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My Review of Strive Shoes – Are They Worth the Cost?

While my husband may say that everyone in this family has too many shoes…I’m going to have to disagree.  Yes, we may have just spent several hundred dollars ordering a custom-made shoe and boot shelf (and now our shoe organization is amazing), but having seven members in this family plus foster children means there are lots of feet! 

I will admit, though, that out of everyone, I probably have the most pairs.  (The only one who may come close is our youngest who is 3.)  I love cute shoes and since our oldest daughter, Hannah, can wear them too, I don’t mind having extra to share. 

Yet, I am picky about what pairs I keep around.  If they don’t serve a purpose and don’t get worn, out they go!

Healthy Footwear

I’ve become well-versed in the proper footwear for kids and features to watch for with growing feet.  But until recently, I didn’t give much thought to my own shoes.  I’ve realized that as I get older, it’s important to ensure I take care of myself too. 

Wearing proper shoes that provide support and comfort is a great place to start.  And Strive Shoes are created with a podiatrist-designed footbed.  This not only helps improve posture but also works to reduce common aches and pains in your body and feet.

Healthy Footwear Found In Strive Shoes

While many typical shoes may provide some cushion, they don’t relieve pressure points. Strive Shoes footbed insole offers foot support to the heel and arch while also offering cushion and style. 

So even for those who are not currently experiencing any big feet issues, Strive Shoes can still offer great benefits including enhanced energy and help to eliminate foot fatigue.

Strive Shoes Line

With the change in seasons comes a great new lineup of Strive Footwear.  A variety of colors, styles, patterns, and adorable buckles are now up for grabs and I would love to have them all!  Check out just a few of the options:

Healthy Footwear Found In Strive Shoes

Antibe Strive Shoes

While the Antibe Shoes are available in three color options, I went with the Black Lizard since I love neutrals that match everything.  However, you could also choose Sunset or Snake Print if those strike your fancy.

Healthy Footwear Found In Strive Shoes

The high-quality natural leather construction and roomy design allows for freedom and comfort.  Featuring an adjustable buckle for a slightly customize-able and yet secure fit.  The slightly elevated heal provides a small boost, which is something I am always happy about since I measure in at just 5′ 1″.  

Truly a classic between-the-toe flip-flop style design that never goes out of style.  Plus, it looks great for almost any occasion.  These are definitely going to be a go-to for me.

Healthy Footwear Found In Strive Shoes

Montauk Strive Shoes

A stylish gladiator design, the Montauk Shoes were the first pair to catch my eye.  The Silver Metallic color just looked gorgeous on my screen and I was super excited to see them in person.  But you can also order them in Black or Olive Metallic as well.

Healthy Footwear Found In Strive Shoes

In person, these shoes were even prettier than I had hoped.  They feature a slim-line cross strap silhouette and elasticated toe loop.  And while the fit originally threw me off a bit as I felt like my foot should go in further, they wear really well once I just slipped on and started my day. 

And as you can see, Hannah loves them too!

Healthy Footwear Found In Strive Shoes

Overall Thoughts About Strive Shoes

As usual, Hannah is ready to snatch my new Strive Shoes every chance she can get!  Both pairs offer open styles and roomy comfort.  They are soft and breathable and oh so comfortable to wear.  I love both styles and am excited that I discovered the Strive brand.

Head over to the Strive Footwear website to learn more and be sure to connect with them by liking on Facebook and following on Instagram.

Gwendolyn Anderson

Tuesday 26th of May 2020

I love these shoes. I have foot problems and these shoes will be perfect for summer

justin martin

Wednesday 10th of April 2019

i have always like black shoes its look like gorgeous in all outfits..

Tessa Thompson

Monday 26th of November 2018

I like Antibe Shoe in black, Its look so unique and comfort.

Anita Jude

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

I love the COPENHAGEN they look comfy

Lauryn R

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

I really like the Montana sandals in the navy blue! They look super comfortable and like they would be perfect to wear on all of our Summer adventures! :)