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Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller Review

With the warmer weather coming and the arrival of spring, my family likes to go on nightly walks after dinner. We also like to frequent outdoor shops, and with a 10-month-old, we are going to need a good, reliable stroller. With the Hauck Malibu All In One Stroller, we not only have reliability but also have a really nice looking stroller that is perfect from the very beginning of your baby’s life. I’m so excited to share with you my review of the Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller today.

Did you know that Hauck has been manufacturing juvenile products since 1921!

Details About the Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

The all new Hauck Malibu All in One stroller has been designed for parents who want a light, nimble, and compact stroller, but aren’t willing to compromise on style. A full recline allows for an infinite number of sitting and sleeping positions and, as we all know, a comfy baby is a happy baby! An oversize canopy blocks out unwanted UV rays and provides a cozy, cool sitting/sleeping area. The Hauck Malibu stroller comes with a universal infant car seat adapter that will accept virtually any infant car seat you own.

The All In One Malibu includes a deep, plush bassinet with a soft mattress. The bassinet can be attached to the stroller or to the bassinet stand. The bassinet and stand are the perfect companions for those first few weeks when a newborn should be close to mom and dad. It also makes for a fantastic travel bed.

I’m so excited to tell you what I think about this stroller, and have LOTS of pictures to show you the neat features of the Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller!

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

I love that the above items fit into a bag that is provided with the stroller. This is especially nice when your baby is still too young to sit upright in the stroller but is still using it either with the bassinet or with the universal car seat adapter  With this bag, you’re not going to lose track of the stroller items, and you can keep the instruction manual in there as well!

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

This stroller comes with a bassinet and a stand for the bassinet! Isn’t that awesome?! So now you can either have the bassinet attached to the stroller, or you can use the bassinet on the stand. Great to have by your bedside at night, and to take with you when traveling! Buying the Hauck Malibu All In One Stroller saves you from having to buy a separate bassinet, which I think is really nice!

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Putting together the bassinet is so simple. You just lift out the mattress, flip the bars on each end of the bassinet, and click it into place. When you are done using it, it’s easy enough take apart and it flattens nicely…you could even store it under your bed when it’s flat.

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

There’s a nice peek through section through the canopy, and the mattress is very soft and padded. I can tell by pushing down on it, that it is not cheap at all and would be very comfortable for a baby! My son is 10 months old, and while he is too old/heavy to lay in it while in the stroller or in the stand, he was laying in it when it was on the floor and seemed to really like it!

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

The stand is very nice and sturdy. It is shown in the folded position above on the left, so it can be stored against your wall, in your closet, or anywhere with a narrow space. It stays shut with a latch, so it won’t come apart. In the picture above, I have the bassinet in the stand without the canopy so you can see the inside. It is very easy to attach and detach the bassinet to the stand. There is no way it would fall over or come unlatched; it’s very secure.  I would suggest that you stop using the bassinet with the stand & stroller when your baby starts to roll over on their own.

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

The bassinet also has a matching cover top, to help against sun exposure and any wind or breezes.

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

I think my son was so into his new stroller that he just had to go see it up close!

With the use of the Hauck universal car seat adaptor, you can attach your infant car seat quickly and securely. The adaptor fits most infant car seats!

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

This is super nice! You can go from the car to the stroller very quickly with an easy transition! Your baby will be facing towards you, so you can keep a close eye on your little one. There is a strap to secure over the car seat to ensure safety, making sure the car seat cannot fall out in any way.

Now, onto the using the stroller in the traditional way! It took me no time at all to put on the stroller seat, canopy and front handlebar. The seat is nicely padded and comfortable feeling. There are more than a few great features about the stroller when used this way, and here they are: 

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

There is an over-sized canopy that I absolutely love! In the picture directly above, on the left is showing the canopy in a regular position, which most strollers have. On the right, the canopy is shown in the over-sized position, coming out even more. I love this canopy! We used it the other day shopping at the outdoor outlets and it really helped with blocking the wind and helping keep the sun off my son. There are also vents on each side of the canopy and a peek-through-window with the option of folding over a flap to hide/cover it.

