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Simplay3 Toy and Product Reviews

Over the years, my review team and I have reviewed a handful of Simplay3 Toys. I have compiled my reviews together for you in this post.

Simplay3 Discovery Playhouse

The Simplay3 Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Discovery Playhouse is designed for kids ages 1.5 to 6 years of age. This multi-station playhouse is the ultimate system for pretend play. Kids can have all kinds of imaginative play whether they want to ‘cook’ lunch, water the garden, or just hang out with their favorite toys in a nice shady space.

toddler playing with blocks in playhouse.

It features an all-around play set up which allows more opportunities for multiple children to entertain themselves both in and around the playhouse. It can even work in connection with other Simplay3 activity sets, like the Simplay3 Young Exporers Adventure Climber, and fits through a door frame to easily be used both inside and out.

girl and toddler playing on Simplay3 Playhouse.

Mariah’s son loved the tunnels that he can easily crawl in and out of on the bottom level. His cousin enjoyed the large platform for playing blocks, dolls, and other creative play. We love the roof that offers the perfect sun protection on hot summer days. This Simplay3 Discovery Playhouse really offers something for all little explorers!

Key Features of the Young Explorers Adventure Climber

  • Two levels of play with crawl-through spaces
  • Two doors in the front and rear with slots for pretend mail delivery
  • Climbing wall and ladder with steps
  • Easel and marker tray for creative play
  • Built-in drink holders double as flower or herb pots
  • Pretend stovetop and sink with faucet sit in a pass-through window sil
toddler climbing up rock wall ladder on a Simplay3 outdoor climbing toy.


Simplay3 Imagination Castle Headboard Review

It was time for Miranda to upgrade her daughter Lucy to a big girl bed, so she chose the Simplay3 Imagination Castle Headboard. Lucy loves princesses and castles and since this headboard is for twin-size beds, Miranda knew she’d be thrilled with her new ‘big girl bed’.

How To Make Bedtime Transitions Easier {+ Simplay3 Imagination Castle Headboard Review}

Here is Miranda and Lucy’s review of the Simplay3 Imagination Castle Headboard.

First off, I do want to point out that this product is a headboard only.  However, you can set it up to hold the mattress directly on the floor if you wish to have a lower bed or don’t have a spare twin frame to use.  The mattress and headboard would line up similarly to the photo below if you use it with no frame.

simplay3 castle headboard with a little girl standing next to it.

I was lucky enough to find a great deal on a boxspring and frame on a local selling site the day after her headboard arrived though!  So we snatched it up and headed home to assemble the new bed.

Assembling the Simplay3 Castle Headboard

Putting together the Simplay3 Imagination Castle Headboard was fairly simple.  The directions were easy to follow and with all our helpers…we had her bed ready to go in about 45 minutes.  (Those helpers may or may not have added some time to the assembly…  But I’m all for every learning opportunity and building the bed was a great one!)  So we all made it a fun learning experience and took our time every step of the way.

A man and his two kids assembling the Simplay3 castle headboard.

Mom attaching stickers to the Simplay3 castle headboard.

The assembly was truly minimal with securing a few pieces together and adding the stickers.

Overall Thoughts on the Simplay3 Castle Headboard

This Simplay3 Castle Headboard is made from solid plastic.  It feels well-made and should be durable as well.  I like that it will be easy to clean.  It’s not too heavy either, which means that rearranging the bedroom will be easier to manage.

Overall, we absolutely adore Lucy’s new Simplay3 Castle Headboard big girl bed.  She couldn’t be happier and has been sleeping much better these nights! 

little girl laying in front a castle headboard

Simplay3 Carry and Go Toys

As the name suggests, this lineup of toys is designed to be easy to take with you.

Simplay3 Carry and Go Barn

The barn is actually a two-story farmhouse that features a kitchen and bedroom, chicken coop, duck pond, pasture and barn. The barn doors open to extend double-sided play and close securely keeping toy farm animals and figures conveniently stored when not in use. The convenient, easy-carry handle makes it simple for kids to take the farmhouse anywhere their imagination goes.

The setup for the Simplay3 Carry and Go Barn was simple. You just have to attach the decals. That’s all. There were quite a few decals, so it took me about 15 minutes to get them all on. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and take my time to try to get them on there straight. 

Simplay3 Carry and Go Barn

Simplay3 Barn

Pros of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Barn

This barn is adorable! I love all of the bright colors on the decals. Simplay3 really paid attention to details, even adding a window to the side of the barn! There are charming animals, a pond, a bedroom for the farmer, and so much more!

The carrying handle is great for moving from room to room or to take with you anywhere. It is lightweight so older toddlers and preschoolers should be able to carry it themselves. 

