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Miranda’s Got Some Exciting New to Share!

Hey guys, it’s Miranda. (Just want to be clear so everyone knows it’s me and not Janessa.) As you probably know, Mike and I have five great kids. They range in ages from (almost) 7 all the way up to 16. But guess what!?!?!?!

girl with sign
boy with dog and sign
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We’re Pregnant!

It feels a bit like we’re starting over (which I explained a bit about in my 7 Year Space Post – Here’s Why) but we are SO excited to be expanding our family again!

family - pregnant mom with kids

How We Told The Kids

I went to the doctor when I was 9 weeks, 2 days pregnant for an ultrasound. (We’ve had 6 miscarriages throughout our marriage so we didn’t want to tell the kids until we saw that heartbeat.) All looked well so we decided it was time to tell the kiddos.

So after Bible time one evening, we announced we were going to play a family game. This isn’t unusual in itself as we play games quite often. Sometimes it’s Uno but other favorites are Out Of The Loop and Catan. So when we said we were playing Charades, the kids were pretty confused as we’d never played this particular game before. We went over how to play and sent Hannah (the 16 year old) up for the first round. I said to pick an easy phrase but no….. she ends up going with ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. THAT took awhile for someone to guess. Mike and I wanted Mike to get it so we could do the announcement but Alex figured it out instead. He goes with ‘the dog chases the cat’ which, thankfully, Mike was able to figure out before anyone else.

Mike heads up and holds up 2 fingers (meaning 2 words). He then grabs a pillow and shoves it under his shirt. The kids immediately yell ‘dad’s pregnant’. So I jump up and shake my head no and act out ‘mom’s pregnant’ by gesturing to a big belly on my. One of the kids guessed it pretty quickly and was super excited about ‘winning’ the round but we were like NOOOOOOO. So they all sit down and I act it out again and they guess it again. This went on a couple more times before they realized we weren’t acting. Lucy teared up and asked if we were serious. The younger boys kept asking if it was for real. Our oldest son was in shock. (Hannah already knew as I had told her about 2 weeks prior when I was throwing up and needed some extra help.)

Overall, it was such a fun night and the kids immediately asked a ton of questions and were especially curious if they could help with naming the baby. Of course, we said yes and they started a list that evening and have continued adding to it over the last several weeks.

Our due date is January 2022 and we just can’t wait! (PS> I’ve now made our announcement of what we’re having here!)

pregnant belly + baby essentials

Some Of My Baby Product Favorites!

I’m now 18 weeks pregnant and so excited to start gathering some baby gear and products. Here are a handful of favorites that were top on my list of first things to get!

Must Have Baby Items - The First Things I Got After Finding Out I Was Expecting!

Check out these baby items that I grabbed up shortly after we found out we were expecting!

mom with TWELVElittle Diaper Bag
Kyte BABY newborn rainbow sleeper with hat and mitts
Bunnies By The Bay Newborn Gift Set
Stephen Joseph Burp Cloths, swaddle, and lovey
pregnant belly and diaper bag

Tell me, what’s the biggest age span between your kids? Also, head over to see Janessa’s Special Announcement too!


Tuesday 31st of August 2021

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family.

Sarah L

Friday 27th of August 2021

Congrats! Happy for you and your family. Cute way to tell the kids.


Friday 27th of August 2021

Congratulations to you Miranda and family. Wishing you all the best. Marion


Friday 27th of August 2021

Congratulations Miranda and family. Marilyn

Peggy Nunn

Thursday 26th of August 2021

Congratulations Miranda. I am so happy for you and your family.