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My Updated Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide Review

a stock photo of the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide with a text that says "Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide"

Year after year I am amazed at the fun new items Step2 is coming out with–and so are my children! One of the new items to hit stores spring 2014 is the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide and our family was lucky enough to be able to review it.

I just ordered my children a new swing set from Step2 (review to come in a few weeks, once the weather warms up) which pretty much maxed out our backyard for any additional toys, however, Grandma and Grandpa have been saying for over a year now that they would like more outdoor toys at their house.

They live about 20 minutes from us and my children are frequent visitors to their house, usually at least once a week. So, it was decided that the new Alpine Climber would be the fun new toy for their house.

The Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide in the shipping box with a text overlay that says, "It's Here!"

Assembling the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide

My children were SO excited when they arrived at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and saw this box sitting on their deck. They jumped for joy and begged for it to be put together.

Despite the 18+ inches of snow that fell the day after it’s arrival, within about a week the snow had melted, and we were blessed with a day warm enough to put it together.  My wonderful husband and father-in-law got right to work assembling the new climber, while the kids looked on anxiously from inside.

With both of the men working hard, they had the climber assembled in just a little over an hour. My husband said that the directions are easy to follow and pretty straight forward.

You’ll want to have a hammer and an electric drill and/or screwdriver on hand.

Two men assembling the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide with a text overlay that says "set-up"

Size of the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

Once assembled, the first thing I noticed was that the climber did not seem quite as big in person as it had in the pictures online. I had imaged this massive toy that would take up a ton of room, but really it’s not bad at all.

It is a great size for yards and truly, we might have even been able to fit it in our backyard with the swing set (and our backyard is small).  Here you can see the climber from all angles.

a collage of 4 images that show a 360 degree view of the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide with a text overlay that says, "360 view"

How Kids Can Play on the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

There are SO many different things you can do on this toy. There are a total of 5 different climbing walls, each presenting a different challenge to your child.

The walls have a combination of holes, pegs, and steps to assist your child in climbing–and I don’t know about your child(ren) but mine LOVE to climb!

On one climbing wall, the bottom step doubles as a seat for resting or even a snack break. You’ll also find several crawl-through tunnels.

A collage of 4 close up images of the features (steering wheel, climbing notches, tunnel) of the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

The favorite features for my children, however, are the steering wheel (that really turns), adjustable viewer, and last but not least, the slide.

The height of this climber is just right–not so tall that it is intimidating to children (or their mothers!) but tall enough to make the slide loads of fun and make my children feel high off of the ground when they are standing on the platform.

A collage of 3 images showing a little boy and a little girl playing on the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

Overall Thoughts on the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

My youngest is about 21 months old and, as you can see in the pictures and video (below), he is able to navigate this toy with ease. Check out this video that my husband put together to show you the setup, features, and of course, just how much fun my children have playing on the new Climber and Slide:

While this might not matter to all families, I’d like to add that I LOVE the earth-tone colors of the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide.

We have the Step2 My Clubhouse and not only would these two items match pretty well, they are esthetically pleasing in the backyard.

A collage showing stock photos of the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide and the Step2 My Clubhouse.

For now, we have the  Climber/Slide on the deck at my in-laws’ house for two reasons: (1) We are still expecting more snow this winter – in fact, it is snowing right now (sigh), and (2) thanks to all of the recent snowfall and quick melting, the yards around here are basically mud pits.

Putting it on the deck for now allows my children to go ahead and start using it, because as I’m sure you can imagine, they were eager to get on there! *It is important to note that Step2 does NOT recommend using this on a deck, grass, or other hard surface, but rather on mulch. *

Once spring has finally arrived, we’ll be moving it to the yard.

A collage of 4 images showing a little boy and a little girl playing on the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

Overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with our new toy from Step2! As usual, Step2 produced a quality-made product that was easy to assemble and will last for years.

Most importantly, my children are having a BLAST playing with the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber & Slide! If you’re looking for something to keep your little ones busy outside this spring and summer, be sure to check this one out!

A collage of 4 images showing a little girl playing on the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide

March 2024 Update

This review was originally written in March of 2014. Since it’s now March 2024 I thought it would be helpful to give an update on this climber and out time with it.

This fun toy stayed at my inlaws house for many years. My children had a blast playing with it! A few years ago in 2020 my inlaws decided to move and they could not take it with them.

They didn’t have any trouble finding a new home for it. Someone in their neighborhood was easy to take it for their children. It was still in great shape after being outside through all of the seasons.

Buy It

Visit the Step2 website to see their full line of amazing products for your family. You can purchase the Step2 Alpine Ridge Climber and Slide from the Step2 website.

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Maria Egan

Thursday 28th of March 2024

Step 2 products are made to last, and they really make toys that kids can use and have fun with for years and years.


Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Looking into getting one of these and would be building it on a hard surface. Did yours slide on the deck when in use? Did you end up needing padding/anti-slip guards underneath? TIA!


Friday 4th of May 2018

We set ours up on the deck initially because there was still snow on the ground. In the spring as it warmed up we moved it to the grass, so I'm not much help. I know that Step2 does not recommend having it on a hard surface for safety reasons.

Dani Osenbaugh

Tuesday 26th of August 2014

I would love the Clubhouse Climber too!

Christina Strapp

Friday 9th of May 2014

This is pretty awesome!!! I love all the different things you can do. My daughter would love this!

Lily Kwan

Friday 9th of May 2014

This climber/slide looks very fun. Thanks for sharing!