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Quatro Gymnastics Leotard Review

This post is sponsored by Quatro Gymnastics Leotards. As always, all opinions are my own. 

If the year 2020 has taught me anything, it’s shown me that every moment, every opportunity, every detail matters. It was easy to take life for granted when everything was available at my finger tips. Now, seizing the day takes on a whole new meaning. For my 12-year-old daughter, Eva, her mindset in the gym was very much the same. “There’s always Thursday’s practice”. “I can always attempt that skill next week”. “I’m tired today, I’ll push my workout harder next time.” And then suddenly without warning, there wasn’t a Thursday practice. There wasn’t a “next week” in the gym. Pushing harder in the daily workout was ten-times harder because there was no teammate to work out with. Like most gymnasts, who slowly began making their way back into their gyms this Fall, Eva was anxious. She was worried she’d be unable to complete skills she’d worked so hard to accomplish or that all of the flexibility she’d gained would be gone. If you are the parent of a child in gymnastics, you understand just how hard it’s been to watch your athlete get back to the sport they live for. I wanted to help Eva walk out to every practice and every meet this year feeling her best and looking like a rock star! My search for the perfect leotard didn’t just lead me to beautiful leos from Quatro, I found a company who has never stopped thinking about every moment. The passion Quatro has to propel every gymnast to do her best is evident in the quality found in all of their leotards. For Quatro, from the color, to the fit, to the feel, every detail matters, which is why I’m so excited to share three of their leotards that have launched Eva into a brand new level of motivation and confidence every time she wears them.

Magnifique Navy Royal

Say hello to stunning! This blue Magnifique Navy Royal leotard is nothing short of gorgeous. I love that no matter where your eye goes you see beauty in this leotard. With every movement there is sparkle and the fiery design on top seems to dance all on its own. Gymnasts come in all shapes and sizes and Eva is no petite athlete. She often complains about leotards that don’t provide enough coverage so I was ecstatic to hear her remark, as soon as she put on this leo, about how well the Magnifique Navy Royal covered in all the right places.

Eva had a three hour practice yesterday and she was so excited to show off this leo! As soon as her teammates walked in they all started gushing over her new leotard. They had to know where she got it!  This leotard was so sensational that everyone in the gym thought perhaps this was Eva’s new competition leotard. It’s not, but that is one of the reasons I love Quatro leotards. They don’t just save the showstoppers for their competition apparel, they want every leotard they produce to look like your gymnast could wear it in her next meet so  that when she goes in to the gym to practice, she’ll work like she’s next up in the rotation.


The Magnifique comes in four color choices and is based on Academy 2019 design. It’s made from a combination of mystique fabric and mesh and designed to look sensational from every angle. Never before has a leotard been designed to work both in the gym and dazzle on the competition floor, but Quatro has done the impossible with the Magnifique Navy Royal Leotard!

Amity Gunmetal

If ever there was a leotard that had the perfect mixture of style, polish, and sass it would be Quatro’s Amity Gunmetal leo. With all the elegance of a prom dress coupled with the strong and bold silhouette of a champion, your gymnast will feel both beautiful and unbeatable every time she puts it on. Unlike the clear crystals of most leotards, the Amity Gunmetal is adorned with intricate dark stones, bringing a new level of sophistication all its own. When Eva put on this leotard, I couldn’t believe how grown up she looked. At age 12, she doesn’t want to feel like a little girl anymore and this leotard instantly had her holding her head up high! 

Just like the Magnifique, the Amity Gunmetal offers precision coverage. Eva didn’t just try on these leotards for a fun photo shoot. She danced, tumbled, jumped, stretched, and vaulted in these leos. Watching her in the Amity Gunmetal left my heart soaring! I knew by the smile on her face that she wasn’t just happy to be doing gymnastics, she knew she looked beautiful too. Confidence can make or break an athlete and the look of the Amity Gunmetal will more than make up for any doubt in your athlete’s mind. She was born to go out there and kill it on the gymnastics floor! 


This fresh and eye-catching leotard was specifically created after Taeja’s 2020 British Championship design and brought to life by Quatro’s British design team. The Amity features a rounded neckline, clear stones, and mystic body with sublimated mesh and nude lining. With Quatro’s 6-month free stone replacement, you never have to worry about losing stones from this heavily embellished leo.

