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PEET Dryer – Get The Advantage Plus Dryer For Warm, Dry Footwear!

PEET Dryer - Get The Advantage Plus Dryer For Warm, Dry Footwear!

Winter is in full swing here in Minnesota as we’ve already had some snow and the temps have been almost unbearable some days! Our saving grace is that thanks to PEET Dryers, the whole family always has warm, dry boots, shoes, and gloves.

After spending some time playing in the snow, we just place our wet things on our Advantage Plus PEET Dryer, and in practically no time at all; everything is warm and dry again! This means that we’re always prepared for the next trip outdoors.

No matter what you throw at it, PEET Dryers can take it. Once you try PEET Dryers, you’ll never again go back to the struggle of trying to dry gear over the vent or placing it in the dryer, just to end up with damaged and mangled mittens.

PEET Dryer - Get The Advantage Plus Dryer For Warm, Dry Footwear!

Advantage Plus PEET Heated Shoe And Boot Dryer

The Advantage Plus PEET powers air through the Air Chambers and DryPorts with a fan and the ability to use heat; to dry gear faster than their traditional natural convection models.

The Advantage PEET can dry most footwear in 1-4 hours, depending on the saturation of the item. The large, sturdy base can easily handle 2 pairs of heavy ski boots or skates and easily plugs into any standard 110-120 volt U.S. household currents.

This product is equipped with ETL-approved fans and is also available in 240v electrical configurations (New Zealand and UK).

PEET Dryer - Get The Advantage Plus Dryer For Warm, Dry Footwear!

Features Of The Advantage Plus PEET Heated Dryer:

  • Heat Or No Heat: You can conveniently utilize the on/off switch which allows you to dry with or without the use of gentle warming air.
  • Dry And Deodorize: This PEET Dryer is designed to help remove wet, sweat, and odor from your footwear, keeping your feet comfortable, healthy, and dry; all year round.
  • Save Your Gear: Saving your gear means saving you money as this dryer works to eliminate moisture and preserve your gear. You can choose to dry two pairs of shoes at once or attach the PEET Helmet or Glove DryPorts (sold separately) to dry it all.
  • Quiet And Effective: This dryer will subtly dry and deodorize footwear in just 1 to 4 hours when selecting PEET’s Power fan and heat setting. Choose between heated or unheated drying and set your dry time according to your needs.
  • Works On All Footwear Made Of Any Material: PEET Dryers can safely and effectively dry leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and more.
  • 5 Year Warranty: PEET Dryers’ products are designed to last and they are so confident that your PEET Dryer will exceed expectations for years to come. Register your PEET product within 10 days of purchase to take advantage of their warranty.
PEET Dryer - Get The Advantage Plus Dryer For Warm, Dry Footwear!

PEET Dryers Are A Must Have For Any Family

We’ve been using PEET Dryers for several years now and we will never go back to drying our gear another way again. Their dryers are something we didn’t realize we needed until we gave them a try and now it’s something we just can’t live without!

They are absolutely AMAZING and it’s so wonderful to be able to always have dry gear when heading out the door. No matter who you gift a PEET Dryer to this Christmas, they are sure to be thrilled!

PEET Dryer - Get The Advantage Plus Dryer For Warm, Dry Footwear!

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Amanda Alvarado

Thursday 29th of December 2022

I like the Pet odor neutralizer and sanitizer.

Lauryn R

Tuesday 27th of December 2022

The Original PEET shoe dryer with Deodorizer Module is really cool, too! I love that it deodorizes your footwear, how handy!


Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Family 3-pair shoe dryer.

Ann Fantom

Friday 9th of December 2022

I like the Multi PEET electric shoe and glove dryer


Thursday 8th of December 2022

I would also like to try the Pet odor neutralizer and sanitizer because I got a puppy this year!