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Nadine West “What I Think After 6 Months” Review

I received a subscription box to facilitate this Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review post.  All opinions are my own.

I’ve been getting Nadine West Women’s Fashion Subscription Boxes for six months now!  I can hardly believe it!  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  Well, with the season change, Minnesota temps went from cool to frigid in about a weeks time.  So as I packed away my shorts, capris, and tank tops, I was ready to add some new fashions to my Fall and Winter wardrobe.  And along with that, I wanted to share my Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review with you.

Nadine West Personal Shopper Subscription Service

First off.  I really love the simplicity of signing up and getting the ball rolling.  You can learn all the fine details about the process over at my Nadine West’s subscription service for women review.  It’s quick and painless, probably taking me less than 10 minutes to initially fill out my style quiz and sign up.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review


But on to my collective thoughts on this 6 month review of Nadine West packages.  I love that each package consists of a nice variety and quantity of items. I’ve received anywhere between 6 and 8 items each month.  The variety of items I’ve received have included:

  • Shirts
  • Cardigans
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets

However, I’ve heard that they also send other accessories from time to time as well.  But that is my list of the variety of pieces I’ve personally seen in my packages.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review


As for the quality of the pieces, most have been pretty good.  I’ve received a few items that needed strings cut off or were slightly “cheaper” feeling.  But overall, I’ve been pretty happy with the overall quality of my items for the price they cost.  I even have a couple of faves from over the months.  They get worn and washed almost weekly and are still holding up well with just a slight wash-wear now.


I personally feel that the prices I’ve seen with my Nadine West Monthly Clothing Box Fashions have been pretty reasonable.  Most range from $10-$30.  And I think there have been just a couple that were a little over the $30 price mark.

Keep Items Versus Thumbs Down

If you’ve been watching my monthly reviews, you’ll know that not every item has been a hit for me.  Thankfully though.  Our 13 1/2 year old daughter has actually liked almost every single item from my Nadine West Personal Shopper Packages that I didn’t care for or that didn’t quite fit me right.

But the great thing about Nadine West is that if you ever receive an item you don’t like.  Just pack it back up in the pink package and attach the included pre-paid shipping label.  Drop it in the mailbox and send it back.  Then you won’t get charged for that piece(s)!

Do They Adhere To Style Preferences

Maybe?  I have some pretty specific preferences noted in my style quiz.  Along with a link to my Pinterest Fashion Love Board.  And over the past 6 months, I’ve had a few items sent that were “big no’s” according to my notes.  But then I’ve also had some really awesome items sent that are everything I asked for too.  So I’m thinking they adhere as best as possible but perhaps inventory doesn’t always allow them to fully comply?  And so from time to time, they send a questionable item to fulfill a package?  However, that is just my theory.

Updates On Shipping

I’ve found that Nadine West keeps the communication lines open.  When my package is being prepared, I get an email.  Then another when it ships along with tracking.  And a couple of times even, they send me an update if the postal service is taking longer than normal.  So I’ve found them to be great at updating me all along the process.

Newest Package Review

This month, I received 8 items.  While I typically do an unboxing video, it was dark out when I got home the day it arrived and I just couldn’t wait to open it.  So I apologize for not doing a video this time.  But I will definitely be sure to wait for daylight next month!

Inside, This Month’s Package, I Received:

  • Flowy Dream Burgundy Cardigan Top ($28.49)
  • Jessica Burgundy Top ($25.99)
  • Maris Ivory Sweater Top ($25.99)
  • Amy Charcoal Grey Pencil Skirt ($23.99)
  • Kellina Black & Red Plaid Bottom ($24.99)
  • Warm Heart Pink Dress ($29.99)
  • Holding On Silver Earrings ($13.99)
  • Intertwined Silver Necklace ($29.99)

The Misses

I will admit that this month is about half and half for me.  The Flowy Dream Cardigan is so long that it doesn’t look very good on my 5′ 2″ frame.  And since my daughter is just a little shorter than me, it’s a no-go for her either.  So too long, too baggy, and too shapeless for us.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

