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Create Your Own Mini Target Shopping Experience for Kids at Home, School, or Daycare

I don’t consider myself to be the most creative person out there but I have some seriously talented friends you guys!

Just a few days ago, a friend and local teacher uploaded some photos to Facebook of a Target-themed dramatic play station and I’m just dying over the cuteness!

Ideas for a Target Dramatic Play Center

Shelly Eldridge is an elementary school teacher and she wanted to create an exciting Target shopping experience for kids. The mini Target she created for her students is absolutely, positively adorable!

a pretend Target store designed for kids

Dollar Spot

Every Target has a Dollar Spot – that’s one of the things we all love there, right?! At Shelly’s Target Dramatic Play Center, you’ll find a Dollar Spot with items you can really find at Target’s Dollar Spot.

A close-up shot of a homemade replica of Target's Dollar Spot for kids to play with.

Target Cafe

Does your Target have a cafe? It’s a great place to go for a cheap snack while you shop!

If you look closely in the photo below of the “Target Cafe,” you can see that she even got our local Target to donate some cups and bags for popcorn to her!

a homemade replica of the Target cafe with a sign that says, "popcorn $1, Icee $1".

Grocery and Clothing Sections

Shelly set up a grocery section where the children can purchase food and clothing items too.

If you have extra room you could obviously make these areas separate. I have a feeling Shelly was pressed for space so she needed to combine them.

A mock grocery store shelf set up so kids can pretend to shop at Target. It has a few boxes of cereal on it, Hershey Kisses, Macaroni and Cheese, rice, canned good, protein bars, and a few pieces of clothing.

Target-Themed Price Labels, Name Tags, Scanner and Shopping Lists

Shelly also made price labels, Target shopping lists, and Target name tags for each of the kids. There are even price scanners available for them to use!

Pretend price labels, pretend Target paper name tags, paper shopping lists, and pretend paper scanners.

She has a board where all of her kids’ name tags are kept.

A board filled with pretend Target name tags featuring the names: Aubree, Aaron, Kayla, Glenn, Trey, Henley, RyLand, Holly, Alex, Madilyn, and Lily.

Free Fruit Basket

You can also find a free fruit basket for kids, a “scan for price” scanner, and the Elf on the Shelf shopping at Shelly’s Target!

My kids always love it when a store has a free fruit spot!

a pretend price scanner that's part of a pretend Target grocery store.

I think this pretend price scanner is so cute!

A Target-store-themed Elf on the Shelf.

Don’t you just love what Shelly did with her Target Dramatic Play Center?! It makes me want to be a kid again so I can be in her class!

So. Much. Fun! These are the kind of things that really set a teacher apart and make children love learning!

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Purchase Toy Accessories

There are some great toy accessories to really add to the fun of this play center! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites in this list.

Target Toy Shopping Cart
Target Toy Shopping Cart
This Target shopping cart will really make the Target play center shopping experience feel more real!
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Target Cash Register + Accessories
Target Cash Register + Accessories
This would be another great accessories set to really make the play feel authentic!
Buy It Here
three kids playing with the Melissa and Doug grocery store.
Melissa and Doug Grocery Store
My kids love this grocery store set. We've had it for a few years and it is still played with regularly.
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A collage of two different photos of a Target-themed dramatic play center for kids showing a "Dollar Spot" and a grocery section with a text overlay that says, "Target Dramatic Play Center".

Maria Egan

Tuesday 30th of April 2024

I am so impressed with all of the detail and thought that went into putting this play center together. It has everything.


Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Hi! I so love love going to target with my girls . They see it as a fun day. So my 8 year old decided she wanted a Target party this year. I saw this post and love the ideasZ i would like to know where can i get the name tags and price stickers ? Please help thanks


Sunday 27th of December 2020

Hi! I love what you have done! My daughter is turning three and LOVES Target. We have decided to do a target theme birthday party for her. Is there any way I could get how you did the price labels and name tags?


Saturday 24th of August 2019

Hi I want to do this! I love your Target dramatic play center! How can I get started? Where did you get your items?


Thursday 14th of December 2017

This is so wonderfully creative and would make such a fun pretend play area for kids in a classroom. She really has thought about every detail.