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Pink Zebra Sprinkles Review

There’s nothing that I like more than my house smelling delicious. Whether it’s watermelon and strawberry scents in the summertime or pumpkin and cinnamon around the holidays, I absolutely love going from room to room smelling the sweet aroma of the candles burning. But let’s face it, candles and toddlers don’t really mesh and can cause quite the anxiety attack, so unless my baby boy is asleep, I keep the candle burning at bay. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Pink Zebra Sprinkles!

Why do I love Pink Zebra Sprinkles? Keep reading to find out more about this great new way to make your home smell delicious!

Obviously, my son’s safety is my priority, but I can’t help miss the smell of a candle burning during the day, so that then poses the question, what can I do to change that? Thanks to Pink Zebra Sprinkles, I can now have the sweet, delicious scents throughout the house, without the danger of a candle!

What is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra was created by Tom and Kelly Gaines, who after working for a candle manufacturer for over fifteen years, longed to pursue their dream of owning their own business and set off to create a fun, unique, high-quality product that would embody their incredible journey in the candle industry.

What Are Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are beads of soft soy wax and fragrance oils that are blended together at highly concentrated levels, delivering up to 50% more scent than a typical candle would. The variety of scents is incredible and I flip-flopped my mind several times before I finally landed on the four scents that would soon fill my house with a delicious aroma.

When the Sprinkles arrived on my doorstep, I could seriously smell them through the packaging and the shipping box that they arrived in. I couldn’t believe the amazing scent that they put off, even before I took them out of their boxes! Playing off of their Pink Zebra name, the Sprinkles arrived in the cutest white boxes with pink zebra stripes! The first thing that came to mind when I saw the boxes was that they would make a fabulous gift for an expectant mother, or even a bachelorette! The box screams “sassy” and I loved it.

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Review

When I opened up the boxes I got a fabulous surprise of fun, witty little notes inside! Out of the four boxes of Sprinkles, I got three different notes inside reading “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes”, “Wrinkled is not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up”, and my absolute favorite, “The other day someone said I could make ice cubes out of leftover wine. I was confused..what is leftover wine?”. Kudos to Pink Zebra for adding such a simple yet fun element to their packaging!

Pink Zebra Sprinkles Review

As I said above, Jennifer generously let me choose the four scents that I want, and honestly, I had to consult with her a few times before I made my final decision! I probably drove her a little batty, but in the end it was soooo worth it because the scents I picked are PERFECT.

I chose the Orange Dreamsicle, which literally smells exactly like a dreamsicle and reminds me of my childhood, the Green Tea & Lemongrass which is light and refreshing, perfect for using in the kitchen or bathroom, I {Love} Watermelon, which smells just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy (YUM), and Cake Batter, which of course smells just like yummy cake batter. My two favorite scents out of the four are Orange Dreamsicle and the I {Love} Watermelon, they are delicious and make me think that summertime is already here!

Pink Zebra sprinkles review
So what can you do with Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

  • Put them in cute jars around the house.
  • Put a wick in the middle of them and burn it down like a candle.
  • Put it into a Pink Zebra simmer pot and melt them down for intensified scent.
  • Put them into sachets and put them into your dresser drawers.
  • Put them in a sachet and put them in your car as an air freshener.
  • Put them in your vacuum for a yummy scent while you’re cleaning house.
  • Sprinkle them in the bottom of your trash can.
  • Sprinkle them underneath of your pail liner in your cloth diaper pail (this helps a LOT).
  • Even sprinkle them in kitty litter or other pet areas (they’re nontoxic!).
  • Mix and match to create new unique scents!

What did I do with my Pink Zebra Sprinkles?

After extensively talking with my independent consultant, I decided to forgo getting any wicks or simmer pots to use with my Sprinkles, and instead, I decided to get creative on what to use them for.
Okay, so I’ll admit, I haven’t been the most creative person lately, but I was looking forward to reusing some jars and leaving Sprinkles out all over my home. In my son’s bathroom, I thought it was only fitting to reuse an old baby food jar and scent the room of Orange Dreamsicle.

In our front room (which doubles as a playroom) I used an old mason jar (previously used for honey) and put some of the I {Love} Watermelon out. In mine and my husband’s bathroom, I used a small plate/bowl thing (sorry, not sure what to call it!!!) that I was using for bobby pins, and put out some of the Green Tea & Lemongrass. In the kitchen, I used another mason jar for some of the Cake Batter Sprinkles (not pictured).

pink zebra sprinkles review

Every time I walk into one of the rooms where a jar of Sprinkles are, I am delighted to smell the scent and I love knowing that I’m not putting my house in danger with something that has flame burning!

As you can see, I could go on and on about how much I love the Pink Zebra Sprinkles and how excited I am to have found this company. I highly recommend that you pick up some sprinkles for yourself and see what all of the fuss is about, I promise you will love them as much as I do!

*This post was contributed by Alex of the blog, Mommy’s Craft Obsession. All opinions are hers. *


Tuesday 29th of November 2022

I bought some some time ago there green o don’t see them do they still make them