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Psalty the Singing Song Book Review

Psalty is a songbook…not just any songbook, he’s a KIDS songbook. He travels all around the world telling kids about how much God loves them! He has been creating Christian Children’s music since 1980. Millions of kids all over the world, and sometimes their parents too, have come to Christ because of him. He, along with his creators. Ernie Rettino and Debby Kerner Rettino, have created over 25 albums, 8 DVDs, a Psalty’s Kids Bible, and much more.

Psalty has been nominated for a Grammy Award, as well as a Dove Award for “Kids Praise! 4 Singsational Servants”. He has also won numerous Gold Record and Gold and Platinum Video awards for many of his albums

What I Was Sent:

Psalty’s Songs for Lil’ Praisers-Vol 1:God Loves Me So-o-o Much
Psalty and the Kids are in the Worship Workshop getting acquainted with Psalty’s new invention -“the Nose-It-All” and the The Songmobile and Imagination Circle learning how much God loves us. Includes downloadable coloring pages. SONGS: I’m a Li’l Praiser, This Little Light of Mine, Give Me Oil in My Lamp, God Is So Good, Say to the Lord I Love You, Doodle Oodle, Jesus Loves Me.

Kids Praise 5: Psalty’s Camping Adventure
While climbing up the mountain, Psalty and the Kids learn biblical problem solving principles. Handicapped Farley McFirefly teaches them that “with the Lord you’re more than able to deal with life’s situations”. SONGS: We’re Going Camping Now, Blooper’s Howl-lelujah Chorus, The Bible Alphabet Song, One Step at a Time, God Is Great, Do My Best, On a Starry Night, Farley McFirefly’s Glow Show, Cares Chorus, All Through the Day

Psalty’s Sleepytime Helpers: Episode #1 ­ baby Birdy Bomber – CD
This story is the first in the Sleepytime Helper® series and introduces Bobby and Tammy, and the Incredible Musiquizical Quilt®. baby Birdy Bomber is based on the scripture that tells us God even sees the little sparrow fall. God cares for all of us, no matter how small we are. Songs: God Cares and “Dreamy” Sleepytime Theme

First, I have to start by saying that I watched Psalty as a child. Psalty is probably one of those things only Christian Kids from the 90’s will remember.

I remember watching the movies fondly so I was really excited to see what Maggie thought of them. The first movie we watched was Psalty’s Camping Adventure–my all-time favorite.  She sat in her little pink bean bag chair and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. The next day we watched God Loves Me So-o-o Much and she seemed to like that one even MORE! In fact, she has asked for that one many times since we got it.

God Loves Me So-o-o Much has preschool children in it, as opposed to older child actors in Psalty’s Camping Adventure, so I think that is why she prefers that one. Don’t get me wrong though, she loves Psalty’s Camping Adventure as well! Both of these movies are full of music which is always a plus for Maggie.

And what did I think, some 20 years later? Well, I have to be honest, when you first watch these DVD’s you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back into the ’80’s/ early ’90’s. Big hair, very brightly-colored clothes–what where we all thinking?!? Ha ha! I love the fact that these movies are teaching my daughter Christian songs and a Christian message. They are such positive, joyful movies and I find myself singing the tunes throughout the day. In fact, listening to the music in these DVD’s puts me into a great mood!

Oh, also I should note that although from the pictures it looks like these movies are cartoons, they are actually live-action movies.  I always prefered movies like that over cartoons as a child, and it seems as though Maggie does too.

We held a Bible study at our house last week and I put Psalty’s Camping Adventure on for the kids. All of us adults found ourselves getting distracted by the music and we reminisced about all of our favorite childhood Christian shows (our guests knew about Psalty too!).

The last thing we tried out was the CD. It is a short CD (about 15 minutes) and I found myself thinking that it would be GREAT for that child who wants “just one more bedtime story!” You could easily turn off all the lights and pop this into the cd player (if you are like me and keep one in your child’s room) for them to listen to as they fall asleep at night.

It is a very sweet bedtime story about baby Birdy Bomber and how God cares even for the littlest of creatures.  I have it in my car right now because its just the perfect length of time for our trip to Grandma’s house!

My overall review of Psalty is that he would be a great addition to any Christian family. Your children are sure to love him and learn valuable lessons and fun, Christian songs in the process! We give him 2 thumbs up! I’m thrilled to continue the tradition and pass him down to my daughter. I hope we’ll be able to own all of the DVDs and CDs one day!

Buy It: You can purchase all of the Psalty product through their website at and also at  Watch for a BRAND NEW CD being released just in time for Christmas! Become their friend on Facebook and be updated on sales!

*I was not paid for this review. Thanks to the company for the complimentary review items.*


chrisene wareley

Thursday 2nd of January 2014

i fell in love with psalty kids praise and worship cassettes and dvds from 1980. send information on laterst price range. where to buy them. thanks!