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Regal Vistas at Massanutten Review

Regal Vistas at Massanutten

We’ve had an extra cold winter this year here in West Virginia, coupled with the brutal flu season that’s covering the US. That’s translated to our family being cooped up inside our house, a lot!

We have been getting so stir crazy, so last week we decided to surprise our kids with a trip to Massanutten Resort in McGaheysville, Virginia. While there, we had the privilege to stay in the Regal Vistas at Massanutten.

The Regal Vistas at Massanutten

The Regal Vistas at Massanutten are condos designed to enable resort guests to rent half of the condo or the whole thing. Each side of the condo is identical and features a living room, full kitchen, dining room, two bathrooms (one with a whirlpool tub), two bedrooms, two fireplaces, a deck, a closet with a washer and dryer, and a garage.

Each half of the condo features three places to sleep: a king size bed in the master bedroom, a queen size bed in the second bedroom, and a pull-out couch in the living room.

We were lucky enough to have both sides of the condo available to our family during our stay. Maggie (my oldest daughter) was THRILLED that staying at a 4-bedroom condo meant that she could have a room all to herself.

She was given the 2nd master bedroom for our stay and beamed with pride (as I silently cried inside because my baby girl wants to grow up so fast!).

Regal Vistas at Massanutten

As a family with 4 younger children (ages 7, 5, 3, and 1) we discovered that we would have had enough space with just half of the condo. Our children are young enough that they still find it fun to have a big sleepover together when we go on vacation.

In fact, the second night we were there, Maggie got a little lonely in a room all by herself way down the hall, so she ended up joining her other 3 siblings who were all sleeping together in the 2nd bedroom that was close to the master bedroom where Orin and I were sleeping.

Our daughter, Zellene, was sleeping on a cot on the floor (we’d brought the cot with us) and the other 2 (plus Maggie) all piled into the queen-sized bed and slept quite soundly all night. We could have easily had the 2 boys share the bedroom and the 2 girls share the pullout couch.

Here they are, tired and sound asleep after a day at the water park. You have to look closely to find little Gideon. I had placed some of the pillows around him to prevent him from rolling out of the bed overnight.

If you’re on a budget and planning to stay busy during the day enjoying the park’s many activities (like the Massanutten water park) and you’re a family of 6 or less, I believe half of a condo will work just fine for your family.

All that being said, if you have a few children who won’t want to share a room or just want extra space for your family to spread out, booking a full Regal Vistas at Massanutten condo (both sides) should give you plenty of space!


As I mentioned, each side has of the condo has 2 bedrooms. A master bedroom with a king size bed which is attached to the master bedroom (where you’ll find the Whirlpool tub) and a slightly smaller bedroom with a queen size bed.

The master bedroom also features an electric fireplace. Both bedrooms have televisions and DVD players, along with closets and dressers for clothing storage.

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Master Bedroom
Regal Vistas at Massanutten Master Bedroom
Regal Vistas at Massanutten Master Bathroom

While the second bedroom doesn’t offer a lot of extra floor space, there was enough room for us to set up a Joovy cot for our younger daughter and our Baby Bjorn Travel Crib for my youngest son. (Although he ended up wanting to sleep in the big bed with his brother instead.)

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Second Bedroom

Full Kitchen

Having a full kitchen available to use while staying at the Regal Vistas at Massanutten proved a huge benefit to our family! Saving my family money is something I’m always trying to do.

Eating out for 3 meals a day gets expensive really fast with 4 kids! However, having a kitchen available to use meant that we could eat all of our meals right at the condo — which we did except for a delicious meal at the Campfire Grill Massanutten.

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Kitchen

Not only is there a dining room table available for meals (it seats 6), there is also a kitchen island with 3 bar stools. The kids loved being able to eat snacks and their breakfasts there and it made cleanup such a breeze for me!

Oh, speaking of cleanup, the kitchen offers you a dishwasher or dish rack for drying dishes if you wish to wash them by hand.

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Dining Room

Two things I looked for that our kitchen did not have were a pizza pan and pizza cutter (we’d brought a frozen pizza with us). Other than that, the kitchen provided all of the pots, pans, mixing bowls, and everything else we needed for fixing meals.

Great Layout Offers Maximum Space

The layout of the Regal Vistas condos is wonderful! I found myself taking notes because one day my husband and I would like to build our own home, designed the way we want it.

The kitchen at Regal Vistas, although at first glace appearing small, offered plenty of storage space and room. My kitchen at home is a bit larger and yet this kitchen utilized the space so well, unlike my own.

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Living Room

Both bathrooms were large and offered extra room, which is great when you have a few people trying to get ready at the same time for the day’s activities. The second bathroom even had a double sink – that was a big help when it was time to brush teeth at night!

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Second Bathroom

Whirlpool Tub

I have to mention the fabulous Whirlpool tub because we all enjoyed it! It was such a great way to relax at the end of the day!

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Master Bathroom


As I mentioned, these units do have a washer and dryer available to you. However, if you have a large family like ours, don’t plan to do your usual full loads of laundry!

