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Nadine West Subscription Service For Women

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Subscription services are all the rage these days.  Because life is just so busy for everyone, they make it really handy to get fun new items.  So I’m excited to partner with Nadine West Subscription Service today and share my very first box with you.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

What Is The Nadine West Subscription Service

Have you ever heard of the Nadine West Subscription Service for women?  It came to my attention several months ago and I’ve been curious ever since.  So I decided it was finally time to check it out.  But just in case this is the first time you’ve heard of Nadine West, here’s the down low.

First off, Nadine West Subscription Service is a fun fashion service where subscribers receive packages filled with  personalized stylish items.  Your pink package arrives with a variety of fashion items, hand chosen just for you.  Then, you get to try them out in the comfort of your very own home.  This makes it easier for you to see how items fit into your current wardrobe as well as get opinions from your family.

Then, just return what you don’t love in the envelope with the return label and tape that’s included.  (By the date specified on your invoice.)  And that’s it!  No hidden costs.  Just buy what you love.  Send back what you don’t!

What Can You Expect In Your Nadine West Subscription Service Package?

Each package typically contains 4-6 fashion items.  This can be any combination from a couple of tops, bottom, dress, and jewelry.  They will also sometimes include seasonal items such as scarves, sunglasses, or possibly even a beanie.  So while your pretty pink package from Nadine West Subscription Service will always be a surprise, rest assured that it will contain a variety of amazing items!

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Additional Package & Item Details

Nadine West Subscription Service offers their customers size options from small all the way up to 3x!  So they are able to accommodate a lot of customers’ needs.  And the average price of an item is right around $18.  However, some run as low as $7 and others may be as high as $35.  Shipping is also quite simple.  Initially, there is a fee of just $9.78 BUT that amount is credited toward any item you purchase.  So if you keep an item, that basically means that shipping is then free.  **NOTE:  At this time, they are only shipping to US customers.

How Do They Know What To Send?

If you’ve been pondering the question “But how do they know what to send?”, here’s the answer.  When signing up, customers get to fill out a simple profile and style quiz.  You tell them your likes and dislikes.  This includes color preferences, style preferences, and if there are any features you like to accent or hide.  There’s even a notes section where you can give any additional feedback.  I highly suggest that you create a Pinterest board featuring a variety of styles and outfits you love.  Then drop that link in that box so your stylist has the best possible idea of what you’d most enjoy.  The quiz was super easy to fill out and only took me a couple minutes.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Frequency Of Subscription Packages

Typically, subscribers will receive a new package every 30 days or so.  However, it may be a little longer at times if stock runs out in your size.  Or possibly, the mail service is just a little slower that month.  But you can also skip months, pause your packages, or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply send them an email letting them know any changes you need to make.

On To My August Package!

First off, I want to say that I love the shiny pink foil mailer!  So eye-catching.  Just seeing it brings excitement.  Upon opening, it was really nice to see how well they packaged the items too.  Separated into two bundles, each is wrapped in pink tissue paper.  And the items are all nicely folded together as well.

Here’s my un-boxing video:

My Nadine West Subscription Service August Items

This particular package actually contained seven different items.  The cheapest item was a bracelet for $9.99.  While the most expensive item was the White Top at $33.99.

Look For The Sun White Top ($33.99):

Hands down, my favorite item!  I really love the colors, pattern, and details.  The pocket on the front just seems to add so much to the look.  It’s super comfy too as it’s quite stretchy.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Summer Cartwheels Black Bottom ($24.99), Rose To The Occasion Pink Top ($26.99):

These black shorts are edged with lace.  While a little thin, I adore them and they are perfect for a hot summer day!  The bright pink top is also very cute.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Moonlight Fairytale Gray Dress ($29.99), Foil Foliage Silver Earrings ($14.99), & Coiled Quatrefoil Silver Necklace ($18.99):

The gray dress is lightweight and features a fun cut along the hem.  Nadine West also followed my color and weight preferences perfectly.  These jewelry pieces are gorgeous!

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Strands Of Web Rhodium Bracelet ($9.99):

I have wanted a bracelet like this for years but just hadn’t been able to find the perfect one.  But HERE IT IS!

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

My Style Quiz Preferences

For a little background on my style quiz, I requested:

Stye: Classic/Romantic
Jewelry: Classic/Romantic
Typically Wear: Stripes/Florals/Solids
Colors I Will Not Wear: (I’m not a fan of) medium to dark blue or any neon colors.Top Size: small
Bottom Size: small
Areas To Conceal: tummy, back, chest
Metals I Love: silver

I also noted on my style quiz:  I do not like the super long shirts. (I don’t like to tuck in.) Or the tops that are rounded and long in front and back but short on sides. I prefer one length all the way around. But long enough that they reach a few inches below my belly. (So no super short tops.)  And I left that link to my Pinterest Styles I Love Board for my stylist to check out as well.

My Final Thoughts On Nadine West Subscription Service

My Nadine West stylist did an amazing job!  I seriously LOVE everything I received.  The cold-shoulder top puts me a little out of my comfort zone, but it’s still something I’ll wear.  The pink is awesome and it’s really cute.  The gray dress is also really cute and stylish.  I’ve paired it with capri leggings and a jean jacket but it could definitely be worn without as well.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

Every single clothing item I received is comfortable and fits well.  The dress and shirts all offer enough stretch and give that I can chase after my kiddos or head out for a date in comfort.  The shorts, while not stretchy, are also quite comfortable.

Nadine West Subscription Service For Women - Accessories & Clothing Box

(I have a lot of people ask me about these awesome shoes too.  So head over to learn about Arcopedico Shoes For Women if you love them too!)

Each piece of jewelry is exactly something I’d pick out (if I had time to shop!)  LOVE them all.  The earrings are nice and lightweight.  Well, actually all three jewelry pieces are fairly lightweight.  Which is perfect!

Overall, I can’t think of anything I’d change about my first Nadine West Subscription Service package.  They really hit the nail on the head with this one and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

So what do you think?  Did you like what they sent me?

Learn More:

Head over to Nadine West to learn more about the fun subscription service they offer.


Don’t forget to like Nadine West on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, and Pinterest, and Instagram for all the latest news and promotions.

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