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Nadine West Clothing Subscription For Women

Have you ever tried out a clothing box subscription?  At the end of July, I received my very first clothing subscription package ever.  While I had been wanting to give a service a try for awhile now, I was hesitant.  I get nervous about clothes shopping for myself but Nadine West clothing subscription nailed it with that first box.  You can head over to my full Nadine West Subscription Service review to check out what they sent me.  The flower top from that first box is my all-time favorite shirt right now and I literally get dozens of compliments every time I wear it!  So now I’m excited to partner again and bring you my box number two review.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

I gave a complete run down of what Nadine West is, what you can expect, and everything else you need to know in my first Nadine West Review.   But a quick recap is that they are a monthly clothing subscription.  You fill out a style quiz and they send out a surprise package with 5-8 pieces.  Keep what you like, send back what you don’t.  While there is a small (under $10) fee up front, it gets credited towards any items you keep.  So essentially, shipping is then free.  Pretty simple.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

My First Box

I was so happy with my first Nadine West Clothing Subscription Box!  They sent out a variety of pieces that I loved and they all fit well.  It totally felt like Christmas.  So I had high hopes this round too.

My Second Box

This month, I received eight different items in my package.  I once again did an unboxing video so you can check them out with me as I open my package for the first time.

Again, I just love how nice and neat they package the items.  Folded, wrapped, and sent with care.  It just adds to the fun as it feels like someone sent a gift.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

This Month’s Nadine West Clothing Subscription Contents

I’ll give you a list of my items as well as what the price would be if I keep them.  As I mentioned above.  Any items that don’t work for you or that you don’t care for, just send back.  They include a pre-paid shipping label.  So wrap them back up, put them back in the pretty pink envelope, and send them off.

Without further ado, my package consisted of:

  • Jaicee Yellow Shirt ($34.99)
  • Regal Purple Shirt ($24.49)
  • Walk In The Park Grey Bottoms ($23.99)
  • Coastal Red Shorts ($21.99)
  • Telulah Black Dress ($29.99)
  • Wire Drop Silver Earrings ($13.99)
  • Maelstrom Silver Necklace ($24.99)
  • Float On Arrow Silver Bracelet ($12.99)

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

Styles In Action

Fun fact.  My daughter and I share a lot of clothes.  So she has been just as happy as me to see these pretty pink packages show up!  While she is a little smaller than me, we are still able to make things work for the both of us.  One nice thing about this is that when I clean out my closet, she gets a new wardrobe.  I love it because it saves me money since she enjoys taking some of my pieces.

So, since several of these pieces worked for both of us, but better for her, she actually laid claim to some!

Thoughts About My Latest Nadine West Clothing Subscription Pieces

While not the complete success that package one was, I still received some pretty nice items.  My most favorite item this month was the yellow floral top.  The design going down the arms really adds some fun detail.  And it’s super comfy.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

Hannah’s favorite item was the Telulah Black Dress.  Super comfy and a really cute style.  If she didn’t love it SO much, I would have it in my closet.  It’s a classic that never goes out of style.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

We both loved the Coastal Red Shorts.  The color is awesome and the belt is adorable.  But since they looked so amazing on Hannah, I didn’t want to take them away.  She adores them!

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

My least favorite item this month was the Regal Purple Shirt.  My profile says nothing low-cut and this shirt has such a big (and low) cutout design on the front that I didn’t even model it for you.  So that was a no for me.

The jewelry pieces were again fantastic.  Each of the pieces fit the criteria I shared in my style profile.  While I still love my bracelet set from my first package the most, the arrow bangle is really neat too.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription

Finally, we have these Walk In The Park Grey Bottoms.  I actually feel that they ran a little small.  So while I could get them on, they didn’t look that great on me.  However, Hannah nails this look as well.  I’m hoping that Nadine West gets enough feedback that they will size up for other customers as I would have had to send these back if I didn’t have Hannah here.

Nadine West Clothing Subscription


Something I noted in my first review also.  I created a Pinterest Fashion Board to assist my stylist in knowing what I like.  So I just left the link in the comments section of my style quiz along with some notes.  I think this is the easiest and fastest way to let your Nadine West stylist know what you love.  It’s just easy to see a visual and then relay extra notes from there.

Learn More About The Nadine West Clothing Subscription

Head on over to Nadine West to learn more or sign up for your very first fashion and accessory package.

Connect With Nadine West

Be sure that you also like Nadine West on Facebook, and follow on PinterestTwitter, and Instagram for all their latest news.

So tell me, what do you think of my Nadine West Clothing Subscription package number 2?  Did any of the pieces catch your eye?

Angie paulley

Wednesday 17th of May 2023

I loved the blue jean and blue jean shorts and the other shorts and shirts loved it a I'm a plus size 16w in jeans shorts and all bottoms and a 1x in tops and 36DDD in bras please help me


Tuesday 8th of January 2019

I paid $233 for 6items. I can tell you right now I can buy a lot more than 3items of clothing 3 accessories with $233. So in my opinion if that's your budget for one outfit you're far from living on a budget.


Thursday 10th of January 2019

Hi Ruby,

Are you sure that you're talking about Nadine West? My most recent box had 10 items in it that come to a total of $221.10 if everything is kept. It's rare to find an item over $30 with a Nadine West subscription. And after 7 months, the most expensive I've seen is just $32.99 (which was just 1 item out of the entire box as everything else was under the $30 mark. And usually half of the items are under the $20 mark.) For your total to be $233 for 6 items, they would each come to over $38...which is unheard of with Nadine West. Do you have StichFix instead? Those more expensive prices that you mentioned tend to align with their brand name.

Ashley Chassereau Parks

Monday 24th of September 2018

Oh... I love SO much in this box!! That yellow top is gorgeous! I love the design on the sleeves. It screams Fall to me. I have a good bit of weight to lose, but I think subscribing to this might be a good reward for when I meet my goal. So love that you and your daughter can share clothes!!

Lauryn R

Wednesday 29th of August 2018

Very cute clothes you received, and I absolutely love that you share with your daughter! My oldest daughter is 9 and I have a feeling that this will be us someday soon too. :) I love this, as I was raised by my dad and had three brothers. This seems like the perfect clothing subscription to try out, I love that it's basically free to try and you only keep what you want. I am definitely considering signing up. Thank you so much for sharing!

Mia Rose

Saturday 25th of August 2018

This would be a fun and easy way to update ones wardrobe. I tend to dislike shopping so this might be useful for me.


Sunday 30th of December 2018

That’s why I love Nadine West! Off of Stitch Fix now, still using Dia.