I especially love how sturdy it is. Like other Simplay3 toys, it’s molded plastic so it is built to last through many children. Your child could stand on this and I highly doubt it’s going to break, unlike other plastic toys on the market. 

It’s 2-sided so it’s large enough for 2 or 3 children to play with easily. 

There are two different sections that can be closed to store toys to go with the barn. This makes it easy to take those little pieces with you on the go. 

Simplay3 Barn

Cons of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Barn

The only real con is that this toy does not come with any accessories. The ones shown on the Simplay3 website are adorable, and I really wish they were included. However, you may already have accessories around your home that would work well with it! 

The Simplay3 Carry and Go Barn is available for sale on the Simplay3 website.

Simplay3 Carry and Go Garage

The Simplay3 Carry and Go Garage was very quick and easy to assemble. I needed to pop one of the ramps into place and then add the decals. The total setup took me less than 10 minutes. 

This children’s garage playset has an easy-carry handle and secure compartment for small toys, making it simple for kids to take and play anywhere their imagination goes. With 4 levels, 2 working ramps with secret zoom-through tunnels, parking spaces, and a repair garage with a working garage door, there are lots of places for cars to go!

Simplay3 Garage

Pros of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Garage

This garage is lightweight yet still super durable since it’s molded plastic. It’s easy to clean and store. This garage is colorful and inviting for kids. It’s big enough that 2 or even 3 kids can play on it at one time. 

I don’t know very many boys who don’t have toy cars. My boys have tons of them! They love to play with their cars and having a garage toy like this that they can easily take with them wherever they go is great! 

Simplay3 Garage

Simplay3 Garage

Cons of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Garage

The only con would be that, just like the Farm, the Garage does not come with any accessories. Because most boys have lots of cars already though, I don’t really feel like this should be much of an issue for anyone. It definitely wouldn’t be something that kept me from purchasing the garage. 

The Simplay3 Carry and Go Garage has been discontinued.

Simplay3 Carry and Go Castle

This children’s castle playset with an easy-carry handle makes it simple for kids to take to play anywhere their imagination goes! The working drawbridge and back door extend double-sided play and create a secure compartment for small toy storage when ready to travel. 

Simplay3 Castle

Simplay3 Castle

Pros of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Castle

This castle is enchanting! The colors are great and the decals and details are spectacular. It’s gender-neutral in both look and color, so both boys and girls will both be eager to play with it. 

Just like the other Carry and Go items, it has a handle for easy carrying and it’s extremely durable. It would be good for both indoor and outdoor play.  

My older kids have a Playmobil castle set which the younger ones are frequently breaking apart. They don’t do it on purpose, they just struggle to be gentle with it. It’s not made for toddlers and preschoolers. Because this Simplay3 castle is so much more durable, it gives the younger kids their own castle to play with while the older kids have their castle. This means less frustration all around!

Cons of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Castle

Like the others, this one does not come with any accessories either. I do wish a few characters had been included. My kids do however have different Disney characters they accumulated over time which are perfect additions to the castle. 

The Simplay3 Carry and Go Castle has been discontinued.

Simplay3 Carry and Go Track Table

This double-sided track table offers one side for cars and another side for train play. It’s fully assembled, you’ll just need to add the decals, which took me about 10 minutes. 

Simplay3 Track Table

Simplay3 Track Table

Pros of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Track Table

Of all the Carry and Go items, this one is my favorite! When you have a young child, making them a road or train track that can easily be dissasembled can be a large source of frustration for parents and children alike. I can’t tell you how many times my boys have been playing with their wooden train set and knocked the track apart. It seems I’m always having to fix them when they are younger. 

The track table is slim enough that it could easily slide under a bed or be kept in a closet without taking up too much room. It only weighs 6.5 pounds so it’s really easy to move. Like the other items, it’s also very durable and portable. 

Although Simplay3 recommends it for ages 3 and up, I think children as young as 18 months would enjoy driving their cars and trains on this track. 

Simplay3 Carry and Go Track Table

Simplay3 Carry and Go Track Table

Cons of the Simplay3 Carry and Go Track Table

Once again, the only con would be that it’s not going to come with accessories, but like the garage, I really don’t feel it needs accessories. Most boys are already going to have a large assortment of cars and trains that they can use with this track table. 

You can purchase the Simplay3 Carry and Go Track Table from the Simplay3 website.

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Antoinette M

Friday 22nd of November 2019

I like that this is lightweight to carry, but still sturdy!

kathy pease

Friday 22nd of November 2019

These toys look very fun and durable. They would be a great gift for the kids with the holidays coming.

Francine A

Thursday 21st of November 2019

My daughter would love this

Danielle Porter

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

These look great! They are much bigger than I thought they woud be when I saw the kids near them. I love the idea and I know my 2 year old would love any of these!

Jessica Walker

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

This is great to bring places to keep child busy