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Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (Best Gift Idea!)

After recently losing a close loved one, I began thinking there must be a better way to bridge the gap with those who are left behind. Her husband shared a short video clip of her talking (behind the scenes) and it felt so great to hear her voice again, as you could just picture the smile she must have had while recording. I wish I had learned about Storii just a few months sooner as it would have been an amazing gift to leave behind to her young children. So now that I know about this awesome Memoir opportunity, I wanted to spread the word.

Whether you’re looking for a Mother’s Day Gift, Father’s Day Gift, or just for an easy way to leave a legacy, Storii makes it simple. The best part is that Storii allows people to record their life stories WITHOUT requiring a computer, smartphone or internet. All you need is a telephone! This really makes it a feasible option for any age, location, or level of tech ability.

Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (One Of The Best Gifts!)

What Is Storii?

Storii is more than the typical life story book. While a regular life story book is good, they don’t allow you to HEAR your loved one’s voice or watch their endearing facial expressions. That’s why Storii is the BEST option! Their platform allows you to easily build a multimedia life biography for yourself or a loved one using photos, music, videos, audio recordings, and text.

Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (One Of The Best Gifts!)

Storii Is Launching A NEW Storytelling Platform!

Hearing loved ones’ stories is so much fun. One of our kids’ favorite pasttimes is listening to my husband / (their dad) tell stories from his life. He has some great ones from his childhood as well as adult years; including stories about them when they were little. While he’s a great story teller, I’m not. But the best part about Storii is that their process allows people to record their life stories step by step; making everyone seem like a pro.

Storii’s unique AI Biography Rewrites feature helps take your recordings to the next level by generating a well-crafted narrative for your personal digital story book. The AI tech will analyze the entire recording to clarify, organize, or add additional context that will seamlessly enhance each story. This becomes extremely helpful if users take time to pause or make a mistake, as the original transcript will remain available as well.

Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (One Of The Best Gifts!)

How Do I Know What Stories To Tell?

You can relax as creating your Storii Memoir is easy! The specially designed process of creating your Storii Life Book makes capturing and writing memories as simple as talking on the phone. After that, Storii does the work for you!

You’ll be provided with a curated list of over 1,000 question prompts to help you throughout the process. Of course, you can also create your own. You’ll be able to answer each one, at any length, to become a part of the stories. No pressure at all, just answer with whatever details you can recall. Sample prompts include:

  • ● What is your earliest memory?
  • ● What was your first job?
  • ● How do you remember your 20s?
  • ● Tell me about your favorite family vacation.
  • ● What is the best meal you’ve ever had?
  • ● How would you like to be remembered?
Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (One Of The Best Gifts!)

But How Does Storii Actually Work?

Packaged in an attractive box (for the 12-month subscription), recipients will find simple-to-follow index cards for registration and instructions. The entire sign-up process can be completed over the phone or online (if preferred).

Because some folks prefer to have things even more simplified, Storii can even be set to automatically call your loved one at any phone number up to three times a week at the preferred days and times that are convenient for them, throughout the one-year subscription period. Don’t worry if something unexpected comes up either. Storytellers can also call back the same number at any time to record answers at their own pace.

After users record a story, the audio file is automatically uploaded to their online Storii keepsake profile. Family members are notified when a recording is complete as they then have the option to upload any photos or videos that go with the story to the online profile. Stories can be printed, shared digitally, or downloaded as an audiobook.

Because no major tech is required, there’s absolutely no learning curve to creating your Storii! This helps loved ones feel empowered and confident when sharing their life stories.

Storii Record Your Memoir Video

How Much Does Storii Cost?

Whether gifting Storii to a loved one or creating your very own, there are two different options. You can choose a monthly subscription plan or purchase a 12-month plan. Check out the benefits that come with each plan below:

Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (One Of The Best Gifts!)

Why Choose Storii?

Family, history, loved ones, and stories are important. I have grandparents and great grandparents I’ve never met. (I actually just found out my grandmother had red hair for the first time at 40 years old! This is extra special as one of our six kids has red hair too.) I’ve also lost loved ones who were much too young to go and having such a significant remembrance would be so comforting.

“Storii is the easiest way to leave behind a lasting and meaningful legacy that can be shared with family members,” said Cameron Graham, Storii co-founder and CEO. “It’s one thing to know where your parents or grandparents are from, but being able to learn about specific moments in their lives in their own words will help you understand your traditions, heritage and what shapes your family.”

“It offers loved ones so many wonderful benefits. Not only is it an easy and convenient way to preserve family history, but this helps combat isolation through connection, provides users with a sense of purpose and can help improve psychological well-being with reminiscence therapy,”

Storii: Create Your Life Memoir Over the Phone (Best Gift Idea!)

A Storii makes for a beautiful keepsake, perfect for offering a way to reminiscence as well as connect with generations to come. If you’re looking for a gift that will keep on giving and touch friends and family for years to come, check out Storii.

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Maria Egan

Tuesday 9th of May 2023

Sharing family history in this way is such a wonderful idea.

Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 9th of May 2023

That is such a nice way to remember.