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25 Parenting Hacks For Babies And Toddlers (+ Giveaway!)

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Parenting can be hard, messy, and often times complicated. That is why I created this list of 25 Parenting Hacks for Babies and Toddlers. Be sure to check out my ultimate parenting hack at the bottom-using the Nixplay digital photo frame and why this is a must-have for parents. The product was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review. 

25 Parenting Hacks For Babies And Toddlers

toddler in highchair with homemade popsicle toy - 25 parenting hacks

Newborns Hacks

 1. Never let your new baby sleep longer stretches during the day then they are sleeping at night. If your little one is waking up every 2 hours at night, make sure they aren’t sleeping longer than 2-hour stretches during the day. This helps babies learn the difference between day and night. Check out this whole list of tips and other parenting hacks for newborns.

baby sleeping in crib

2. Try to feed your baby as soon as he or she wakes up instead of feeding them to sleep. Always feeding them to sleep can cause little ones to become reliant on eating to fall asleep, which can be a hard habit to break.

3. Change the direction that the baby lays in hir or her crib/bassinet. My son slept in his bassinet for 10 weeks and always turned to face me when he slept, which lead to a flattened spot on his head. Switch the direction that the baby’s head points so they have to turn a different direction each night to face you. 

Baby Hacks

4. Make sure you lay your baby down sleepy, but not asleep. This encouraged them to learn to fall asleep on their own.

5. If your little one is just learning to sit, have them sit in a laundry basket while in the tub. I was so thankful for this parenting hack! It helps them stay seated, makes it easy to wash their whole body, and keeps toys from floating away!

6. If you have a baby that wakes up in the middle of the night, make sure to change his or her diaper, then feed your baby. This will wake them up enough to eat, then help them to fall back asleep. You could also change them mid-feeding if you are breastfeeding and the baby struggles to stay awake to nurse on both sides.

mom holding sleeping baby

Toddler Hacks

7. Superglue the holes shut on your bath toys so they don’t grow mold on the inside.

8. Keep a small, portable potty in the back of your vehicle for emergency potty breaks. Line it with a plastic grocery bag for easy cleanup.

toddler on tractor toy

9.  Zip tie your toddler’s bubble wands to a deck post, tree, chair leg, or anything solid. This allows your toddler to be able to fill their wand themselves without spilling the bubbles.

10. Put zip ties against the back wheel of your kid’s balance bike or trike. It makes a little “motorcycle noise” for them and allows you to hear where they are as they zoom around outside. 

Parenting Hacks For All Ages

11. This might be my most shared parenting hack! Double cover your little one’s mattress. Put on a mattress protector, then sheet, and then a second mattress protector and sheet. This way, if your little one has an accident at night, you can pull off the dirty sheet/protector and don’t have to worry about digging out fresh bedding in the middle of the night!

Graco Mackenzie Crib

12. If your little one has a blown-out diaper, pull the onesie down, not up! For obvious reasons, this helps to contain the mess to the lower half of their body.

13. Hang a hook on the back of the high chair for the baby’s bib to keep it handy.

14. Use a plastic toddler swimming pool as a sandbox. You can even put a second one over the top as a cover.

15. Keep a tote in the bottom of the baby’s closet to put clothes in that are too small. Check out this big list of nursery closet organization and parenting hacks for more closet ideas. 

tote in bottom of baby's closet

16. Cut your little one’s nails while they are sleeping!

17. If you have a baby that is constantly glued to your side as I do, follow this parenting hack tip. Never do anything when the baby is sleeping that you can do while they are awake. My son hates when I put him down to do anything, but I have found that I can tolerate putting away clothes while he fusses. Same with unloading the dishwasher and light house cleaning. The minute he falls asleep, I do my computer work that I just can’t focus on when he is pulling on my leg or screaming in my ear. 

mom and young son

18. When you are packing to go somewhere, put each outfit into a plastic bag. Include the top, bottom, socks, and shoes. That way you can easily find everything in one nice, neat place when you arrive. 

19. Wash and dry your baby and toddler socks in a garment bag. It helps to make sure you don’t lose any in the process.  

20. Keep a car diaper bag. This helps to ensure you have everything handy that you need, without having to physically carry everything with you everywhere you go. Check out this post on my favorite diaper bag and 5 things you need to have in your diaper bag.


21. Use puppy pads instead of disposable changing pads! They are much cheaper than disposable baby changing pads. You never know what diaper changing situation you might find yourself in when out in public, so these are a must. 

22. Sprinkle baking soda or coffee grounds on puke. It helps absorb it and also helps with the odor. You’re welcome.

23. Freeze breastmilk bags flat, then store them upright or stacked. This saves tons of freezer space.

24. Try sizing up on diapers for overnight. They help absorb more pee and are less expensive than buying overnight diapers. 

toddler next to tractor

25. This is my number one parenting hack. Stop printing so many photos and start using the Nixplay digital photo frame. 

So Many Photos

As with many parents, I always seem to have hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos on my phone, camera and saved to my computer. Every few months I try to print as many as I can to hang and display throughout the house. The problem is, by the time I get around to printing and then hanging the photos, they are so outdated and don’t even look like my son anymore! I knew there had to be a better ‘hack’ or modern-day solution to displaying photos.

toddler boy looking at picture frame

Why A Smart Frame

Introducing the Nixplay digital photo frame. This is a must-have for any parent (or grandparent, great grandparent, Godparent, or anyone who loves your little one). My son is blessed enough to have 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents! That means I have 12 ‘grands’ that are always asking me for photos! I can’t keep up with printing my own photos, let alone photos for everyone else. 

photo frame, photo box and plant

Nixplay Digitial Photo Frame

The Nixplay digital photo frame is the next generation in photo frames! Forget what you thought you knew about photo frames. The Nixplay photo frame allows you to share photos and videos straight from your phone. You read that right! Photos and videos straight from your phone to your loved one’s photo frame!

father and son looking at photo frame

A Few Fun Features

  • The mobile sensor automatically turns the frame on and off.
  • Control your Nixplay photo frame from your Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Comes with a remote that is magnetic to stick to the back of the frame when not being used.

back of photo frame

  • Nixplay frames can be mounted on the wall or use the built-in cord stand.
  • Change the direction to be portrait or landscape depending on your personal preference.
  • Available in several sizes, styles, finishes and price points.

mom and son looking at photo frame

Enter To Win Our Nixplay Digital Photo Frame Giveaway!

digital photo frame

One lucky Thrifty Nifty Mommy reader will receive a Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 10.1 inch! Just enter the widget below for your chance to win.  Good luck!


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Starr McDaniel

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Great hacks. My grandson just started self-feeding, and no longer wants to be spoon fed, so I’m turning all the leftover purées into popsicles.

Sarah L

Thursday 30th of July 2020

I like the Nixplay Seed 13.3 inch Wi-Fi Photo Frame (Widescreen). Thanks for the contest.

Stevie A.

Wednesday 29th of July 2020

the Nixplay Seed Wave 13 inch Widescreen

Jennifer H.

Wednesday 29th of July 2020

I think that the products are nice. I would also like the Nixplay Seed Wave.

Kelly Kimmell

Wednesday 29th of July 2020

I like the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 10.1 inch.


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