Refine Red


Just when her competitors thought it was over, out walks your gymnast bringing the fire and the fierceness in this Refine Red long-sleeved leotard. The apple-red color and the daring design tell the story of a fearless athlete who has the heart of a champion. Our gym has struggled a lot this year. In West Virginia, our gyms were closed from March to August only to be shut down again in November for another week. We opened again but even as I type this article, I’m getting notices on my phone that yes indeed, it looks like we have to close again tomorrow, due to rising Covid-19 numbers. This is Eva’s first year on her competition team and boy has it been a year! Because we were closed for so long, our teams didn’t choose competition leotards. Most of the girls were just planning to wear the same competition leos as last year. At first Eva was a little heartbroken that she wouldn’t look like all of the other girls on the teams but as soon she put on her new Refine Red I reminded her that she wasn’t born to look like everyone else, she was born to stand out. In Quatro’s Refine Red, how could you not? 

From head to toe, front to back, the Refine Red gives fair warning to everyone. “Don’t take your eyes off this gymnast!” “She’s about to do something amazing!” Leotards that give athletes the freedom to move are vital in the sport of gymnastics. A leotard can look great, but if a gymnast can’t perform skills because her leo is restricting, all that flash does her no good. Many gymnasts complain about long-sleeved leos that are simply too tight around the arms, making it difficult to complete skills properly. This is definitely not the case with the Refine Red. Quatro has left no gemstone unturned when they designed this competition leotard. Eva not only looks and feels confident in it but she’s mentioned over and over that it feels great on her body.  She has spent a couple practices being reminded not to adjust her leotard in the middle of her floor routine (a big “no no” during competition) but in her Quatro everything stays just where she needs it to be and for a young girl, not having to worry about leotard adjustments in front of a large crowd is a big weight off her mind. 


She may be small, but she is mighty! The Refine Red long sleeve leotard is the perfect choice for your athlete this competition season. Its strong design has a feminine touch with plenty of sparkle, while at the same time highlighting your gymnasts strong and fearless side with its bold red color and black ombre power net sleeves. This leo is an updated take on a timeless classic that is sure to always stand out in a crowd. She may not be the only athlete on the floor, but in Quatro’s Refine Red leo, she’ll always be the one everyone has their eye on, for all the right reasons!


This past Tuesday, after a week of being closed from rising Covid-19 numbers, Eva was able to get back into the gym for practice. I wondered how she would do working on her beam and floor routines after being off. Would she already feel defeated by the probability hanging over her head that our gym could close again at any moment (for how long we wouldn’t know). Instead Eva went into the locker room and put on the Magnifique, came out onto the floor, and landed skills for the first time ever! Just like the tone and quality we have discovered in Quatro leotards, Eva has learned that every detail matters and every opportunity (and leotard) is a new chance to shine. When I got the word last night that our county in West Virginia was again going to be “code red” and shutting down soon, I rushed Eva back to the gym so she could soak up every opportunity to practice. Only for this class she would be with a different coach, on a team with higher skill sets, and with girls that weren’t her regular team mates. Eva has quite a few leos in her closet now. As she was running up the stairs to get changed I asked her if she was nervous to be at a practice that would be harder and different than what she was used to.  She called out from her room, “Nope! I’m wearing my Quatro!” Quatro Gymnastics leotards design and quality have given two amazing gifts to my athlete, the confidence to be fearless and the freedom to conquer what she’s worked so hard to accomplish. 


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Quatro doesn’t just have leotards for women! They have an entire line of men’s leotards as well as an amazing collection of warm-ups, activewear, accessories and more! 

Click HERE to visit Quatro’s website. 

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Mia E.

Friday 11th of December 2020

I like all of the color choices in this attractive styles with the Amity Gunmetal one being my favorites. How great that they look so good and are comfortable.

Peggy Nunn

Thursday 10th of December 2020

My granddaughter wants a set of these. She loves to dance. Thank you for sharing.


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

I like the blue and grey ones. They're so sparkly.

Amber Ludwig

Tuesday 8th of December 2020

The blue one is absolutely stunning! I bet she was SO excited to get back to the gym. Silly covid is ruining everything these days. So important that everything stays where it needs to be in these leotards!

monique s

Tuesday 8th of December 2020

These look great and love the designs on them