Then, I think I need to make a new note on my style quiz.  I’m just not a fan of pencil skirts at this time in my life.  I’m still a busy mom to five kids and never go anywhere where I’d wear one.  So the Grey Pencil Skirt, while cute and fashionable, isn’t for me personally.  However, it would be perfect for anyone who needs office attire.  Or a fashion forward teen.  I think it looks great on Hannah but she, too, does not care for pencil skirts.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

And finally, the Jessica Burgundy Top is just not my style nor my daughters.  It’s very “boxy” looking and I haven’t found anyone that I actually like this style on.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

The Hits

The Maris Ivory Sweater is a classic winter staple that is perfect for the holidays.  Worn by itself or paired with a scarf.  It’s cute!  This is a “share” item between Hannah and I.  The only downfall is it snags easily as our sweet little Yorkie’s paw already caused a thread to pull out on the first wear.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

I usually “play it safe” when it comes to patterns.  So the Kellina Black and Red Plaid Pants threw me off.  But I really like them!  I think I need to find the perfect top to go with it yet as nothing in my current closet really makes the perfect outfit with it.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review

While the Pink Dress reveals too much of my “leftover baby belly” for my preference, it’s a big hit with our daughter.  And she looks great in it too!  Plus, it’s super soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

The jewelry this month was also great.  The necklace is probably my favorite Nadine West accessory to date even!  It is so shiny.  Glimmers at every angle.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

And the earrings are lightweight and simple, which I also like.  I do request silver colored only for earrings so that is why you may have noticed that trend in my packages.

Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review 6

Nadine West “What I Think After 6 Months” Review Recap

So taking this months package into consideration as well, I’m still happy with what Nadine West offers.  They are more affordable than other clothing subscriptions I’ve considered.  And since I don’t get charged for what I don’t keep, the only thing to lose is a few dollars shipping.  (And if I do keep anything, that charge goes towards those items.)  Overall, I’d say I probably keep about 75% of the items I receive.  So based off my 6 month review, I’d rate Nadine West as an 8 out of 10 stars.  Dropping a couple for the fact that they have sent me a few items that I’ve specifically opted to not get.

So what do you think?  Have you given Nadine West a try yet?  Or which piece is your favorite from this month?  Has your opinion changed after my Nadine West What I Think After 6 Months Review?

Buy It:  Head over to Nadine West’s Website to learn more or fill out the style quiz and get your first package!

You can visit the Nadine West social channels to stay up to date on all their latest news, sales, and specials.



Wednesday 21st of August 2019

I just received my first box last week. I received 3 bracelets (which I indicated I don’t usually wear) and a pair of juniors size L/XL leggings. I also indicated I wear a 16 women’s bottoms. I did keep one piece and it was a super cute, sleeveless, tunic top. I’m excited to wash it so I can wear it. I think the key to getting things you love is leaving lots of feedback on what they send you. I’ll hoping the next package is better.


Wednesday 21st of August 2019

Some months I feel like the stylist definitely does a better job than others. I also think their inventory might be running low as I'll sometimes get skirts even though I said I don't wear skirts. But overall, I'm super happy if I can get a couple pieces that I absolutely love. I've spent hours shopping in town and come home with nothing. So if I can get a few awesome pieces sent to my door without wasting all my time, I'm happy. I hope your next package is better!

Kathleen S-V

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

I’m a brand new subscriber to her service and I received my first package last week. I did return 2 items but I absolutely loved the items I kept. Then I just received a call from Nadine to see if I was happy with her service. That’s amazing customer service! I’m going to recommend this to everyone I know!!

Dana Rodriguez

Thursday 10th of January 2019

They look like they have some nice things. However I doubt I would ever subscribe to anything like this because I am sort of picky and not huge on accessories. You got some cute things though!


Monday 17th of December 2018

That's nice your daughter liked the items too.

Michele Pineda

Monday 17th of December 2018

I have been wanting to get my daughter a box of clothing via subscription but she has been hesitant. The items you received were pretty nice! I will have to see if she wants to try Nadine West.