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Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

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I’m back again with my Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review of package number three!  After years of dragging my feet and avoiding clothing subscriptions, out of fear.  I finally took a leap of faith.  So here I am, a couple months later, ready to share my THIRD package with you!  If you want to see what my previous boxes held, head on over to my first Nadine West Subscription Service For Women Review.  And then jump on over to my second package review over at my Nadine West Clothing Subscription Post.  But now, let’s get on to this month!

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Nadine West Run Down

I’ll give you a little run down of what Nadine West is, just in case you haven’t heard.  Nadine West is a monthly subscription service that features women’s clothing and accessories.  It’s a fun fashion service where you fill out a fashion preference survey.  And then your stylist curates a package, especially for you!

What To Expect

Each Nadine West package will typically contain between 4-7 fashion items.  That can include tops, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, and a variety of fashion jewelry pieces.  The combinations are endless but the surprise is always there as you’ll never know what’s inside before the package arrives.


Up front, the only fee is a small $9.78 shipping charge.  However, if you keep ANY items at all, that fee goes straight towards the cost.  Which means that shipping is essentially free!  You pay for what you keep.  Send back what you don’t love in the envelope with the pre-paid shipping label.  Nadine West pieces typically run as low as $7 and others may be as high as $35.  You can specify on your profile preference survey what kinds of prices you prefer as well.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Time for this month’s package!  My first box was a complete home run and Nadine West set the bar high.  The second month had a big miss with one item and most of the rest was great.  So great that my daughter actually confiscated most of it!  (We are able to wear a lot of the same sizes.)  So this month, I was excited to see what they’d come up with for me.

My Profile/Style Quiz

For all three months, I’ve had my profile preferences set to classic/romantic for both jewelry and clothes.  The other two options I could add or choose are trendy and vintage.  I may consider switching things up down the road.  But so far, I’ve been pretty happy with what I’m receiving.  (Other than the low cut shirt last month.)

Unboxing Video

If you prefer to watch a live un-boxing, I taped it for you!

Inside My Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

First, I’ll say that I was pretty happy with my package this month!  While the jewelry wasn’t my most favorite out of all my boxes, the clothes were all pretty great again!  But all-in-all, I do like and would wear everything I received.

Top Pick:

While I called this a tunic top in my video, turns out it’s a dress!  However, I think it looks fantastic with leggings and boots.  So I still would label it as a tunic personally.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

The Soft and Striped Red Dress came in at $23.99.  So, very affordable!  And I feel that almost everyone would already own black leggings and boots that would complete the outfit.  It’s perfect for fall!

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Second Fave:

The Grace Pink Skirt actually was tough to place in second because it was really high up on my list of “love”.   Super cute, “flow-y”, and feminine.  It’s adorable.  And this one rings in at $24.49 to keep.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Runners Up:

This Penny Black Striped Top features the cold shoulder look.  Which sometimes I love and sometimes not so much.  With fall and winter right around the corner, I’d prefer full coverage because I’m in Minnesota.  So I will be pairing this with a black sweater when I wear.  But it’s super soft, stretchy, and comfortable.  It rings in at $17.49.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

Next up, we have the Peek A Boo V Gray Shirt and Tropical Winds Ivory Cardigan.  Both super cute.  The gray shirt is also super comfortable.  However, it’s a little low so I have a black tank underneath.  (I do have no low-cut shirts on my profile so it did surprise me to get this.)  The Gray Shirt runs $21.99 to keep.  This cardigan is the same pattern as my ultimate favorite shirt from my first box.  Cute and comfy, while my first shirt had stretch, the cardigan does not.  But I still love it.  To keep the cardigan, it would be $27.99.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review


While I definitely liked the accessories from my first two packages more than this package, these are still cute/okay.  (Because really, I can’t love everything all the time right!?!)  So first up, there’s the Fringed Silver Necklace that runs $18.99.  And then the Metal Level Silver Earrings that come in at $12.99.  At those price points, I wouldn’t typically keep these particular jewelry items.  However, our 13 year old daughter really liked both and was happy to have them.  So I passed them over to her.

Nadine West Fashion Subscription Review

So what do you think?  Did you have a favorite item from my Nadine West Fashion Subscription review this month?

Buy It: Head over to Nadine West’s Website to learn more or fill out the style quiz and get your first package!

Connect: Don’t forget to like them Nadine West on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the latest news and promotions.

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