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Storypod – The Best Way To Read With Kids! (+ Giveaway!)

I grew up a major bookworm and still love reading to this day. As a homeschooling mom, I felt my biggest (and possibly hardest) goal was going to be getting my kids to also become solid readers. Thankfully, all five of our older kids have followed with my love of reading! That just leaves us little Ruby, who is a bit too young to read on her own but is the perfect age for family story time, having siblings and parents read to her, and enjoying our Storypod together.

What Is Storypod?

Storypod is the screen-free, award winning audio learning system that grows with your child. It’s geared for kids ages 0-9 (but even my older boys enjoy it)! Once upon a time, children’s books were only read aloud, in-person and bedside. While that’s still an awesome option, life can get busy and sometimes a helping hand is needed when your time runs short. I’ve found Storypod to be the perfect tool to help.

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

I’ve found this unique Storypod audio system to be a great option for engaging kids with multi-sensory stories, music, and skill-building. I especially appreciate how children can hear age-appropriate audio whenever they’d like, from breakfast to bedtime. Any time and anywhere, Storypod is there! It’s lightweight and portable design make it easy to tote around.

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

How Does Storypod Work?

I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to shy away from electronics but using the Storypod is actually quite simple. Setup takes just a few minutes as I had to download the free Storypod app and then connect the device to our WIFI.

Storypod Crafties 
- The Best Way To Read With Kids!

Once our Storypod was ready to go, we placed one of our Crafties on top and the content began to play. These Crafties aren’t your typical ‘stuffed animal’. They are unique and each one individually holds different sounds, music, and stories.

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

Storypod Crafties are made from a knit material and each one features a magnet and NFC chip inside. The magnet gently holds the character in place on top of the Storypod and the NFC chip transfers the sound to your player. You can also run content through Storypod tokens, interactive books, trivia cards, and recordable stickers.

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

A Little More About Storypod Crafties

The Crafties are one of my favorite aspects of the Storypod. I love how durable, yet soft and cute they are. All the different characters available really make using the Storypod more fun.

Storypod Crafties in a basket
 - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

These Crafties are great for content but also fun to play make-believe and act out stories with. And because they are designed to connect magnetically, even my 18 month old can place the them on our Storypod to play content all by herself! Without giving her any instructions at all, I placed the Storypod and basket of Crafties in front of her and she immediately placed one on top and began dancing to the music.

little girl - Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

Brand New To Storypod- Recordable Story Stickers!

Listen up as there’s some exciting things happening over at Storypod. Just added to Storypod’s assortment of Crafties, Tokens, Activity Cards and Audiobooks are Recordable Story Stickers! These are so much fun and are the perfect way to surprise tots with a narration from Grandpa, Auntie, or traveling parent. After losing my cousin earlier this year, I’m wishing I had learned about these sooner as the Storypod Story Stickers would have been a wonderful way for her to connect with her children as they grow.

The possibilities are endless. Story Stickers are a great option for when a parent goes on a business trip or has to work late as they can pre-record content. Birthday cards and holiday gifts ramp up to a whole new level when they come with a Story Sticker that plays a familiar voice singing Happy Birthday to You or special spoken wishes. Elders can describe the anecdotes behind each photograph, in their own words, once the Sticker affixed to the photo album is tapped atop Storypod.

Each Story Sticker allows 60 minutes to make recordings from anywhere in the world using the Storypod app.

Storypod Overview Video

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

Storypod Subscribe + Save Option

I’m always game for saving money and if you are too, get new-age appropriate- educational content year-round with the Storypod Subscription at

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

Final Thoughts On The Storypod

We’ve had the chance to explore the Storypod and a variety of its accessories and am happy to say that we are in love! Storypod has quickly become our favorite smart, screen-free storytelling toy with its adorable yarn figurines and read-along audiobooks. I’m impressed with the engaging and interactive content that helps promote independent learning, decision making, and listening skills. And if all that wasn’t enough, Storypod even has a built-in nightlight too! The kids and I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Storypod - The Best Way To Read With Kids!

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Storypod Giveaway

Enter To Win A Storypod Start Set!

One lucky Thrifty Nifty Mommy reader will a Storypod Starter Set, valued at $99.99! This giveaway is open to the Continental US only, just enter the widget below for your chance to win. Good luck!

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