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Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

Subscription services are all the rage these days.  Because life is just so busy for everyone, they make it really handy to get fun new items.  I’ve been receiving the Nadine West fashion subscription for a couple years now. Some packages have been large (with 10-12 items inside) and others a little smaller (with just 6-8 items). I’ve found some months are loaded with items that are keepers and other months there may be some ‘misses’. But through it all, I really like the surprise and anticipation of seeing that pink package arrive on my doorstep each month.

One added bonus I love about receiving a clothing subscription is the fact that my teenage daughter and I are super close in size. So often times, if one of us doesn’t like something, the other does. Or if the fit isn’t good for one, it can work for the other. So if you have a friend, daughter, or close neighbor who is close to your size, consider pairing up when you give a clothing subscription a try.

Nadine West Subscription Service

Have you ever heard of the Nadine West Subscription Service for women?  It came to my attention a few years ago and I decided it was finally time to check it out. Since that very first package, I’ve enjoyed sharing my surprise bundles with you through the blog as well as on You Tube.  But just in case this is the first time you’ve heard of Nadine West, here’s the down low before we get to my packages.

Nadine West Basics - A Risk Free Clothing Subscription

What Exactly Is Nadine West?

First off, Nadine West Subscription Service is a fashion service where subscribers receive packages filled with  personalized stylish items.  Your pink package arrives with a variety of clothing and accessory items, chosen just for you to try out in the comfort of your very own home.  A subscription service makes it easier for you to see how items fit into your current wardrobe as well as get opinions from your family without having to drag them to a brick and mortar store.

After you receive your package, and within the allotted time frame, try on your pieces and then return what you don’t love. They include a return label in your envelope each month to make it simple. Just buy what you love.  Send back what you don’t.

What Can You Expect In Your Nadine West Subscription Service Package?

As mentioned above, each package typically contains 4-6 fashion items but sometimes a few more.  This can be any combination from a couple of tops, bottoms, dresses, and jewelry.  They will also sometimes include seasonal items such as scarves, sunglasses, or possibly even a beanie.  So while your pretty pink package from Nadine West Subscription Service will always be a surprise, rest assured that it will contain a variety of items in hopes of some being pieces you will love!

If I could make one change, I wish every package contained 10-12 items as the more items sent, the better chance I’ll fall in love with more pieces.

Additional Package & Item Details

Nadine West Subscription Service offers their customers size options from small all the way up to 3x in an effort to accommodate a variety customers’ needs.  While the average price of an item started right around $18 a few years ago and capped at $35, it has gone up within the past year or so. Now you’ll tend to find items ranging in the $25-$40 range, although some may still be at a lower price point. 


Shipping is also pretty simple.  Initially, there is a fee of just $9.98 BUT that amount is credited toward any item you purchase.  So if you keep an item, that basically means that shipping is then free.  **NOTE:  At this time, they are only shipping to US customers.

How Do They Know What To Send?

If you’ve been pondering the question “But how do they know what to send?”, here’s the answer.  When signing up, customers get to fill out a simple profile and style quiz.  You tell them your likes and dislikes.  This includes color preferences, style preferences, and if there are any features you like to accent or hide.  There’s even a notes section where you can give any additional feedback. 

The quiz was super easy to fill out and only took me a couple minutes. I will note that while some months seem to follow what I selected in the quiz, others do not. So I’m not entirely sure how close they pay attention to what you’ve selected. This may also be purposeful in an effort to find things you may not have tried or perhaps some stylists just chose to save the time and go based on your size alone???

Frequency Of Subscription Packages

Typically, subscribers will receive a new package every 30 days or so. However, keep in mind, it may be a little longer at times if stock runs out in your size or if the mail is slow.

NOTE: You can also choose to skip months, pause your packages, or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply send them an email letting them know any changes you need to make.

Video Reveal

If you like to see unboxing videos, be sure to watch my live reveal below:

Nadine West Outfits

While we received a pretty good selection of clothes and accessories, between my daughter and I, we loved about half. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite pieces from the video.

My absolute FAVORITE item from all the packages I shared with you today is this Bella floral sweatshirt. It tagged in at $39.99 to keep. It’s soft and slightly stretchy. Super comfy, it’s a go-to for me.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

An item that I happened to surprisingly like is this plaid dress! I wasn’t entirely sure when I first opened it as it’s a size medium and my profile says small. However, it’s so soft and cozy and will look great paired with some boots. (Once I finally lose my baby belly too, it’ll look even better. For now, I think I’ll style it with a scarf to pull away attention from my belly area.). This dress is $34.99 to keep.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

While it’s not exactly tank top weather right now in Minnesota, this floral tank would look great layered with a cardigan. The neck cut out adds dimension and the flora pattern is feminine and fun. It’s $27.99 to keep.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

Another dress that I liked was the simple blue Sheila. While it’s still a little wrinkly from shipping, I think it’ll be a great choice once those wrinkles relax. It’s a longer length but the slit keeps it looking good, even on a shorter person. I’ll ditch the leggings for a pair of nylons when I wear this as it would work well for weddings and other special events. This dress rings in at $39.99.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

I think I’m going to have to change up my quiz profile a little. For having it set to ‘don’t send me very many dresses’, it appears that I actually like a lot of the dresses they sent me this time! The white dress with black stripes is simple yet classic. Paired with a chunky belt and black boots and it would be a show-stopper. It’s $34.99 to keep.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

My daughter actually liked quite a few bottoms from these packages as well as this floral tank. It is $32.99 to keep.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

The other item Hannah really liked is this purple dress. It features a slightly pleated neckline which adds dimension and flair. This Sheila Rose Dress rings up at $39.99.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

Want To See More Of My Nadine West Packages?

I’ve shared a variety of my unboxing videos over on our You Tube channel so if you want to see some of my past packages, be sure to head over here.

So tell me, have you ever tried a fashion subscription before? What do you think about the pieces I received?  If you love seeing clothing subscription reviews, my friend Amber over at Viva Veltoro recently shared a Nadine West review too!

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Subscribe With Nadine West

If you’d like to give the Nadine West clothing subscription a try, just head on over to the website to get started.  Don’t forget to use the referral code “NADINE” to receive *free shipping* on your very first order!  (*New customers only.)


Monday 31st of October 2022

They have such cute clothing.

Mia E.

Wednesday 26th of October 2022

I like the selection of dresses that you were sent. The idea of sharing the items is a good one.


Friday 21st of October 2022

They have pretty dresses.

Peggy Nunn

Thursday 20th of October 2022

I like the Bella floral sweatshirt also... it is very nice. All this clothes look nice... I would want more sleeves this time of year but they are pretty.

Jeanne Thornton

Thursday 13th of February 2020

I want to cancel and can not find where to do that!


Thursday 13th of February 2020

Hello Jeanne,

Have you emailed: