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Preparing For Baby #4 with the Snuggle Nest Surround XL from Baby Delight

Snuggle Nest in Box

When I was pregnant with my first baby, one of the things I thought I knew about my parenting style would be that we would not co-sleep. I was afraid to start a habit of the kids sleeping in our bed. Well, it took about 2 hours after the birth of my daughter for all of that to change. I had a home birth and my daughter was born a little after 1am. By about 3am we were ready to go to sleep….except the minute I put my new baby in her bassinet she cried. If I put her in bed next to us, she was happy as could be. I was exhausted and my midwife suggested letting her sleep with us……..and I’ve been a co-sleeping mom ever since.

Each of my babies has been different and co-slept with us to varying degrees. When my first was about 4 months old she was clearly no longer comfortable in our bed and wanted her own space. She transitioned to a crib much easier than I transitioned to putting her there! My next child slept in a Moses basket next to me for a few months until he started pulling up and needed to be moved to his crib. And my third has been my longest co-sleeper so far, staying in our bed until probably 7 months or so. She would start the night in her bassinet usually but always end up in our bed by the morning. It worked well for us and transitioning her to her crib again didn’t prove to be an issue. With each new baby I’ve become more comfortable co-sleeping with my children and it has also really made breastfeeding an easier experience for me.

Of course, every parent worries about where their baby is sleeping, no matter if it’s co-sleeping, bassinet sleeping, crib sleeping, or a combination of those. You’re always checking to make sure they are breathing, they aren’t too hot or too cold, that the covers aren’t covering their face, etc. I was so excited when I saw the Snuggle Nests from baby Delight on my recent trip to the ABC Expo because it addresses many of the concerns parents have about co-sleeping.  It went on my list of items to try with our 4th little one and I was delighted when they agreed to send me one to try!

The New Snuggle Nest Surround XL is designed to offer a greater sense of security for newborns when co-sleeping with parents. The new extended length and slightly narrowed foot area offers a comfortable space for your baby, and a sleeker profile in the adult bed.

Snuggle Nest 2


The Snuggle Nest Surround XL is comprised of two rigid, vented wall units at each end, which help to block adult bedding and create an exclusive sleeping area for baby. Two flexible side panels built into the soft quilted cover, are filled with thick structural mesh, and allow easy and comfortable access to baby, while forming an air barrier from adult bodies and bedding. Also included are a firm mattress with a wraparound sheet and optional 1.5” incline wedge. By placing the Snuggle Nest against the headboard of the adult bed, infants are more removed from the “rollover zone’ and bedding.

snuggle nest 2

For additional comfort and soothing, a Sound & Light unit is included, featuring music and familiar womb sounds, as well as a soft light for nighttime checks on baby. The Snuggle Nest folds quickly and compactly for handy portability for parents on the go. Not for use in cribs or bassinets.



  • Creates separate sleeping space for co-sleeping babies in the adult bed and also for use as a travel bed or daytime napper.
  • Two rigid, vented wall units help serve as a barrier between baby and adult bedding and rollover.
  • Flexible side panels provide comfortable access to your baby and are filled with a 1” thick structural mesh to create an air barrier between baby and adult bedding.
  • Quilted fashion cover, with airy mesh inlay along the interior perimeter, helps improve baby’s breathing space.
  • Waterproof foam mattress with wraparound sheet.
  • 1.5” molded Incline Wedge for optional use.
  • Soothing Sounds & Light unit featuring Brahms’s Lullaby and womb sounds to lull your baby to sleep. 5-level volume control and automatic shut-off allows the perfect setting for your baby’s comfort.
  • Folds easily and compactly for travel.

Here’s how it looks in our bed:

Snuggle Nest in Bed

I really can’t wait to try this out with our little one next month. I’ll be sure to update you how it works out for us! In the meantime, if you’re expecting or have a little one at home already, you won’t want to miss the giveaway that just launched for a Snuggle Nest Surround XL! You can enter it HERE. Good luck!

Lily Kwan

Tuesday 29th of December 2015

The Snuggle Nest Surround XL looks very useful. Thanks for sharing!

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 28th of December 2015

This sounds like it was made strong and comfy for baby. I love the idea of keeping it up against the headboard. I really like the sound and light unit. These are great for new baby and parents. Thank you so much for sharing

Anna Tetreault

Monday 28th of December 2015

This little bed looks so convenient and neat! I would love to try this for my new baby son :)

denise low

Sunday 27th of December 2015

THIS is very nice. My granddaughter would like this

Karin Hoffman

Sunday 27th of December 2015

It seems like an awesome product. Nice to keep baby safe in bed.