You might be able to fit 3-4 beach towels per load. The capacity, although not very large (and certainly not what I’m used to with our large capacity machines at home) was still enough for what we needed.

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Laundry

We used the washer and dryer to wash and dry our swimsuits and towels after a day at the Massanutten Water Park. It definitely came in handy to have those.

I was so happy we didn’t have to hang towels and swimsuits all over the condo to dry them or worse, take wet clothes home with us! In fact, washing these items at the condo meant there was one less chore for me to do when we arrived home the next day.

Soaps, Detergents & Other Household Items

Since this was our first time staying at the Regal Vistas at Massanutten, I really wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to the cleaning and personal care products provided for us.

We had the usual hotel toiletries waiting for us when we arrived (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, and facial soap) but we also had laundry detergent (enough for two loads) dishwasher tablets, dish soap, and trash bags.

I did bring along a roll of paper towels from home and was happy I’d done so since those were not provided. (With little kids, sometimes paper towels really come in handy!) The resort did, however, provide kitchen towels and pot holders.

There are also hairdryers and plenty of towels in the condos. With four young children, messes are basically inevitable. I was thrilled to see that they also had a closet there with a vacuum, broom and dustpan, and a few other cleaning supplies.

How do the Two Units Connect?

This was something I was really interested in prior to our trip and didn’t see a lot of info on Massanutten’s site in regards to this. As you can see from the top photo, the garages are directly next to each other.

When you are inside the house, the area directly behind the garages is a long hallway. (Oh, by the way, there is a garage entrance into the condo too which is locked using a keycard.)

When you enter the condo through the garage door, you’ll be in the hallway where you will also find a coat closet with extra pillows and blankets, a cleaning closet, and a laundry closet.

In the center of the hallway there are 2 doors, each with a deadbolt lock and also a doorstopper to prop it open if you rent both halves. As you can see in the photo below, here is what it looks like with the conjoining doors propped open. The kitchens are located to the left at each end of the hallway.

Regal Vistas at Massanutten Connecting Hallway

Thanks to the double doors and the long hallway, if you are only renting half of the condo, it’s not likely that you will be bothered by any noise coming from the other side of the unit.

Extra Amenities While Staying at Regal Vistas at Massanutten

The Regal Vistas Massanutten are part of a private, gated community at the resort. While staying at the Regal Vistas, you’ll have access to an outdoor pool, picnic area, and workout facility. Another thing we loved about the Regal Vistas at Massanutten was their close proximity to the Massanutten Water Park and Diamond Jim’s Arcade.

Overall Thoughts on the Regal Vistas at Massanutten

We LOVED our stay at the Regal Vistas. Family travel can sometimes be stressful with 4 young kids, but the units were so clean and well-equipped. This portion of the Massanutten resort was a quiet area, and we had a very relaxing stay.

It was truly like a home away from home. It was truly just what our family had been needing!

Regal Vistas at Massanutten

The only drawback to staying at the Regal Vistas, for some families, is going to be the cost. A one-night stay is currently priced at about $330 per night (for a 2-bedroom condo). If this is outside of your family’s pricepoint don’t worry – there are many other lodging options available at Massanutten.

If you’re looking to maximize your budget, I’d recommend driving into Massanutten in the morning and enjoying one of their many attractions during your first day (water park, snow tubing, skiing, etc.) then checking into your condo that evening.

We did NOT do this and now in hindsight, we’d do so in the future for sure since that gives you basically an extra day of vacation! You can also do this on the day that you check out.

Just check out of your room as you normally would, pack your vehicle, but instead of leaving, spend the day at a resort attraction and drive home later that afternoon or evening.

The Regal Vistas at Massanutten do have a premium price, but they are certainly of premium quality! I’d be absolutely delighted to stay there again in the future and now you’ll love your stay if you choose to lodge there too! Click HERE to check for availability on your desired travel date(s).


Friday 15th of March 2019

How did check-in work? We have a timeshare at Woodstone and exchanged my week using RCI to stay a week at Regal Vistas this year. I was pleased to read your description of the accommodations. Seems we won’t be disappointed.


Friday 15th of March 2019

For our check-in, I just went to the main welcome center and I was given our keys there. I hope you have a great time. We loved the Regal Vistas!

Alice F

Thursday 6th of December 2018

Very cute condo! I can see why you would want to make notes about it as it would be a great foundation for a custom built home.

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 22nd of October 2018

These look awesome. It looks like you have everything you could need. Decorated nicely and it looks so clean. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome getaway


Sunday 14th of October 2018

Looks like a very nice place to stay.


Tuesday 25th of September 2018

Your blog was so helpful! We just booked to go there this new year. I wanted to ask how the outdoor activities were? We are interested in skiing while we are there and doing tubing as well. Weather permitting that is. How was your experience with that.


Wednesday 26th of September 2018

We sadly did not have time to do those while we were there because it was a quick stay, but maybe on our next trip! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!