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My Recipe For Mess-Free Slime

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This recipe for mess-free slime has been sponsored by Tub O’ Towels. Any Amazon links are affiliate links.

Like most kids these days, my kids love slime! The first time we made slime, we also made a mess that seemed like it lasted for DAYS. It was all over my dining room and a HUGE pain to get off of their hands. It seemed like we had to wash their hands for 10 minutes just to get it all off. Come on now moms, you know how it is!

Not only that, but it didn’t really turn out well. The second and third batches were just as bad. It was always either too runny or too thick, and ugh, it just went everywhere!

Obviously, the mess didn’t stop my kids from wanting to make slime like it did me. And, since it always turned out poorly, they kept asking to try again to make a batch that turned out well. I didn’t want them to miss out on this fun, popular activity, so I spent some time to perfect a recipe for mess-free slime. One that my kids could play with happily and I wouldn’t be left crying in the corner as they destroyed my dining room in the process.

So, here’s what I discovered. There are TWO things required for mess-free slime. The first is a good recipe, the second is a good cleanup solution. Today I’m ready to share both of those with you!

No-Fail and No-Mess Slime Recipe

To make basic no-fail slime, you really only need two ingredients: Elmer’s Glue and Elmer’s Magical Liquid. It’s best to spend a little bit more for a name-brand glue in this instance because it just works better. Additionally, the Elmer’s Magical Liquid is the best thing I’ve found to create slime with the perfect consistency. It works much better than using baking soda, boric acid, contact lens solution, etc. – trust me, I’ve tried them!

By using the two items mentioned above as your base, you can mix in other items to make your slime recipe different and unique each time you make it!

For our most recent slime recipe, we decided to make King Tut’s Treasure Slime. My kids learned about the Egyptians this year as part of their homeschooling and have been pretty obsessed with all things Egyptian ever since, so I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate that.

King Tut's Treasure Mess Free Slime

King Tut’s Treasure Slime Recipe


  • 1/2 bottle of Elmer’s Magical Liquid
  • 10 ounces of Elmer’s Clear Glue
  • Tiny Jewels (I found a small package at the craft store for less than $3)
  • Gold glitter – I used 2 different shapes


  1. Empty the glue into a plastic container.
  2. Mix the Elmer’s Magical Liquid into the glue until well blended.
  3. Add glitter and jewels and the mix/knead until you achieve the desired consistency.


Our King Tut’s Treasure Slime turned out amazing! It’s the perfect consistency and really looks like melted treasure!

The kids had a BLAST helping to make and play with this slime!

The Best Slime Cleanup Solution

Now, I’m going to let you in on the no-mess solution to slime. First, by using the recipe above, your slime will have a consistency that will help it to stay together much better than other recipes I’ve tried. However, even with that recipe, you are bound to have parts of the slime that don’t stick to the rest of the slime ball. Your children will have slime leftover on their hands too once the bulk of the slime has been placed into a storage container.

In the past, we’d wash hands in the sink and it seemed to take forever to get the slime off of their hands. Then one time I tried using our Tub O’ Towels to get it off. Trust me when I tell you that Tub O’ Towels is the solution to the slime cleanup dilemma!

Tub O Towels

The slime quickly and easily rubs right off of their little hands using these towels. It’s like it dissolves the glue mess. Then, any remaining residue from the slime just rinse right off in the sink. The towels are so large that I can actually use 1 towels to clean multiple hands too! Not only that, but it makes cleanup on the table and other surfaces a breeze as well.

If you’re anything like me, the best product recommendations usually come to you from friends, and that was the case for me with Tub O’ Towels. One of my friends told me about them and mentioned how useful they had been for SO many things in her house. I decided to give them a try and she was RIGHT!

Not only does Tub O’ Towels tackle slime like it’s nothing, we’ve been using them for all kinds of cleaning jobs at our house. They are thicker than your average wipe, so great for tougher cleaning jobs (which is probably why you can find them in the auto section at Walmart and at hardware stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot, although I like to get mine at Amazon with free Prime shipping.)

They remove food, oils, grease, grime, permanent markers, gum, and so much more, all while staying gentle on hands.

tub o towels

My husband discovered Tub O’ Towels over the weekend and turned into Danny Tanner cleaning the cracks between the slats of our dining room table, the sink, the counters, our stainless steel appliances, even the door tracks of our van doors and the leather seats (see photo above). It seems that there’s virtually nothing these little towels can’t clean!


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