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Miranda’s Pregnancy Update + Our Mini Master Bedroom Nursery

Sending a big thank you to Storkcraft for gifting me the Stella Mini Crib and Benton Dresser to help facilitate our mini master bedroom nursery.

Well, I can hardly believe it… but dare I say that this pregnancy feels like it’s flying by? Now that we’re already 25 weeks along, it feels like we’re really making some progress. Plus, getting to find out the gender as a family was super cool. Looking forward to that reveal helped drive the first half of the pregnancy and now that we’re over that hump, next comes a variety of holidays to distract me. Throw in life on a dairy farm and homeschooling and we’re just so busy that time is truly flying!

pregnant mama - Mini Master Bedroom Nursery

Pregnancy Update

Since we’re trucking long through our second trimester, I figured it was probably time to figure out where we are going to put this baby come January. Even though we added on to our house last year, we weren’t necessarily planning more children at the time so we didn’t really consider adding a bedroom or dedicated nursery space. That means, this bundle of joy will be bunking in our master bedroom.

After doing our elective ultrasound at 19 1/2 weeks, and then our level two ultrasound at 22 weeks, next up comes the dreaded diabetes test at 28 weeks. (But we’ll worry about that another day.)

For now, things are going pretty well. I’m feeling this little peanut moving and stretching more and more each day, which is definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. I’ve even started feeling a little from the outside so the kids are hoping to catch some kicks soon.

Now, if I could just get some sleep at night! Between getting up to use the bathroom and just aches and pains; I’m lacking.

Morning Sickness Update

Thankfully, this pregnancy is finally what I’d consider ‘normal’, morning sickness wise. With our other five kids, I had HG and would throw up 10-20+ times a day. Sometimes, I’d end up in the hospital for IVs.

With baby #6 here, the most I’ve ever throw up in one day was 3 times. (Definitely a cause for celebration for me!) With that said, my nausea did continue until just past 18 weeks which was a bummer. So I was still a bit out of commission much of the day as the nausea was pretty severe.

That’s now passed for the most part and life is looking up! Tell me in the comments if you had morning sickness or HG to deal with as I’d love to hear your stories too.

Mini Master Bedroom Nursery

Our Mini Master Bedroom Nursery

So as I mentioned we don’t have space for a dedicated nursery. But that’s okay, I like to keep baby close anyway and, thankfully, Storkcraft had just what we needed to create just the space we needed.

Have you ever heard of a ‘mini crib’? With our other children, we just had a regular crib and didn’t think anything of it. We always had a bedroom and space for one so it just never crossed my mind to search for a space-saving option. With creating a mini master bedroom nursery, space became my main focus. However, while I wanted to save some space with the crib, I still wanted a decent sized dresser as I hate struggling with cramming a bunch of clothing into small spaces. Storkcraft had exactly what we needed with their:

Mini Master Bedroom Nursery Reveal + Miranda's Pregnancy Update


Stella Mini Crib

Mini Master Bedroom Nursery Reveal + Miranda's Pregnancy Update

The Graco Stella Mini Crib may be smaller in size but it’s still packs a punch in style. Available in white or pebble gray, it even comes with a supportive 2.75-inch thick foam mini crib mattress with water-resistant cover and breathable core. (So you’ll save money by not having to purchase a separate mattress too!)

This convertible mini crib will actually transform from baby crib to toddler bed, daybed, and twin bed with headboard and optional footboard so the longevity is awesome.  It’s rated to hold up to 50 pounds.

Mini Master Bedroom Nursery Reveal + Miranda's Pregnancy Update

Benton 6 Drawer Dresser

When searching for a dresser, I wanted space for clothes but also an area on top to create a changing table. The Benton checked every box! This dresser features 6 spacious drawers for all your nursery essentials: the 2 narrower top drawers provide parents with easy access to frequently used nursery items, while the 4 deeper drawers provide plenty of storage space. The long top allows me room to put our changing pad for quick diaper changes without an added piece of furniture. Overall, it’s everything I was looking for!

Our Mini Master Bedroom Nursery

While we still need to work on some additional decorating, there’s a huge sense of relief as I can now start sorting and organizing baby clothes and accessories as I get it.

Mini Master Bedroom Nursery Reveal + Miranda's Pregnancy Update

Check Out Our Master Suite/Mini Nursery Video Tour:

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Tell me, where did (or do) your babies sleep?

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Lauryn R

Saturday 16th of October 2021

Your master bedroom is so beautiful, and the babies crib and dresser look amazing in it! I would definitely want both, what a great brand. The mini crib is a great idea, and I love that it still converts as they grow. I shared a room with all three of my babies, I liked having them close and it was very convenient as well.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 15th of October 2021

Looks so nice. And you look fantastic!

Chris Huber

Friday 15th of October 2021

This has given me some inspiration for our room sharing situation. :)

Mia Rose

Friday 15th of October 2021

You have given so much thought into how you have set everything up for convenience plus it all looks fantastic.

Peggy Nunn

Friday 15th of October 2021

That is so pretty. Gray is such a great color... it will go with any other color for a theme. I am so excited for you.