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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump

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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump

I’ve been breastfeeding and pumping, collectively, for 5 of the past 6 years. Over those years I’ve used 7 different breast pumps. It’s safe to say I have a ton of experience at this point. Today I’m partnering with Lansinoh to talk to you about things to consider when purchasing a breast pump.

Manual or Electric

This is probably the first thing you’ll need to decide. For me, having a quality breast pump is one of my miust-have pieces of baby gear. Every mom is different, but I prefer an electric pump. For the first few months of my baby‘s life I find that I pump 3-5 times a day. I love being able to pump both sides at once quickly and easily. For me, an electric pump just makes sense.

A manual pump is great if you find you’ll be doing a lot of your pumping in areas where it’s harder to access electric power. For instance, maybe you’ll be in the car for a long road trip or flying and will need to pump, a manual pump is great for those instances. Some mothers also report being able to achieve a let-down easier with a manual pump, however I’ve never had any issues with that when using my electric pump.


Sometimes your pump choice is going to come down to cost. Obviously a manual pump is going to be a much more economical choice if you’re paying cash. For instance, you can find a Lansinoh Manual Pump on Amazon right now for less than $25. If you have medical insurance, however, you can likely get a pump, like the Lansinoh SmartPump, at no cost through your insurance provider. This is a HUGE benefit – make sure you take advantage of it!


Open vs. Closed System

One thing that was important to me was to find a pump with a closed system, which is another thing I just love about the Lansinoh SmartPump. Why a closed system you ask? Well Lansinoh’s closed system offers mom two main benefits:

  • Reducing the chance for mold and bacteria growth – The diaphragm in the Lansinoh Smartpump prevents milk from backing up into the tubing and motor. This helps prevent mold and bacteria growth in parts that can be difficult to clean. All the parts that come into contact with breastmilk can easily be cleaned after each pumping session.
  • Fewer parts to clean – Because the milk can’t back up into the tubing or motor, mom doesn’t have to worry about trying to clean tiny tubes or constantly replacing them.

Go Smart

When you’re a mom, there are so many things you’ll find you start keeping track of: how often baby pees and poops, when baby is sleeping and for how long, how frequently baby is nursing, etc.. These days, most of us have smart phones and they’re with us just about all day long. With the Lansinoh SmartPump, you’ll also receive access to the Lansinoh Baby App, which helps you keep all that vital information in one spot. It even uses Bluetooth technology to help track your pumping sessions!

Lansinoh Smartpump 3

Looking for more tips and support for pumping? You’ll find a wealth of information at

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