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Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription – September Box Reveal

 I received a Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription package to facilitate this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Well, the school year is back in full swing for pretty much everyone.  So with all that back-to-school shopping, did you take time to get anything for yourself?  I find that I usually put my focus on the kids.  They are the ones who get new clothes, shoes, and accessories.  My husband and I continue to wear socks with holes in them….  The main reason is because I just don’t take the time to specifically head to a store for myself.  But my Nadine West Clothing Subscription makes it super easy to update my wardrobe.

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription

It’s been a full year now since I’ve started Nadine West’s affordable clothing subscription.   And my daughter and I have loved sharing our packages with you each month too.   (Bonus points for being so close in size!  Plus, when something is a little too small for me, it fits her even better!)  Sometimes we have amazing packages where we love everything.  Other months, there may only be a couple items we like.  But that’s part of the fun.

Did You Know It’s A Surprise Package?

So how Nadine West works is they have you fill out a style quiz with your likes, dislikes, sizes, and preferences.  Then their stylists curate a package just for you.  While they try to find pieces they know you’ll love, I’ve found that Nadine West will also send an item or two that may not fit my profile.  Over time, I’ve come to think they may be a good thing.  While I don’t always like these items, I’ve actually found a few things I would have never chosen for myself… But that I fell in love with upon arrival and trying on!  

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

It’s Fairly Affordable

I do like that Nadine West offers the choice of receiving most products as a price point of less than , more than $25, or a variety of all prices.  And you can easily switch your quiz at any time.  So if you have a smaller budget some months, just hop on over and click the lower option when needed.  I believe the highest ticket item I’ve ever received from my Nadine West womens clothing subscription has been .99.  So not bad at all!

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

Frequency Of Deliveries

You get to choose!  Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription offers their service in intervals of every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.  I have my style set at once a month.  Sometimes the packages come a little early and sometimes a little late.  A lot has to do with the mail service as I’ve had an update sent saying my package has shipped but then it takes longer than normal to arrive.  Such is life with the postal service though!  lol.

Video Opening

Each month, I try to do a video of my reveal.  This gives you the first look at my items along with me.  Plus, since we typically only do photos of our absolute favorites, you can still see everything we got by watching:


Invoice Details

This month, I received 10 items in my pink package.  While each month may be a little different, I’ve had anywhere from 8 to 14 items, depending on the month.  I have seen reviews stating they only received 6 items too though.  But here are my invoice details:

  • Nariza Mustard Flower Top:  $25.99 to keep
  • Lynda Orange Flower Top:  $25.99 to keep
  • Maia Ivory Top:  $25.99 to keep
  • Phelia Navy Stripe Top:  $26.99 to keep
  • Ava Olive Bermuda Shorts:  $16.49 to keep
  • Salma Navy Red Stripe Bottoms:  $22.99 to keep
  • Gladys Dark Navy Bottoms:  $17.99 to keep
  • Amanda Black Bottoms:  $22.99 to keep
  • Jayla Gold & Silver Earrings:  $11.99 to keep
  • Martha Dual Tear Drop Pendant Necklace In Worn Silver:  $29.99 to keep

Some of the items we love, others not so much.  This package was about 50/50.  However, we’ve had some packages that were complete home runs.  It’s all part of the fun!

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

Our Favorite Pieces

Because it’s fun to share some of the styles we love best, here are Hannah and I modeling our favorite pieces.  This navy striped top is probably my favorite item this month.  I just love the little bow knot detail on the sleeves.   And the necklace from this month’s package is also being featured.

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

Hannah paired the green jean shorts with this red floral top and it goes together really well.  She was happy because she liked the pieces separate and was pleasantly surprised that they matched so well.

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

This top is super cute.  It does push me out of my comfort zone with it being an ‘off the shoulder’ design.  But Hannah says it’s adorable and I have to keep it.

Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription - September Box Reveal

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So tell me, which item was your favorite from our Nadine West Womens Clothing Subscription this month?


Monday 30th of September 2019

I really love those flower tops! The necklace is pretty too!

Sandra Preti

Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Love subscription boxes! And this seems so affordable.


Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I have never tried a subscription clothing box. It is an interesting way to try new items.

Sarah L

Tuesday 24th of September 2019

I like the blue and white blouse. Very good looking.

Deborah D

Tuesday 17th of September 2019

These are very cute clothes.