encouraging blankets.  BlankieGram offers a variety of blankets for everyone in your life.  

The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full” {+ BlankieGram Review & Giveaway}

I especially love their “I Love You” Blanket as it’s perfect for how I feel about my ‘big’ family.  

I love You Throw Blanket The Perfect Caring Gift for Best Friends, Couples & Family, ( Purple) VENDOR BLANKIEGRAM.COM, INC.

But their “Mother” Throw Blanket is also a close second.  Being a mom is so much better than I ever dreamed, even with the challenges that come along with it!

But no matter what message you want to send, BlankeiGram has an option for you!


Instead of sending a gift of conventional flowers that will fade away or a greeting card that will soon be set aside.  Consider sending your healing support to family or friends with a cozy, soft, snuggly blanket decorated with inspiring messages.  Each Blankiegram throw blanket is an enduring reflection of your care and love. 

The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full” {+ BlankieGram Review & Giveaway}


Your purchase helps us support folks facing life’s challenges.   Together you and BlankieGram can make a difference in people’s lives by donating free Blankies to people who might otherwise not receive a gift of loving encouragement.  It is the desire of the BlankieGram team to share a message of caring support and thereby help make the world a place of greater warmth and love.  It’s time to “Cover the World in Hugs” and touch the hearts of those in need.

The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full” {+ BlankieGram Review & Giveaway}


BlankieGram has given careful thought into the selection of each color.  Every color has been chosen for its special qualities – qualities that help to soothe the soul and recharge and energize the spirit.

The Best Responses To “You Have Your Hands Full” {+ BlankieGram Review & Giveaway}


BlankieGram stands out from the crowd because they use only the finest custom high-end quality materials from which to craft their super soft and ultra-comfortable throw blankets.  Your BlankieGram will be there with your warm and inviting message for years to come!

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Emily H

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

I would love to get the brave words one in teal for me and also another for my sister in law in teal.

Mary Simonton

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

I would choose the I love you blanket in blue for my daughter

Charity Castillo

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

I would choose the I LOVE YOU blanket. The color is one of my favorite, and everyone needs a little more love in their lives!

Yolande Byrd

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

A purple hugs blanket for my granddaughter.

Daina Brower

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

I'd chose the purple I love you one for my sister and her hubby!