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Returning Baby Shower Gifts to Target

So you had a baby shower and now you need to return gifts? Been there, done that! I searched the internet to see about the experiences others had returning baby shower gifts to Target but didn’t come up with a lot of answers, so today I thought I’d share my own personal experience with returning gifts to Target.

Even though this was our 5th child, the wonderful ladies at my church threw me a baby shower a few weeks before Aram was born.  It was such a HUGE blessing to our family! Not only did we receive a ton of diapers and wipes, we also received some new clothes, toys, and other baby goodies for him.

I made a Target Baby Registry beforehand and a lot of people purchased items from that registry. The one thing about baby showers though is that you are likely to receive some duplicate items, either because you receive two of the same thing or you already owned an item gifted to you. Gift returns, at least some, are typically inevitable.

I had registered for a lot of diapers but then some guests had purchased diapers elsewhere or they were not added to the registry when purchased. Not only that, but my little boy outgrew his newborn and size 1 diapers rather quickly. This left me with a lot of diapers I couldn’t use. I also had a few other items that needed to be returned because I didn’t need them.

Last week I finally took the time to gather up all of my returns. I had a LOT of items to return. So many that I was a little concerned about how the return process would go. Would they limit me to how many items I could return at once? I couldn’t seem to find an answer online so I loaded up my minivan with everything I needed to return and figured I’d see what happened.

About half of the items I was returning to Target (really exchanging because they were diapers I needed to just upsize) had been scanned to my registry. I knew I could return those for store credit to use for bigger diapers without a problem. What did concern me were the many other items I had that had not been added to my baby registry.

I started out by taking in my registry items. The lady at customer service was so friendly and helped to process my return. I then asked her about the other items I needed to return. She said since I had a registry, as long as they were sold at Target, they would return them without any issue. It didn’t matter how much I was returning. (Insert happy dance!)

I went out to my car and brought another load in and, just like she said, there were NO issues at all. I returned, in total (between my registry items and non-registry items) a little over 0 worth of baby products! They didn’t even ask to see my ID like other stores do when you return one $10 item. The items that had been scanned off of my registry I was given store credit for (can be used online or in-store) while the other items I was just given merchandise (in-store) credit for. Honestly, it didn’t matter to me about the merchandise credit. We live just down the road from Target, so it makes it easy to pop in there and purchase more diapers and wipes whenever we need to.

While I can’t guarantee your experience when it comes time to make a return, I have to say that I am VERY pleased with my Target baby Registry experience. It was easy to set up, the Target Baby Registry free gift bag had a ton of great freebies and coupons, and the gift return experience was better than I ever dreamed it could be. Truly hassle-free!

Tisha Ruiz

Monday 20th of December 2021

I have a bottle warmer that I opened but never ever used it's in the box and all. Do you think they'll let me return it from my registry being that it's opened but unused ?


Monday 30th of September 2019

Tips for future mommies!!! I went through everything after my baby shower and had a pile of duplicates, or things I didn’t necessarily need. I opened my target registry app, scanned every item in the “possible return pile” and ANYTHING that is carried at target, the scanner picked up, added it to my registry, and when I brought it in, they returned it all for me! There were things bought off of amazon, from Walmart, Buybuybaby, etc. that target took back. AND GUYS. We brought our returns into the store in some of the gift bags and the customer service lady said “let me scan those gift bags and see if they’re from here!” And they were. And we got an extra $25 in store credit just from 5 bags!! Worth it to make a target registry!!!

Catrice Sida

Thursday 21st of October 2021

@Amber, customer service at its best. I love when they look out for us

Justin M Stone

Friday 5th of April 2019

Target required us to have the receipts to our gift which we were not able to find. We eventually sold the duplicated item amd finally got to buy a needed item. I do not recommend target.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 26th of October 2018

I love everything about Target. I am glad your experience was a good one.

Lynne B

Thursday 18th of October 2018

I'm glad that this return experience was a good one. I know that Target has tightened up their return policy on other, non-registry items.