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SnowStoppers – Specially Designed to Keep Snow Out of Your Gloves

Snow Stoppers

I’ve partnered with SnowStoppers and received gloves at no cost to facilitate this post. 

Growing up, our family home sat at the top of a pretty big hill. Oh the things we did on that hill! I can remember:

  • pushing my little sister down the hill inside her pink Little Tikes doll stroller. She thought it was very fun. Looking back now, I’m not sure how she never ended up in the ER!
  • trying to mow the grass on the hill that was really too steep for our riding mower. There was only one spot on the hill you could drive the mower all they way up, otherwise you’d get halfway before it couldn’t make it anymore and would roll back down – backwards. (Again, how did we not end up in the ER?!)
  • riding our bikes down that hill.
  • racing up and down again.

More than anything though, what I remember doing on that hill the most was playing in the snow. I grew up in WV and snow was inevitable just about every year. There was even one year when I was in elementary school that we had SO much snow that we missed all but 3 days of school in the month of January.

When my siblings and I would wake up and see fresh snow outside our window, we’d eat breakfast and suit up immediately for a day in the snow. Sometimes we’d stay outside so late that we’d have to hook up a special light on our deck so we could see to walk up the hill in the snow. There was one thing that would sometimes ruin my snow-day fun and force me to come into the house: the cold. I’d always layer well (long underwear, covered by warm winter clothes, then my snow pants, jacket, gloves, boots, and hat) but some days I’d end up with snow in my boots or gloves and I’d have to come inside and hang them by the wood stove until they could dry.

Now that I have children of my own, I hope that they can create the fond memories I have of playing in the snow and I know that a large part of that is keeping them warm and dry while they are out playing. I was so excited to find out about a brand of gloves specially designed to keep snow out of gloves and keep hands big and small warm in the snow: SnowStoppers.

Kids with Gloves

So what makes SnowStoppers different from other gloves and mittens? To put it simply, these mittens and gloves have an extended cuff to prevent snow from getting into the coat. Frankly, it seems like a no-brainer and I’m not sure why gloves and mittens haven’t been designed like this from the very beginning! Just look at the cuff on this glove:


The cuff can be worn completely extended for maximum coverage or folded if desired, still giving you decent protection from the snow and cold.

SnowStoppers sent gloves/mittens for our whole family in a few different styles:

  • Convertible Flip-Top Mittens – The eMitt: This is a convertible flip-top mitten for adults. It has touchscreen compatible fingertips and grippy dots! It has a zippered pocket that can hold a hand warmer, cash, keys, or whatever! It also features sewn-in magnets to hold the mitten flap open when you need to use your fingers. It is built tough with Sure Grip palm material for excellent grip. The Extra Thick Thinsulate™ 40 Gram Insulation provides warmth without bulk in even in the coldest conditions and has a water resistant outer shell.Snow Stoppers Gloves
  • Children’s Ski & Snowboard Ripstop Nylon Gloves: These gloves are designed for children ages 4-16. These rugged gloves represent the newest thinking in design and the latest technology in durability and warmth. They feature shorter glove fingers to keep the hands warmer like a mitten, while providing the dexterity of a glove!  They have a water resistant ripstop nylon outer shell, a kevtech palm which provides abrasion resistance and excellent grip and rolled fingertips which provide a snug fit. The are made with Thinsulate™ 40 Gram Insulation to provide warmth without bulk and have a Waterproof Drypel Lining to prevent snow or water from penetrating the glove, while allowing moisture to escape from the hand cavity. These Ski & Snowboard gloves by SnowStoppers® are perfect for keeping your hands and wrists warm and dry while doing all your favorite winter activities—No matter what the weather! They come in black with an accent color: Grey, Fuchsia, Red, Purple, Lime or Blue and are available in 5 different sizes so you can get the best fit. Maggie, Jacob, and I each received a pair of these to try — yes, I ordered a kid size for myself (XL). I have tiny hands and the XL fit me perfectly and XS was just what Maggie and Jacob (ages 5 & 3) needed.Gloves
  • Nylon Mittens: Zellene is our youngest and at just 18 months old, tiny mittens are a must. These XS Nylon Mittens are just what she needed! When ordered in the XS size, these mittens come without a thumb hole — no more wrestling to get her little thumb in there and really, they don’t seem to stay in there anyway. Sizes S-XL do contain a thumb hole. These mittens feature waterproof Drypel Lining to prevent snow or water from penetrating the mitten, while allowing moisture to escape from the hand cavity and Thinsulate™ 40 Gram Insulation provides warmth without bulk. The outer shell is 100% Nylon, Cuff 100% Acrylic, Inner Lining 100% Polyester, Insulation 65% Olefin and 35% Polyester. You can get mittens in these 8 colors: Black, Navy, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Red, Fuchsia, and Pink.mittens

We haven’t had any snow in our area yet this winter so we haven’t really been able to try them out in the snow, but I’m confident that once it arrives (and I’m sure it will arrive sooner or later) we’ll all be ready to spend hours in the snow without cold, wet hands. SnowStoppers has perfected winter mittens and gloves….now hopefully they will move on and expand the tall cuff to boots so my feet and legs can stay warm too! We love our SnowStopper gloves and I think you will too!

** Edited to add, they now sell SnowStoppers boots for kids! Click HERE to see more info on them!***

Gloves 2

Find out more about SnowStoppers and purchase some for your family by visiting their website and follow them on Facebook too for product updates.

Disclosure: We were sent these items at no cost to faciliate the review.

Evelyn Leong

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Thanks for sharing your views on Snowstoppers Mittens. I am residing in Singapore, have attempted to purchase 2 pairs online via Amazon and many other distributors. Sad to say, they do not allow shipment to Singapore.


Friday 19th of May 2017

Try using a shipping forwarder: Amazon or whoever sends the package to a shopping forwarder, then they forwarder sends to you.

Lily Kwan

Tuesday 29th of December 2015

These mittens and gloves look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah L

Monday 28th of December 2015

I hate it when snow gets up my sleeve. These would be great to have.

Jennifer A

Sunday 27th of December 2015

snowstopper boots look great

Linda Manns Linneman

Sunday 27th of December 2015

I love the extended cuffs on these. The e--mitt would be perfect for me. I will have to check these out for my family. Thank you so much for sharing