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Seraphine Maternity Review

I was provided with clothing samples from Seraphine Maternity at no cost to facilitate this review. 

I love being pregnant, I really do. Sure, there are those first few weeks of pregnancy when I’m extra tired and feel nauseous half of the day, but in general, pregnancy is a really positive experience for me.  I really enjoy have a baby belly but I’ve struggled to find maternity clothes to wear that I really LOVE!

My biggest struggle is with pants. I can’t tell you how many times in a day I am pulling up my pants. It drives me CRAZY! There are days where, by the end of the day, when I’m home,  I’ve just given up and let them sag as low as they want to go. Yes, I admit it, I’ve turned to my husband as he walked behind me and said, “yes, I realize my butt crack is hanging out and I just don’t care anymore!” Really though, have you ever felt like being pregnant meant you had to walk around with droopy, saggy butt jeans all day long?  It shouldn’t have to be that way!!


I found this company from England called Seraphine Maternity. You might have heard of them before. Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson have worn their clothes. The great thing about their maternity jeans is that they don’t come in S, M, or L sizes, they are actually sized, like regular jeans! They looked so nice, I really wanted to try a pair and Seraphine agreed to send me a pair to review.

Now (and please don’t hate me for this…I’m just a tiny girl) pre-pregnancy I was wearing a size 0. I had to shop in the juniors section to find jeans. I went with the Seraphine Size 0 (which is supposed to fit US size 2) and the jeans fit perfectly! I was a little concerned when I first started to pull them on because they were tighter than my other maternity jeans, but I am SO pleased to say that I can wear these jeans all day long and I no longer have the saggy butt problem! I don’t spend half of my day pulling up my pants–it is such a relief! If you suffer this way, you know what I’m talking about!

Seraphine Maternity

I was sent a pair of Light Wash Baby Bootleg Jeans. The jeans are SO nice! I could tell right away they were quality jeans. I actually feel sexy wearing these jeans. They made my butt look better than it has in months! These are now my favorite pair of jeans–EVER! I’ll be so happy when my baby arrives, but I can honestly say that I’m going to miss wearing these jeans!!

(No sag–yay! Oh, and that’s my cat’s tail at the bottom of the picture. She loves to spend time with us in the bathroom!)

Not only did Seraphine send me a pair of jeans to try out, but they also sent me one of their awesome maternity/nursing sweaters to try. I was sent the Navy Cable Knit Crossover Nursing Sweater. Here’s a description of the sweater:

Seraphine Maternity

An altogether more practical approach to AW11’s trend for textured knits this nursing top epitomizes versatile style. In contrasting cable and ribbed knits, this classic sweater will soon become your winter wardrobe go to. With a stretchy underbust panel designed to keep you bump snug and warm throughout pregnancy this practical design transitions effortlessly post with the draped crossover neckline providing a simple system for discreet nursing.

  • Draped crossover neckline
  • Cable and ribbed nits
  • Discreet nursing system

I love that not only is this sweater perfect for maternity wear, but I’ll also be able to reuse it again next winter when I’m breastfeeding our baby. The sides of this sweater pull down for quick and easy access! The sweater is quality made and I love how it feels and looks!

I couldn’t wait to wear my new outfit and wore it out the first chance I had. We went to Red Lobster that night for dinner. I really felt great in my new outfit! I’ve never felt like a cute pregnant lady, even though my husband tells me that all the time, but in this outfit, I felt like a cute, sexy pregnant lady! I felt even better after I made a trip to the restroom and a sweet lady there turned to me and said, “you look SO cute!”

Wow, thanks, Seraphine! You made my night!! My husband will probably get tired of seeing me in this outfit because I plan on wearing it out a LOT!

Seraphine Maternity wants to offer my readers a 25% discount to their online store!! Just use code “TNM25“. Go ahead mama–splurge on yourself a little (or tell your hubby you want a sweet outfit for Valentine’s Day! Seraphine Maternity has SO many nice clothes to choose from too! I know you’ll find something you love!!