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Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code

This post is sponsored by Step2. As always, all opinions are my own.

Now that we have a little one again, I’m thrilled to be back in the ‘Step2’ phase! I’ve loved Step2 products for decades now, as they were my go-to back when I did daycare over 22 years ago. From climbers and slides to indoor play, they delivered high quality toys that kids (and parents) loved. The best part was that they also stood the test of time. (One of my first purchases was actually this retired red motorcycle which the daycare kids LOVED!)

So now that Ruby is a curious toddler who loves to climb and explore, I knew it was time to get her a climber and we fell in love with the brand new Step2 Scout & Slide Climber.

Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code


The new Scout and Slide Climber is a fun toy for the little explorers in your life. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, this climber was easy to assemble and also perfect for large muscle play. After unboxing, we took inventory and all parts were accounted for.

play center pieces - Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review

One thing Step2 does really well is their instructions! Every step is laid out with detailed photos. The best part is that you can even match the screws up to the instruction sheet as they are shown as actual size. This takes all the guess work out of it. It only took my husband about 20 minutes to get Ruby’s new climber together. — And good thing too as she was itching to get on it as soon as she realized what it was!

dad assembling toy - Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code

Also, take note that it’s okay if you’re not usually good at assembling things. I always pass that job on to my husband or teenage son but I actually just helped my cousin assemble her brand new Clubhouse Climber last week too. My husband wasn’t kidding about Step2 toy assembly. I was amazed at how easy it was with just her and me working together!

Watch My Assembly Video

Head over here to see how quickly the Scout & Slide Climber came together.

Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review

baby girl on slide - Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code

This climber is tons of fun for the toddler crew. Once it was assembled, Ruby wasted no time checking it out. At just 15 months, she didn’t need any help and instinctively knew to climb up the stairs and ‘drive’ the steering wheel.

baby playing - Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code

This climber has been used daily since it was assembled as Ruby loves climbing up, sliding down, and playing peekaboo through the climbing wall foot holes.

baby peaking - Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code

Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Overview

baby girl playing -Spring Fashion Must Haves For Kids {Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Kids Brands!}
  • The Step2 Scout & Slide Toddler Climber creates a playtime paradise in your backyard or play room! Little ones can climb the ladder or climbing walls to get onto this kids playground, ride down the slide, and go on pretend play adventures with the steering wheel.
  • Featuring an open-ended play design, this toy encourages little ones to develop imagination, creativity, and learn social skills. Not just a climber, this backyard playground set can be a plane, a pirate ship, or any other scenario little ones can dream up. The sky is the limit!
  • The vintage design and two-tone coloring of this climber looks great in any yard. Features like the climbing walls, outdoor slide, and steering wheel allow gross motor skills practice, hand-eye coordination, and balance practice during every day play.
  • Parents will love the curved metal bars that add a shiny accent as well as support to this playground climber. This outdoor toddler toy is sure to inspire hours of independent outdoor play for your children and their friends.
  • This toddler outdoor play equipment is made with durable, double-walled resin construction with molded-in colors that won’t rust or fade, so it lasts for generations. Just wipe down with a rag or spray down with a hose, as needed. It’s truly a low maintenance toddler outdoor playset!
girl playing -Step2 Scout & Slide Climber Review + Discount Code

We’ve started with our Scout and Slide Climber indoors for now and plan to move it outside soon for the summer months. I love the versatility of this toy as it’s well made but lightweight enough to move in and out as needed because we’ll probably bring it back in come winter.

NOTE: When using indoors, you do need a large space to have adequate distance around all sides for safety reasons. So if you don’t have enough obstacle-free space, plan to set your new Scout and Slide Climber up outdoors.

Tell me, what’s your favorite Step2 item? Do you have any other Step2 toys you’d like to see us feature on the blog?

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Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

What a fun toy for the little ones!

Lauryn R

Saturday 13th of May 2023

I am also a big fan of Step2 products! Everything that we have bought is not only easy to assemble, but solid and lasts for so long! We ended up passing on a lot of things to other kids in the family, as they were still just as nice as the day we got them! This climber looks like so much fun for toddlers. :)

Maria Egan

Thursday 11th of May 2023

I bought many Step2 toys when my grandkids were younger, and I was always so impressed with the quality and durability. They had years of fun.