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How to Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Two of my favorite things in the world are being a mom and celebrating the holidays with friends and family. However, I never fully realized how hard it would be to combine the two.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving with a sick baby at home. It was quite the experience and honestly, probably a big mistake. Read on to hear my tips to Survive The Holidays As A New Mom. 

Holiday Tips for New Moms

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Learn To Say No

The holidays are all about getting together with family, friends and loved ones. It is a time to be selfless and give back to others. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t say no.

I understand it can be so hard to turn down a special invitation, but know that the party will go on with or without you. I once heard a great analogy about filling a jar with rocks.

You want to put in the big rocks first because they take up the most room. Then you can pour in the small rocks and they will fill the empty spaces that are left. This is how we need to make our schedule to ensure we can survive the holidays as a new mom.

First, schedule the most important holiday get-togethers that you really don’t want to miss, then add in the “others” and see how much room is left.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Give Yourself Grace

This holiday season, let good be good enough. I feel like we all put so much pressure on ourselves. We feel like we need to find the perfect gift, make the perfect dessert, have the perfect holiday card and so much more.

Learn to give yourself grace this holiday season and all year long. Simply strive to survive the holidays as a new mom. Perfection doesn’t exist, no matter how hard you try. So give yourself grace in knowing this to be true.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Cherish the Memories

This is so important to me as we celebrate the year of firsts with our son. I love photographs, traditions and matching family outfits! However, I don’t want the pressure of all of this to get in the way of being present in the moment, creating memories and simply trying to survive the holidays as a new mom.

The idea of my son remembering his mom hiding behind a camera during his most special moments terrifies me. As does the idea of not having these things captured in photographs for the years to come.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

So, try to find a balance. Be present in the moment. Look to see what is happening in front of you, versus through the camera lens.

Ask a relative to snap some photos so you can be on the floor with your little one opening their gifts rather than standing over them reminding them to “smile for the camera”. If you are truly present, the memories will be there whether you have pictures or not.

Ask for Help

As a new parent, day to day life can be a challenge. Then add the added expectations that come with hosting a holiday party or simply participating in family events and it can be almost too much to bear.

Remember to ask for help. Rely on your village to fill in where you can’t. Some years will be your year to shine, but that probably won’t be this year.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Your Presence is Presents Enough

People don’t expect too much from new parents, so neither should you. This year might be the year to cut back on the planning, shopping, wrapping, hauling and giving of gifts.

New babies bring with them a lot of expenses and people understand that. Don’t give up your child’s college fund to fund family Christmas presents.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Bring a Little Bit of Home to The Holidays

People might laugh when you walk through the door, but if you know what your little one likes, just bring it with. We have the baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit and we know our son won’t sleep without it.

So, we bring it with. He looks like a fluffy marshmallow, but he sleeps. And that is most important. So pack the noise machine, floor fan or fluffy marshmallow suit.

Try to make it as easy on the little one as possible. Believe me, it will make it easier for everyone.

Baby Proofing

Another item we are bringing with us is the Mayfair Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate by Dreambaby® . Remember what I said earlier about making things easier for everyone?  Well, my son is the first grandbaby on my side of the family, so no one has really had to baby proof since I was a kid!

As silly as it might seem, I find it easier to just bring with our play-pen than expect others to have their house baby proofed for us. This is crucial if you want to survive the holidays as a new mom.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom

Mayfair Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate

The Dreambaby® Mayfair 3-in-1 Converta® Play-Pen Gate is a versatile and convenient way to keep your child safe and provide a large, sturdy play area for them anywhere around your home or other’s houses.

Easy to install and made from durable metal, this is a fantastic addition to any home. Or, use it as a free-standing playpen when on the go. As a 6-panel playard, it can be set up in a variety of shapes, remaining large enough for your little ones to enjoy free space to play around in.

The panels can be opened to create an extra-long gate, 147.5″ wide and 29″ tall, or as a protective guard around a room or door, or as a fireplace guard.  1-panel extensions available and sold separately.

Survive The Holidays As A New Mom


  • Built to Last – Constructed from durable, sturdy metal, the playpen is safe and secure to use and will last a long time.
  • Easily Folds Away – The panels have secure corner attachments to connect one another, and the compact design allows them to be stored away easily. Or easily transported from your place to the grandparent’s house! The playpen is portable, which makes it ideal for traveling and using in multiple areas around the home.
  • Walk-Through Door – The Converta is built with a door which is ideal when using as a barrier gate. This also prevents having to bend over the playpen to reach your children. The door has a stay-open feature when you need quick access for “toy clean up” time.
  • Optional One Way Swing – The door can be set to open in one direction only making it perfect for the top of stair use.
  • Great for Pets too! – Use as a barrier to keep your pets away from dangers or areas they are not allowed to be in. Alternatively, set it up as a playpen to keep pets confined to a certain space. We find it helpful to put our son in and keep pets out when visiting family with eager pets.

So whether you are baby proofing your own home, or making it easier when you travel to others, this playpen by Dreambaby® makes it easier for everyone involved. I hope you are able to follow my tips to Survive The Holidays As A New Mom and enjoy all that the holidays have to offer.

So tell me, are you hosting for the holidays, traveling, or doing a little of both? 

Mary Gardner

Sunday 8th of December 2019

These are great tips. I think asking for help is one of the most important things for new moms during the holidays and any other time as well.

Mia Rose

Thursday 5th of December 2019

My neighbor is a new mom and she does a wonderful job between working part time and just figuring out how to do it all. Great advice on how to be kind to oneself and ask for help.

Lauryn R

Thursday 5th of December 2019

These are wonderful tips for surviving the holidays as a new mom. Thank you so much for sharing! When mine were babies I was really bad about not asking for help and always trying to do it all myself. It is stressful and unnecessary, family and friends always understand and will be there to help! We always put a fence around the tree too, even though they are older now. It helps with kids and pets!

Peggy Nunn

Thursday 5th of December 2019

These are really good suggestions. They work for older ladies too. Everyone wants our help because of our experience but sometimes you just have to say no.

Michele Pineda

Wednesday 4th of December 2019

Some great tips, my sons girlfriend is a new mom this holiday season and will be passing off some tips to her as well as she is a bit overwhelmed with pets, new baby, family, stepsons etc...