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Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

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I received Nadine West affordable clothes shipped right to your door subscription package to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

If you didn’t hear it on the news, we just experienced a major polar vortex here in Minnesota last week.  (I know Minnesota is not alone but since that’s where I’m from, I’m addressing my state.)  We were reaching temps in the negatives and all the way to -60 wind chill.  Yes, 60 BELOW zero!  It was ridiculously cold.  When heading outdoors for chores or errands, you had to really bundle up.  Even running from the van into a store, my skin was burning from the cold.  This is, by far, the worst that I can remember.  So much so, that most public schools even closed for 3, 4, or 5 days!  But never fear, our homeschool was in session here!  {We take sun days instead of winter snow days.  Working through brutal weather means we can get done in early May and get outside when it’s nice!}

So with all the chaos that happened last week, a bright spot was getting to explore my latest Nadine West package.  If you’re new to the blog, you may not realize that I’ve been working with them for over 6 months now.  (You can head over to my Nadine West – What I Think After 6 Months Review to get a recap.)  But today, we’re going to talk about my February shipment.

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

Nadine West affordable clothes shipped right to your door

We’re just going to cut right down to the chase this month.  To get started, you can check out my unboxing video for a sneak peak and my initial reactions.

My Personal February Nadine West Line Up

This month, I received 9 different items.  Typically, a package will contain anywhere from 5-9 items.  It varies on how much they can fit in the envelope to keep shipping charges down.  So if there is a bulkier item, I may not receive quite as many pieces on a particular month.  But I was excited to see a variety.

Foliage Black Top:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

This black with gray foliage top is a sweater material.  It’s soft and stretchy and could total be worn to work or paired with jeans for at home.  ($25.99 to keep.)

Giralda Grey Pencil Skirt:

This is a cute pencil skirt that matches everything.  It’s stretchy and definitely affords comfortability in its design.  However, I don’t ever wear pencil skirts so it’s a big no for me, even though the price is right.  ($12.49 to keep.)

Made For You Ivory Floral Top:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

I really do like the look of this cardigan style top.  The only problem I personally have with it is that there is no stretch factor.  It’s perfect for a business or business casual style.  And I will totally wear it for a date night.  ($32.99 to keep.)

Willeta Pink Top:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

This particular top is most definitely stylish.  Another grab for a day at the office.  Unfortunately, since I don’t work out of the home, I don’t have much use for more than a couple of “dressier” tops.  The color is a muted pink and the style is appealing though.  ($26.99 to keep.)

Perfect Work Day Mint Pants:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

These pants were fun to see.  It’s the first time I think that I’ve received a pair of pants that weren’t leggings.  They are a great color for spring and offer some stretch as well.  While my profile says size small, Nadine West did size these up to a medium.  And I’m glad they did because they fit great in the waist.  HOWEVER, they are too long to wear as pants.  But I rolled them up and they are adorable as crops so I’ll be sporting them this spring as soon as it’s warm enough!   At just 5’1″, it’s hard to find the right length for pants for me but I’m thrilled with the results of rolling.  ($21.99 to keep.)

Kassidy Taupe Dress:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

This is a great “basics” dress.  The style is simple yet appealing.  I love that it offers a slight stretch too.  Can be styled a variety of different ways, depending on where you’re headed for the day.  Overall, a really cute option but not something that I particularly need.  ($26.99 to keep.)

Slouch Potato Black Beanie:

It’s definitely hat season and this black knit style hat is super cute.  I like that it doesn’t fit too tight (nobody loves super hat hair, right!?).  This is one of my favorites from this month. ($12.99 to keep.)

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

Silver Strands Necklace:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

I LOVE this necklace!  It’s so pretty in person.  Shimmery and fairly lightweight.  I love that it features the extended closure so the length can be adjusted.  Simple style yet really eye-catching.  And I like that it’s not too heavy as I don’t want to be weighed down by my jewelry.  ($27.99 to keep.)

Bliss Silver And Pearl Earrings:

Nadine West Affordable Clothes Shipped Right To Your Door

The last item in my February, Nadine West affordable clothes shipped right to your door, package are these cute earrings.  They feature a pearl and silver style and are also fairly lightweight.  Cute and timeless style.  ($11.99 to keep.)

Final Thoughts

Overall, this package was a pretty good one.  I will wear almost every item (or my daughter Hannah will).  One thing to note was that I specifically say “no pencil skirts” in my profile notes.  Yet they did still send me a pencil skirt.  So while I think they do look at your notes, I believe they don’t particularly strive to honor all requests.  After this package, I did head over and update my style quiz a little.  So we will see if next month can be a home run!

Buy It:  Head over to Nadine West’s Website to learn more or fill out the style quiz and get your first package so you can start receiving your own Nadine West Affordable Clothes!

You can also visit the Nadine West social channels to stay up to date on all their latest news, sales, and specials.


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Alice F

Sunday 10th of February 2019

I enjoy reading your reviews on the monthly Nadine West packages. The items you received this month are so cute! The hate is so cute and will be cute with the earrings.

Mia E.

Sunday 10th of February 2019

Really nice choices and the pencil skirt is a good style for Hannah.

Amy D

Saturday 9th of February 2019

All the clothes look super cute. I am always buying clothes for my daughters and never anything for myself. I really need new clothes. I like how these are sent to me, because I never have time to go to the store. I will check this out. The prices are great.


Friday 8th of February 2019

I really love the Foliage Black Top and the beautiful Silver Strands Necklace. They pair together very well too.


Thursday 7th of February 2019

The Willeta pink top is lovely!


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