Also, the Malibu AIO has a great seat recline! This is perfect for when your baby falls asleep and you can recline it back all the way to make your baby even more comfortable! It’s very easy to recline it and to put the seat back up!

Hauck Malibu All in One Seat

There is also a nice soft handlebar, and the outer material can zip off. This will be nice to take off and clean, especially if my son’s been eating snacks in his stroller and he rubs off any food on the handle! The handlebar is very easy to take on and off. It will need to be off when using the stroller with the bassinet and also when using the universal car seat adapter.

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

There is a 5-point harness that has the option of shoulder lengths, great as your baby grows. AND there are two small loops, one on each side to thread the harness through if you want to use the 5 point harness with an infant. This is so the harness can go closer to them, and not irritate their neck. There are also nice shoulder pads that can easily come off if needed.

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller
I love this unique footrest! It can be positioned in 3 different ways. Using the stroller with my 10-month-old son, I use the footrest in the left position, shown above. As he gets older, I will most likely fold it down; it’s so nice to have the option!

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

The front wheels can lock to stay straight, or can be unlocked to swivel. I like to keep mine in the swivel position. AND what I really love about the braking system, is that I only need to use 1 foot to push it down. I have had 3 strollers before this one, between my two kids, and each stroller always had two-foot locks that I always had to push one at a time. This foot lock brake is quicker and easier to use, and I love that it’s smack dab in the middle of the stroller! Also, there is a nice-sized basket underneath the stroller (can’t forget that!!).

Here is my son in his new stroller at the outlets shopping.

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Hauck Malibu All in One Stroller

Overall, I am basically in love with the Hauck Malibu All In One Stroller! It rides so smooth and easy, and looks so nice and sharp! There are 5 different colors you can choose from, all of which look really nice {Petrol, Navy, Black, Grey, Violet}!

I highly recommend this stroller to first-time parents… and second, third, etc. haha because it so amazing! It’s one of the best pieces of baby gear that I’ve tried! If you’re currently in the processing of choosing a stroller, you might also want to ready my Britax B-Agile Travel System review and my Bob Revolution SE stroller review

*This post was contributed by Megan. You can read more from Megan on her personal blog, Housewife on a Mission. * 



Thursday 26th of August 2021

Were you ever worried the bassinet was unsafe for newborn sleeping ? It’s very thick and padded not a breathable fabric I’m concerned bc our newborn moves a lot in her sleep that she’ll end up against the side and can’t breathe


Wednesday 1st of October 2014

I came across your article and I thank you for answering my biggest question about the stroller. I just received the stroller as a gift from a friend and i was worried about the car seat issue. I was even looking up buying a Hauck car seat from the UK just to make sure it will fit. But to find out that the stroller is universal had made me sigh with relief. Thank you so much for this whole article and explaining how it works as well. We got the stroller used and we were spending a lot of time trying to figure it all out.

Justine Taylor

Friday 2nd of May 2014

Hi i just purchased this stroller and a cybex aton carseat. my question is how should the carseat fit in this stroller. I'm thinking this carseat isn't compatible with the universal car seat adaptor.


Sunday 4th of May 2014

Hi Justine, I don't own the car seat adaptor for this stroller or a Cybex Aton Car Seat, so I'm afraid I'm not much help. I have no idea if they are compatible. Did you try calling their customer service?


Thursday 16th of January 2014

hi from malaysia.i also luv this Hauck Malibu All-in-One Stroller Set - Violet. i want to buy this stroller but it hard to find it in malaysia.i tried to buy from overseas but it hard also..i really2 want this stroller for by baby girl..she just 6 month old..n your baby is soo cute!!lluv to know how to operate this stroller from your blog.keep in touch..=)