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QuickZip Sheets – Changing The Way You Change Your Child’s Bed Sheets!


Most children love bunk beds. I always wanted one myself, but that never panned out despite the fact that I had 2 sisters. Oddly, my brother, who was the only boy in our household, had bunk beds in his room. Well, now that Orin and I have three (soon to be four) children in a small townhouse, bunk beds have become a necessity. The bunk bed currently resides in the girls’ room that is shared by Maggie and Zellene. Life has a funny way of coming back around and showing you that the things you loved or wanted as a child are a tremendous pain when you are an adult. I’ve come to the conclusion that changing the sheets on the top bunk is one of the worst chores in the house. Add a pregnancy to that equation and the results are a mother who curses the fact that bunk beds were invented and have now become a necessity in her household. I’m sure it’s quite the sight to see me trying to change sheets with my huge pregnant belly!

When the opportunity came up to test out QuickZip sheets, I was more than excited. Hearing that QuickZip gives you the ability to change a fitted sheet without actually removing the entire thing was music to my ears. Changing the sheets on that top bunk wouldn’t be such a daunting task! Beyond that, my back would appreciate the relief. I couldn’t wait to give them a try!

So how do they work? QuickZip sets feature a patented two-piece sheet with a fitted (for twin, full, queen, king or california king size) or drop-in base (for crib and twin size) and a zip-on sheet. Basically, the fitted or drop-in sheet stays on the bed while the top zip-on sheet can be easily removed for washing! It’s a fantastic and innovative idea that saves time, frustration, and your back!

Our QuickZip sheets arrived not a moment too soon! We were sent (at no cost to facilitate a review) three sets of sheets: one for each of the girls’ bunk beds and one for Jacob’s race car bed, where he’s currently using a crib mattress. After washing and drying the new sheets, I put on Jacob’s set first. The first thing that immediately stood out to me was the fact that the drop-in base isn’t a traditional elastic style. Instead, the mattress fits inside of the fitted sheet, which covers the bottom and the four sides. The top edge of the sheet features a zipper for installing the top removable portion.


I’ve had fitted sheets slowly work their way off of the corners of our crib mattress in the past, so the fact that this sheet completely covers the mattress 360 degrees was a huge plus for me. No matter how much my son moves around during the night, his sheet is staying in place! I used bumpers in our crib when my children were younger and had to completely take the bumpers off in order to access the mattress for sheet changes. It was a nightmare. These sheets would totally eliminate that problem.

Whether your child is still in a crib or in a toddler bed, there’s a good chance you’re having to change the sheets frequently due to night time accidents, spit up, diaper leakage, etc. My son went through a period for months where I’d had to change his sheets every single morning because he would pee through any diaper overnight. These sheets are a God-send! It is truly wonderful to be able to remove the top portion with a simple unzipping and throw it into the washer. The old way of having to lift all four corners of the mattress to remove the fitted sheet is for the birds!

After I got Jacob’s bed completed, I moved on to the dreaded bunk beds. The twin size fitted sheet is much like a regular fitted sheet. For the initial install, I went ahead and zipped the top sheet into place, then slipped the whole sheet over all 4 corners like you would any regular fitted sheet. The initial install is just as hard as any other fitted sheet install on a bunk bed but thankfully changing the top sheet after that is a breeze! In fact, it’s so easy, my 5 year old daughter can now change her own sheets! QuickZip has made life with bunk beds quite a bit easier!


In conclusion, QuickZip Sheets make wash days so much quicker and easier. They also make middle-of-the-night sheet changes much easier. I try to be straight-forward with our reviews and talk about the negatives of a product, but I truly can’t think of anything with QuickZip. They work extremely well and save me a bit of work and irritation with the bunk beds and crib mattress. What isn’t to like about that? If you’ve had it with traditional fitted sheets, you should definitely give QuickZip a try. After all, when you are a busy parent, nothing beats convenience!

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monique s

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

this really seems like such a great idea.

Brittany jackson

Friday 19th of February 2016

Very interesting. I'll have to keep these in mind when my boys go into bunk beds

Linda Manns Linneman

Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

I really need to get these for our bunk beds. These beds are awful to change. Thank you so much for sharing


Saturday 9th of January 2016

What an extremely time saving and helpful find. I remember all the time and energy that goes into changing sheets and this looks like it works so well.