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Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Kids {Over 30 Ideas Your Kids Will Love!}

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ultimate summer bucket list ideas for kids

I’ve partnered with Carvel for this Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Kids post. All opinions are my own.

Do you have a bucket list? This summer I thought it would be fun to sit down with my kids and together make a huge bucket list of fun things we’d like to do together over the summer. To be honest, we might not get to them all. Some might be carried over for future summers, but by the end of their childhood, I’d really like to cross everything off of this list. To me, summer and childhood are all about making meaningful memories. Those are the things that stick with you for years to come! Here’s our Ultimate Summer bucket list for kids, including details on some of the things we’ve managed to cross off of our list, and the things yet to come!

Get a New Pet

This was my daughter Maggie’s idea at first I wasn’t really sure about adding this to the list. We did though and ended up getting a brackish green spotted puffer fish that the kids call “Puffy”. They love to feed him every day!

Water Balloon Fight

About 3 summers ago, as my husband was on his way home from work I had an idea. The kids and I filled tons of water balloons then waited. As my husband walked up the driveway to the house we jumped out and started pelting him with the balloons. Of course, Maggie and Jacob were so young at the time they weren’t very good at actually hitting their dad and getting him very wet, but they had SO much fun. We all did! Now it’s become an annual event to have at least 1 good water balloon fight every summer. We have such a blast with it too! It’s so refreshing on a hot day.

Ultimate summer bucket list for kids

Go to the Beach

So this is something we plan to do more than once! We kicked off the summer Memorial Weekend visiting the beach with my mom and stepdad. The kids had so much fun looking for shells and playing in the water. We hope to go to the beach a little further south before the end of the season. I wish it was closer to us. We’d be there all the time if it wasn’t such a long drive away!

Catch Fireflies

Again, this is something we do every summer. The kids love to catch them, put them in a jar, then release them before going to bed. We’ve done this a few times already.

Sleepover with Cousins/Friends

We did this for Jacob’s birthday, and then Maggie had another sleepover with one of her best friends in June. The kids love pulling out their sleeping bags and sleeping on the floor with their friends/family!

Watch Fireworks

This was an easy one to check off the list. Our development had a lot of people setting off great displays this 4th of July. It rained but that didn’t matter. They still shot off the fireworks and the kids enjoyed the show so much!

Eat Ice Cream For Dinner

This was Jacob’s idea and I have to admit, after a hot day in the sun, ice cream for dinner DOES sound good. I’m the kinda mom who usually makes her kids eat all of their healthy food before dessert, but you know what, sometimes it’s okay and FUN to break the rules. Jacob wanted ice cream for dinner but I surprised the kids by really going all out. We went to our local Weis store and picked up Carvel’s newest creation, the Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake! This cake has Carvel’s delicious vanilla ice cream sandwiched between giant chocolate chip cookies and rolled in their famous (and oh so yummy!) crunchies!

It was SO good.  Like, lick the plate clean because you don’t want to miss a bite of it good! The kids have been reminiscing about it for days. I have a feeling Carvel ice cream cake for dinner is going to become an annual treat!

Play with Bubbles

This one was especially fun for Gideon. He had a blast trying to pop them and the older kids really enjoyed blowing them for him.

Sidewalk Chalk

We’ve done this a few times already. It’s always a big hit!

Go to the County Fair

Luckily for my kids, we have a lot of family close by. The kids recently went to the county fair with their grandparents, aunt and uncle while Orin and I had an event to attend at church. They had a blast seeing all of the animals and Jacob even rode a mechanical bull!

See the Circus

This was another activity the kids were lucky enough to do with their grandparents this year. They were thrilled to check it off their bucket list!

Unplug for a full 24 Hours

This is something we do every week as a family and we love it! It’s a great time to connect, play board game together, read books, etc.

The items above are those we’ve completed for the summer, but we still have quite a few more activities to check off of our list. Many of these items we’ve done in the past, but not year for this summer. I hope we can fit them all in!

  • Have a Pool Party
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Go Geocaching
  • Play at the Park
  • Visit the Aquarium
  • Build a Bird Feeder
  • Camping
  • Talk a Walk at Night with Flashlights
  • Treasure Hunt with a Metal Detector
  • Go Whale Watching
  • Play Football in the Backyard
  • Go Fishing
  • Take a Long Bike Ride
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Visit an Amusement Park
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  • Have a Campfire/Roast Marshmallows and Make S’mores
  • Make Tie-Dye Shirts
  • Movie Night Outside with a Projector

Do you have any fun bucket list ideas we could add to our list?

Have you and your kids made a summer bucket list? It’s a great way to make a few fun goals during this time of the year. Make sure you document checking the items off of your list with photos whenever possible. You’ll enjoy looking back through them over the years!

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jamie martin

Thursday 10th of August 2017

fantastic ideas

Lyndsey R.

Thursday 10th of August 2017

What a great idea. I might have to do this next summer for the kids!

karley moore

Thursday 10th of August 2017

I loved this many fun ideas!!!

Sarah L

Wednesday 9th of August 2017

That's a very fun list. No fireflies to catch here.

Holly Thomas

Wednesday 9th of August 2017

Eat ice cream for dinner is my favorite.


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