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My Medifast Top Picks!

After four weeks of following the Medifast program, I am down from 190lbs to 179lbs. It has been both challenging and rewarding especially as a person who loves food. The reward makes the challenge well worth it! The challenge of not eating whatever you want gets easier when you start seeing the progress. The loss of 11lbs off of my frame isn’t immediately noticeable, however, Janessa said she can tell that my face is visibly slimmer. Starting this program and getting through the first couple weeks was the hardest part.

I get asked by friends and family all the time, What about the food? Do you really like it? While there are some things I’ve tried that my taste buds haven’t loved, there are lots of things I’ve tried that I really enjoy. Now that I am settled into the program, I want to talk about my favorite meals, snacks, and drinks in the Medifast menu. If you’re getting ready to place your first order, I hope this list will help you out as you try to decide what to order from the many options Medifast offers.

Medifast has a huge variety of choices on their menu for a large assortment of tastes. While you may not go crazy for every offering Medifast produces, you will find plenty of things that are delightful to your palate. I’ve separated my favorites by “category” for clarity:


While the powdered shakes aren’t bad, the pre-made shakes are by far my favorite. You have your choice of Mocha, French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate. I haven’t tried the Mocha as I am not a fan of coffee, however, both the French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate are delicious! These are a great treat!


If you want an afternoon snack, you can’t go wrong with the sea salt or cheddar and sour cream popcorn. Both flavors are fantastic but, if I had to choose, my personal preference is the cheddar and sour cream. Just the right amount of flavor!


My favorite quick breakfast item is the spice pancakes. Quick, easy, and appetizing. I’m a breakfast eater in general but others might not care so much for the offerings here. If you aren’t the kind of person who typically eats breakfast, the bars or shakes are a great option to start your day.

Hearty Choices

I love pasta so my favorite quick, hearty meal is the ziti marinara. For a prepackaged meal, it is really, really good. This is my go-to if I am in a hurry. If you’re a pasta lover too, you definitely want to put this in your first order!


The Medifast hot cocoa is delectable especially if you follow the special recipe on the side of the box that calls for the addition of cinnamon and vanilla extract. Now that cold weather is setting in, this is my go-to hot beverage!

As for cold drinks, Medifast has a lot of offerings. When I am needing a caffeine pick-me-up, I drink the mandarin orange energy infuser. Just mix with cold water and it’s ready. Occasionally, when I want something fizzy, I mix it with cold club soda instead of water.


There are two types of bars available from Medifast; crunchy and chewy. The crunchy bars are similar in consistency to a soft granola bar while the chewy bars are more similar to a candy bar in consistency. My favorite crunch flavor is a tie between the peanut butter (as I love peanut butter in general) and the s’mores. The cookie dough takes first place in the chewy category!

Recipe Book

The taco stuffed portabellas blew my socks off. I love mushrooms and I love tacos so this is a perfect combination for me. With ingredients like mushroom caps, ground beef, pepper, garlic, onion, cheese, and chili powder, this is a dynamite lunch or dinner that really hits the spot.

Flavors of Home Meals

Again, I am a pasta fanatic so the chicken cacciatore is, naturally, my favorite Lean & Green Flavors of Home quick meal. Think of these like TV dinners. When I am too busy to make something out of the recipe book, I pop one of these in the microwave. Convenient and tasty!


Who doesn’t love dessert? The brownie soft bake is my favorite out of this category but I would hesitate to call it a hands-down winner. Every dessert I’ve tried so far is very savory.

This list is simply my favorites from what I’ve tried so far. Yours may differ drastically! The variety of offerings from Medifast makes it easy and almost assured that you can find foods that suit your tastes. From talking with other Medifast users, there is clearly a variety of opinions on the flavors. Give everything a try at least once. Onward to my goal!

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Disclosure: Please consult your healthcare provider before embarking on a weight loss program. Average weight loss for Medifast Direct® customers using Medifast Go™ is 11 pounds. Medifast Direct customers are in weight loss, on average, for 8 weeks.”


Monday 30th of October 2017

Congratulations on the weight loss. It seems like you had lots of variety in your food choices for both meals and snacks. The pasta dishes look especially good.