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Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

I partnered with Nadine West to facilitate this Summer 2021 Nadine West Review. As always, all opinions are my own.

I love new clothes but I really dislike spending all day shopping. So when I first heard about clothing subscription services, I was intrigued. Receiving clothes in the mail and only paying for what I keep? Sounds like a good idea to me! And so began my journey with Nadine West.

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

What Is Nadine West?

Nadine West is an online clothing and accessory service.  They operate via the internet and direct mail, saving costs that brick and mortar stores need to make up in prices.  Customers fill out a style quiz and the Nadine West team curates your package based on your size, color, and style preferences. There is no membership fee, no subscription fee, and no styling fee; however there is a small shipping charge that is applied to any item(s) you decide to keep.

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

Spring/Summer/Fall 2021 Nadine West Review

Here’s the video unveiling of my Spring/Summer 2021 packages:

From those three packages, the cheapest item was a pair of leggings for $11.99 and the most expensive piece was the dusty pink top at $34.99.

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

Check out my Summer/Fall 2021 packages unveiling here:

For these packages, there were two pairs of leggings coming in at $11.99 each and then a pair of earrings at $14.99 for the least expensive items. The most expensive item happened to be the black cardigan I tried on in the video and that came in at $39.99 which is the most expensive price I think I’ve ever seen from Nadine West.

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

A Little More About Nadine West


Without pre-buying, you’ll receive an amazing outfit to try-on in the convenience of home. Keep ONLY what you love, send the rest back using our included return shipping label.

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

Surprise Styles

Do you love surprises? Each month features surprise outfits consisting of items perfectly styled just for you. No cookie-cutter packages. Based on what you keep, the Nadine West experts learn more about your existing tastes, while also working to help you discover new styles each month!

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review


Each item is priced about the same as eating out – typically between 10-30 bucks. The service is FREE with no weird or hidden fees. The only debit you’ll ever see is a shipping debit to you, which is credited towards your purchase.

Summer 2021 Nadine West Review

Nadine West Free Shipping Discount Code

For any new customer, just use the discount code ‘NADINE’ at checkout to receive free shipping on your very first custom Nadine Wesst package!

Nadine west discount code

So tell me, which Nadine West Subscription piece did you like the most this time? Also, if you’re interested in reading more about Nadine West, be sure to check out my friend Amber’s Nadine West review over at Viva Veltoro.

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Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 28th of September 2021

I also like the turquoise top. I like how the sleeves are designed.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 24th of September 2021

I have seen some cute things in their shipments. I like the cardigan and the black top your daughter is wearing.

Amber Ludwig

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

I really like that they have reasonably priced items! I think it's so important to be a splurge item that doesn't break the bank. So many more people can utilize it then!

Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

I really like the black cardigan. It is roomy and looks comfortable.

monique s

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

some cute items in the mix. Love the turquoise top