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Sun And Water Safety Tips – Keeping Kids Safe [+ $250 Coolibar Package Giveaway!]

This Sun and Water Safety Tips post is sponsored by Coolibar.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Summer is in full swing and I have to say that we are having a BLAST!  It’s been so nice to see the parks and beaches opening up around us.  Some local events have been canceled but other activities are taking their place.   What started as a ‘summer bust’ is actually shaping up to be quite a fun summertime break.  But along with all this fun, we want to share some sun and water safety tips with you.  Keeping kids safe is always a priority; safe from water and safe from the sun.  Both of these can be dangerous, especially in the summertime.

Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

[Sun &] Water Safety Tips – Keeping Kids Safe

Soaking up the summer sun and splashing in water is a childhood favorite.  Actually, let’s just be real honest here – it’s an adult fav, too!  We’ve already hit up the beach several times and I’m pretty sure my husband and I have just as much fun as the kids.

boy and girl sitting - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

But the HARD truth is that drowning is the leading cause of injury or death for children 1-4 years old.  Kids need constant supervision around water – regardless if the water is in a bathtub, pool, ocean, lake, or water park.  So today, we’re sharing sun and water safety tips on how to best keep them safe!

Boy Swimming - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

Supervision Is KEY Around Water!

Did you realize that young kids can actually drown in just 2 inches of water?  That fact is seriously mind-blowing to me.  So be vigilant in making sure someone is dedicated to watching each child.  One of the scariest times can be when there are several people/adults with you.  It’s so easy to assume that someone else is watching the kiddos.  But often times, that’s exactly when everyone is distracted and nobody is actively watching.

So when with a group of friends or family, take shifts to ensure a committed adult (or adults) are watching the kids at all times.  Perhaps have a ‘water watcher badge or necklace’ for that person to help them remember they are on active duty.

Fiji Beach - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

Educate Yourself And Other Adults About Safety

To be honest, it’s the adults responsibility to take sun and water safety seriously.  If you don’t, your children definitely won’t either.  I know this isn’t a ‘fun topic’.  The topic of sunburn is painful and the topic of drowning is downright heart-wrenching.  As a matter of fact, we just had a local drowning and I was torn up over it the rest of the day thinking about what the family must be going through.  Absolutely heartbreaking to go somewhere for a day of fun and lose a loved one!

But we need to be proactive in always implementing safety first.  Stock up on sunscreen and sun protective clothing for the entire family.  Then ensure the adults and caregivers know both first aid and CPR.  Remember, #KnowledgeIsPower.

Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Being outside in the summer is going to happen.  There’s beaches, parks, parades, biking trails to explore, concerts, and a variety of other events we all love to attend.  But we have to also be smart about our exposure to the elements!  Too much unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer.

3 kids - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeBut never fear, Coolibar is here to help!  They offer UPF 50+ sun protection that looks good, wears well, and can last a lifetime with care.  They’re on a mission to help you enjoy life in the sun while keeping the world safe from sun damage.  They also work hard at protecting those who suffer from sun-related medical conditions while working to prevent everyone else from developing one.

girl on rock - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeHannah (wearing Women’s Morada Everyday Basic Tank UPF 50+Women’s Monterey Summer Capris UPF 50+ )

Sun protection is Coolibar’s sole purpose.  That’s why they custom design, produce, and offer technically elegant clothing and accessories in proprietary fabrics that block 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

little boy in blue - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeSam (wearing Boy’s Coco Plum Everyday Long Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt UPF 50+ & Kid’s Conico Jogger Pants UPF 50+)

As trusted experts in sun safety, they know the more you are covered, the more you’re protected.  Which will also equate to enjoying a worry-free life outside.  Coolibar collections focus on movement and comfort, with styles for leisurely relaxing, travel, outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, golf and tennis, fitness, even elevated outdoor occasions, and always provide UPF 50+ protection from ultraviolet rays.  Coolibar is effortless sun protection you wear, because wherever their clothing covers your skin, you ARE UV protected.

Boy on monkey bars - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeAlex (wearing Kid’s LumaLeo Hoodie UPF 50+ & Boy’s Outpace Sport Shorts UPF 50+),

Styles For The Whole Family

Not all clothing is sun protective, and not all sun protective clothing is created equal!  Innovation is at the heart of Coolibar’s philosophy and they’re relentless about developing fabrics that matter in contemporary styles made for movement, fitness, and fun.  They believe that everyone should be able to safely enjoy an active, outdoor life.

girl in sand - Alex (wearing Kid's LumaLeo Hoodie UPF 50+ & Boy's Outpace Sport Shorts UPF 50+),Lucy (wearing Kid’s Conico Jogger Pants UPF 50+, Girl’s Sandshark Short Sleeve Surf Shirt UPF 50+, & Girl’s Sandshark Short Sleeve Surf Shirt UPF 50+)

I absolutely  love how Coolibar has great swimwear and clothing options for the ENTIRE family!  They offer sizes from infant all the way through XXL.  As I mentioned, I’ve been a customer for over many years and we’ve loved every piece we’ve owned.

boy by tree - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeJack (wearing Men’s Oasis Pullover Hoodie UPF 50+ & Men’s Newport Saturday Lounge Pants UPF 50+)

Over at Coolibar, you’ll find a variety of styles for everyone.  But one of my biggest requirements, after the sun protection feature, is comfort.  Putting on Coolibar clothing is like slipping into the most comfortable clothing options available anywhere.  I never want to take my Coolibar gear off!  They never disappoint!

woman - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeMiranda (wearing Women’s Tempo Hoodie UPF 50+ & Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Capris UPF 50+)

Swim Lessons Are Important

One of the best things you can invest in as a parent are swimming lessons for your children.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most children age 4 and older can learn to swim.  But don’t let that deter you if your child is younger.  Get them in the water with you and help them get comfortable.  From baby on, we’ve introduced our kids to water and by the time they are toddlers, they are little fish.

kid swimming - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

NOTE:  Even though a child may know how to swim, that is never a substitute for adult supervision.

man - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids SafeMike (wearing Men’s Agility Short Sleeve Performance T-Shirt UPF 50+ )

Talk To Your Family About Safety

Fun is important but safety is essential.  When around water and sun, ensure there’s an ongoing conversation about rules and safety.  Repeat these rules every time you head out the door to enjoy a day of fun.  Repetition is key.  Kids are easily distracted so repeating these rules is a must.  Reiteration and consistency goes a long way.

life preserver in water - Sun And Water Safety Tips - Keeping Kids Safe

Water play is a great way to spend your summer, especially during this year where lots of other summer activities are closed.  So have fun and be safe!

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