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Nadine West – The Affordable Outfit Subscription

This Nadine West – The Affordable Outfit Subscription is sponsored but, as always, all opinions are my own.

With so many stores closed over the past few months, have you found it difficult to update your wardrobe?  I know I have!  While I have been enjoying spending extra time with family during all the lockdowns, I miss the normalcy of life.  While we don’t go out to eat that often, I miss the option.  Take out just isn’t the same.  Shopping also isn’t the same.  Yes, you can order clothes online but with many stores not accepting in-store returns, return shipping is a killer to the budget.  So if you’re on the hunt for an affordable outfit subscription that offers no fuss, be sure to check out Nadine West.

Nadine West - The Affordable Outfit Subscription

Nadine West – The Affordable Outfit Subscription

By you. For you. Nadine West is the best, coolest, most amazing and AFFORDABLE outfit subscription with items priced from around $7 to $35.  The best part is that it’s super easy to get started and they are a risk free clothing subscription:

1. Take a 30-second style quiz.
2. Without paying a cent, receive an outfit that’s been styled just for you.
3. With ZERO obligation to buy anything, try it on in the convenience of your home.
4. Keep the items you love.  Send the rest back with the included return shipping label.

No weird styling fees involved and you can cancel anytime!

June 2020 Nadine West Package Reveal

As always, check out my video reveal of what I received in my May package.


Contents And Pricing:

  • Cathalia Navy Shirt- $21.99 to keep
  • Aisha Rose Colored Top- $23.49 to keep
  • Dore Olive Button Down Shirt- $31.99 to keep
  • Rosa AshCopper Shirt- $29.49 to keep
    girl on chair - Nadine West - The Affordable Outfit Subscription
  • Dione Classic Slate Gray Skinny Pants- $36.99 to keep
  • Leah Cropped Black Pants- $24.19 to keep
  • Abriella Sky Blue Pants- $24.99 to keep
  • Queenie Black Joggers- $28.19 to keep
  • Nicole Silver And Blue Earrings- $13.99 to keep
  • Kenna Silver Necklace- $29.99 to keep
  • Azerette Round Silver Necklace- $24.99 to keep

Overall, this Nadine West package was pretty good!  The clothing fit well, was stylish, and a great variety while all three jewelry pieces were perfect for me too!  So tell me, which item do you love most from this month’s package?  Also, if you’re interested in reading more about Nadine West, be sure to check out my friend Amber’s Nadine West review over at Viva Veltoro.

Woman in pink shirt - Nadine West - The Affordable Outfit Subscription

Nadine West Coupon Code:

Be sure to use the discount code “NADINE” to get free shipping on your very first package!  That means, it’s 100% risk free because they also providing a return shipping label for you too.

Pair of earrings - Nadine West - The Affordable Outfit Subscription

Connect With Nadine West On Social Media

As always, you can also stay up to date with all of the latest sales, specials, and announcements by liking Nadine West on Facebook and following on PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.

Peggy Nunn

Friday 26th of June 2020

I like the earrings. They are something my sister would wear. I like that they are in silver too.

Dandi D

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

The shirt with lace sleeves is my favorite--it's so cute!

Peggy Nunn

Saturday 20th of June 2020

The Dione Classic Slate Gray Skinny Pants are nice. It was a nice box this month.

monique s

Thursday 18th of June 2020

I love how these all look so comfy like you can look forward to wearing them and relax

Deborah D

Wednesday 17th of June 2020

These clothes are all pretty. I also like the earrings.