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Nadine West Basics – A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

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This Risk Free Clothing Subscription {A Nadine West Review} is a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you heard about Nadine West yet?  Not only are they a risk free clothing subscription company who send customized packages right to your door.  They are a personal style sidekick, designed for the everyday woman.  This is one affordable clothing subscription service you’ll definitely want to check out!

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

The Basics Of This Risk Free Clothing Subscription

I’ve been receiving Nadine West packages for over a year now but it’s been awhile since I’ve shared all the basics.  So we’re going to cover them again for anyone who may not be new to Nadine West and for those who may have forgotten.

Risk Free Clothing Subscription {A Nadine West Review}

What Is Nadine West?

Nadine West is an outfit, clothing, and accessory providing service.  They operate via the internet and direct mail, saving costs that brick and mortar stores need to make up in prices.  They provide a personalized shopping experience based on your style quiz.

Is There A Membership Fee?

There is no membership fee, no subscription fee, and no styling fee!  

How Do They Know What To Send Me?

When you first sign up with Nadine West, you’ll fill out a style and preference quiz.  It’s fun. It’s easy.  And it tells Nadine West all about YOU!  Your size, color preferences, style likes and dislikes, etc.  

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

How Many Items Will I Receive?

Typically each pink package will includes 4 to 6 items, but sometimes more.  Combos may include a couple of tops (shirts, blouses, cardigans), a bottom (shorts, leggings, skirts), a dress and a couple pieces of jewelry or other fabulous accessories!  Nadine West has also been known to include seasonal items, like shades in the summer or a scarf or beanie in the winter.

What About Shipping?  How Does That Work?

Shipping is quite simple.  Nadine West will debit your account .78 for shipping.  But don’t worry, they apply that charge as credit to anything you purchase from your package so shipping actually remains free.  

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

But What If I Don’t Keep Anything?

In the case where you decide to not keep anything, typically, you will lose the shipping charge credit; however, Nadine West will definitely provide you a one-time courtesy rollover of this amount to your next shipment if you tell them prior to the release of the subsequent shipment.  NOTE:  If you receive a package that is a complete miss, they encourage you to update your style profile and add lots of notes to your online feedback so your shopper can do better next time.

Are Nadine West Pieces Affordable?

Each item is priced about the same as eating out – between $10-$30.  The average of each individual piece is around $20.  You can choose to receive higher or lower priced items when you fill out your style and preference quiz.

Am I Allowed To Try And Wear Items Before Buying?

Nadine West is a subscription service, not a rental service.  So while you’re encouraged to try the items on in your home and mix and match with already owned items to see how they pair.  But Nadine West items are for sale and they expect that you don’t wear any items that you don’t intend to buy. 

What Do I Do With The Items I Don’t Want To Keep?

This part is simple.  Nadine West includes a pre-paid shipping label with each package.  So just pack the items you didn’t like back into the same package they sent.  Seal it up, slap on the label, and drop it back in the mail.   

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

Then How Do I Pay For Items I’m Keeping?

Once you receive and try-on items, keep only what you love. After about 5 days, if Nadine West hasn’t received anything back from you, they will conveniently debit your card for kept items.  So no need to worry about sending in payments or figuring out numbers.  They have it all tracked for you.

Who Can Order From Nadine West?

Nadine West ships to the US only at the moment.  

Can I Skip A Month, Pause My Subscription, Or Cancel?

Need to skip a couple months? No problem. Click here to access your profile.  Need to change your shipment frequency?  No problem there either! Just login to your profile.  Looking for a full cancel instead? Click here.  They make it as easy as possible because they know life situations can change.  

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

My January Nadine West Package

This month has been my smallest month in a long time.  I only received 6 items total.  (But as noted above, that’s normal too!)  Here’s a video reveal of my package:


Items Received

  • Frances Black Cardigan Top ($35.49 to keep)
  • Alicia Forest Green Shirt ($35.49 to keep)
  • Mabellie Skinny Denim Bottoms ($22.49 to keep)
  • Small Town Girl Red Hoop Earrings ($7.99 to keep)
  • Arla Silver Necklace ($29.99 to keep)
  • Ronda Black Striped Scarf ($19.99 to keep)

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

My Feedback On This Package

I loved seeing an ‘outfit’ in my package.  Many months, I have some great pieces, but they don’t really ‘go’ together.  So having a pink package that could be mixed and matched easily together or with items I already own is awesome.

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

The denim bottoms are super cute and I was thrilled to see them.  The details and design make them trendy and fun.  And the top and cardigan both pair really well with these bottoms too.

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

Overall, my January 2020 Nadine West package was a smashing success!  I loved every single item inside.  The only downfall is that the green top is slightly too long for my preference.  But that just means I have to tuck it in and it works.  Tell me, what did you think of my package?  And if you love seeing these reviews, my friend Amber over at Viva Veltoro recently shared her latest Nadine West review too!

Connect With Nadine West On Social Media

You can also stay up to date with all of the latest sales, specials, and announcements by liking Nadine West on Facebook and following on PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

Subscribe With Nadine West – A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

If you’d like to give the Nadine West, risk free clothing subscription a try, just head on over to the website to get started.  And don’t forget to use the referral code “NADINE” to receive *free shipping* on your very first order!  (*New customers only.)

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