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NoNetz Swim Trunks Review – The Most Comfortable Swim Trunks For Boys & Men

Do you know a man, teen, or young boy who complains about how uncomfortable their swim trunks are? Most swim trunks come with those mesh liners that can pinch and pull…things. But did you know there’s a better option?

I actually found the NoNetz brand several years ago for my son and he absolutely LOVED the difference they made in comfort. I’m excited to tell you all about them today.

boys in water - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review

Types Of Boy’s & Men’s Swimwear

First off, did you realize there are a variety of styles of swimwear to choose from? Before selecting what you want, educate yourself on the options.

Available styles you’ll find include, but are not limited to:

  • Swim Trunks: Probably the most common option is what is typically known as ‘swim trunks’ or ‘swimming trunks’. These feature loose bottoms and are commonly worn for recreational swimming.
  • Broad Shorts: More commonly known as ‘board shorts’, these are a longer swim trunk option. They also have the loose bottoms.
  • Jammers: This type of swimwear are usually worn by athletes or competitive swimmers as they resemble compression shorts and are designed to reduce water resistance and improve speed.
  • Briefs: Where I’m from, we simply call this style ‘speedos’. These have a v-shape front and a solid back providing form-fitting coverage. They resemble men’s briefs are also often worn for competitive swimming.
  • Square Leg Shorts: This style is longer than briefs but shorter than the typical swim trunks.

So if you’re on the hunt for swim trunks that will quickly become your favorite pair ever owned, keep reading to learn more about NoNetz.

NoNetz Swim Trunks Review - The Most Comfortable Swim Trunks For Boys & Men

The NoNetz Difference

man sitting on cliff - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review.

Men’s NoNetz Trunks

As mentioned above, NoNetz swim trunks are designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. They offer fully lined swim trunks but without the mesh/net brief.

Instead, NoNetz features a lightweight and fast-drying fabric with a generous fit for superior comfort. My husband typically wears a size XL for bottoms and, even though he is making his XL NoNetz Haven Swim Trunks work, we should have sized down to a large for a perfect fit.

dad and boys in water - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review

The ergonomic cut of his trunks combined with the NoNetz water-resistant liner, reduces chafing and provides maximum freedom of movement.

Stylish and practical, these men’s swim trunks are the ideal choice for beach days, pool time, or any time. He found them to be quite a bit more comfortable than his previous netted trunks.

dad and boys in water park - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review

Boys NoNetz Trunks

My two middle boys were always fighting over our oldest son’s outgrown NoNetz trunks. So when this package arrived and they each finally had their own pairs as well as a coordinating rash guard, they were super happy.

dad and boys by pool - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review.

Alex typically has issues finding bottoms that will stay up since he’s super skinny so we chose the Slim Fit NoNetz No Chafing Swim Trunks for him and the regular Wave Shorts No Mesh Swim Trunks for Sam.

Both find their trunks to fit extremely well. The functional ties on the front allow us to customize the tightness and ensure comfort around the waste.

NoNetz Swim Trunks Review

These fully lined Boys Swim Trunks feature highly water resistant, anti-chafe fabrics that provide maximum comfort as well as the ultra-popular no mesh/netting for unrestricted movement.

boy floating in pool - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review
This bright green and bold blue was AWESOME! They made spotting him in the waterpark super easy!

Boys NoNetz Rash Guards

Our boys are 10 1/2 (Sam) and 12 1/2 (Alex). I got Sam a size large rash guard and Alex an extra large. They both fit fairly well and are designed with a slightly shorter cut than some others I’ve seen.

Designed to be UPF 50+, they will be perfect for extra sun protection come summer but my boys find them a necessity in water parks and pools as well because they help to keep them warmer.

Created with a recycled nylon fabric that is highly water-resistant, NoNetz has designed their rash guards to protect against abrasive rubbing and chafing, which can be especially problematic for kids with sensory sensitivities. Plus, it’s soft texture makes it the most comfortable swim shirt for all kids. 

  • Skin Safe Zippers
  • No Sharp Edges
  • No Seams Inside
  • Created With 100% Recyclable Materials
boys in ocean - NoNetz Swim Trunks Review

Adaptive + Great for High-Sensitivity Children

NoNetz makes adaptive clothing with special attention to reducing the number of stitches against the skin, which enhances accessibility for the texture-sensitive. The zipper on their rash guards makes them extra easy to get on and off and the overall comfort built into their trunks and rash guard designs make them a perfect choice for those who are texture-problematic.

About NoNetz

Created and run by a mother and son team who wanted to do business and life together, NoNetz was born out of seeing a need and wanting to meet it. During the journey, they have seen how hard the textile industry is on the environment and, as a result, are using post-consumer content in their fabrics as well as offsetting carbon impact through reforestation and ocean plastic prevention.

Cathy and Chris believe that sustainable comfort is the key to relaxing, having fun, and adventuring at your best.

Connect With NoNetz

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Lauryn R

Friday 17th of March 2023

My son would absolutely love the Boys Slim Fit Shorts No Chafing Swim Trunks! He doesn't like the mesh and chafing that usually happens with typical swim trunks.

Bethany Kreiter

Sunday 12th of March 2023

My favorite Nonetz product is Men's Haven Shorts No Mesh Net Swim Trunks in Blue. My boyfriend needs these in his life.

Annmarie Weeks

Wednesday 8th of March 2023

My hubby could definitely use the blue Men's Haven Shorts No Mesh Net Swim Trunks!

Melissa Storms

Tuesday 7th of March 2023

My son could really use new swim trunks and I think he would really like the Retro Shorts Slim Fit swim trunks.

Darlene Carbajal

Friday 3rd of March 2023

I like the Men's Haven Shorts No Mesh Net Swim Trunks for my boyfriend. They look so nice!