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Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

I’m back again with my newest Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review!  After years of dragging my feet and avoiding clothing subscriptions, I finally took a leap of faith With Nadine West. 

So here I am, a couple years later, ready to share my latest packages with you!  If you want to see what a few of my previous packages held, head on over to my very first Nadine West Subscription Service For Women Review.  Then jump on over to my second package review over at my Nadine West Clothing Subscription Post.

I also have a January 2021 Nadine West Subscription Review as well as a Summer 2021 Review Post (where I shared some of my Nadine West pieces that I was able to utilize during my pregnancy with Ruby).

But now, let’s get on to this month!

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Run Down

I’ll give you a little run-down of what Nadine West is, just in case you haven’t heard.  Nadine West is a monthly subscription service that features women’s clothing and accessories.  It’s a fun fashion service where you fill out a fashion preference survey.  Then your stylist curates a package especially made for you!

What To Expect

Each Nadine West package will typically contain between 4-7 fashion items.  This may include a combination of tops, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, and a variety of fashion jewelry pieces or accessories.  The combinations are endless but the surprise is always there as you never know what’s inside before the package arrives.


Up front, the only fee is a small $10 shipping charge.  However, if you keep ANY items at all, that fee goes straight towards the cost.  Which means that shipping is essentially free!  You pay for what you keep.  Send back what you don’t love in the envelope with the pre-paid shipping label.  Nadine West pieces typically run as low as $7 and others may be as high as $40.  You can specify on your profile preference survey what kinds of price points you prefer as well.

flowers and clothing package - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Time for this month’s package!  My very first Nadine West package ever was a complete home run and Nadine West set the bar high.  The second month had a big miss with one item and most of the rest were great.  So great that my daughter actually confiscated most of it!  (We are able to wear a lot of the same sizes.). Over all the months I’ve received Nadine West, we’ve had a variety of hits and misses.  So this month, I was excited to see what they’d come up with for me.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

My Profile/Style Quiz

For my first three months of Nadine West packages, I had my profile preferences set to classic/romantic for both jewelry and clothes.  The other two options I could add or choose are trendy and vintage.  After my first year of Nadine West packages, I added vintage to my profile as well.

Unboxing Video

If you prefer to watch a live un-boxing, I taped it for you!

Inside My Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

First, I’ll say that I was pretty happy with my packages I’m sharing this month!  While the jewelry wasn’t my most favorite out of all my boxes, the majority of the clothes were pretty decent! 

Top Picks:

Hannah and I both agreed this flower top and jegging capri leggings were our top favorites! We both loved these pieces but I drew the short straw so this outfit landed in her closet.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

The Yelena Floral Button Top came in at $25.99, so, very affordable for such a great fashion piece!  The grey capri leggings are $24.99 to keep so also a decent price point for a basic piece that will match everything.

Second Fave:

My second fav and Hannah’s second fav are different. (While we often like a lot of the same things, sometimes we do have different opinions on fashion items.)  My next favorite is the Hope button down cardigan. I just love this style cardigan and the fact that these sleeves are 3/4 length make it a home run! This one rings in at $32.99 to keep.

woman sitting on couch - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Hannah’s next favorite is this black sweater with white stars. It’s got a good amount of stretch to it and will look great paired with leggings, jeans, or capris. She loves anything patriotic and this stars sweater makes her think of the flag. The Star Sweater is $34.99 to keep.

girl in star sweater sitting on steps - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Runner Up:

Just in case you didn’t check out our video above of the full unveiling, I’ll also share some of the runner ups we received. This Jaidyn black top is a little baggy for us but features a super cute knotted front design. It rings in at $25.99 if kept.

Paired with the black top are the Jillian Jeggings. These offer a super stretchy comfortable feel and have a distressed look. They are $24.99.

girl in black shirt - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Next up we have the Krizia Criss-Cross Long Sleeve Top. The color is a dark navy, although the lighting makes it look lighter than what it is in person.  To keep the top, it would be $25.99.

woman standing by pillar - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

The last clothing piece I want to highlight is the Callie Long Sleeve Top. While I don’t personally love it, I wanted to show how it fits. In the video, it’s hard to tell as it hangs funny when I hold it up but it fits pretty good once on. It’s just a little too short in the front for my preference as I’m still working on losing my baby weight from Ruby. This waffle patterned top is $25.99 to keep.

woman in yellow top - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review


While I definitely liked the accessories from some of my previous packages more than this package, these are still cute/okay.  (Because really, I can’t love everything all the time right!?!)  So first up, there’s the Micheline Silver Necklace that runs $27.99. While it’s a really cute pice, I feel like it’s a bit too expensive. 

necklace - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

I also received the Minta Silver Earrings that come in at $23.99. These hoops are super cute but I’d consider them ‘mid-weight’ and I prefer lightweight earrings personally.  At these price points, I wouldn’t typically keep these particular jewelry items, however, our 17 year old daughter really liked both and was happy to have them.  So I passed them over to her.

earring - Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Out of all the pieces shown in my unboxing video, the cheapest was $12.99 and the most expensive was $34.99.

So what do you think?  Did you have a favorite item from my Nadine West Fashion Subscription review this month? Also, if you’re interested in reading more about Nadine West, be sure to check out my friend Amber’s Nadine West review over at Viva Veltoro.

Buy It:

Head over to Nadine West’s Website to learn more or fill out the style quiz and get your first package!


Don’t forget to like Nadine West on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the latest news and promotions.

Molli Taylor

Tuesday 3rd of May 2022

i have never known much about nadine west, but this stuff is really quite adorable.

Lauryn R

Saturday 23rd of April 2022

What a fun service to sign up for, and a great way to shop for clothes that you normally wouldn't try on! I personally do not like going shopping and prefer to do it online so I think I would love doing this. My favorite item that you received is the Yelena Floral Button Top as well, how pretty and perfect for Spring!

Kimberly Schendel

Sunday 10th of April 2022

I would need to know material content of items. Can that be found anywhere?

monique s

Saturday 10th of April 2021

I really like the soft and striped dress. Cute and unique

Jagesha Thaker

Friday 14th of August 2020

hi, what i m concerned is about the quality. how is the quality of the clothes n jewelery? are the clothes good after few washes. i mean do they shrink or borders start to tear or they fade? n jewelery dont fade away or get rusty? thanks for the video it was helpful.


Friday 14th of August 2020

So far, the majority of the items have been pretty decent quality. You can tell they aren't $100+ items, (however, I've spent more on clothes from other brands and had terrible quality so cost isn't always the deciding factor.) I still have several items in my wardrobe from almost two years ago that still look decent, with very minimal wash wear for as much as they've been washed and worn. But there are definitely some of their items that are lower quality too and I usually rotate those out sooner.

As for the jewelry, I think I've had two pieces break out of all the ones I've received and wear. My main pair of earrings that I wear every single day are from Nadine West and they've been holding up awesome for 6+ months and still going strong.

Haven't had any shrinking issues personally but I have a friend who did have one of her tops shrink.

None of the jewelry has rusted but I don't really get it wet either. I remove for showers, swimming, etc.

Let me know if I missed any of your questions!