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Loloz Review – Protect From Cavities for 3-6 Months!

A lollipop that can protect from cavities for 3-6 months? When I heard this, I was intrigued! I’ve got 5 kids and always struggled with cavities myself growing up, despite a lot of brushing. I couldn’t wait to find out more about Loloz and was so excited when they agreed to send us a few boxes to try out!


About Loloz

So Loloz is a lollipop that is designed to protect your mouth from cavities for 3-6 months. You might be thinking I’m talking about xylitol, but I’m not. Loloz products contain cavibloc, which is the active ingredient that gives them their powerful weapon against cavities. 

What is Cavibloc?

Cavibloc is a specific herbal formula extracted from licorice root that targets and disables the major organisms (Streptococcus mutans and Sobrinus, along with Lactobacilli) that cause tooth decay. No man-made chemicals are used. This amazing ingredient only kills the bacteria that can lead to dental cavities, preventing them from forming for 3 to 6 months. Isn’t that awesome?!

Cavibloc was discovered by microbiologists from the Department of Oral Biology at the UCLA School of Dentistry. They worked for SEVEN years until they were able to identify a specific herbal formula extracted from the licorice root that targets and disables the major organisms (Streptococcus Mutans and Sobrinus, along with Lactobacilli) that cause tooth decay.

Does It Taste Like Licorice?

Now, I’m one of those people that really loves the taste of licorice, but I was curious to see if I could taste the licorice in Loloz products. Although it is made from the licorice root, I could not taste even a hint of licorice. 

How Is It Available?

You can purchase lollipops or hard candy pieces (lozenges) from Loloz in order to expose your mouth to Cavibloc. 


How Often to You Use the Loloz Products?

Even though Loloz products can protect your mouth from cavities for 3-6 months, you need to suck on either a hard candy or lollipop two times a day for 10 days straight in order to achieve the 3-6 months of protection. 

Our Review of Loloz Lollipops and Hard Candies


Growing up, I would brush and brush and brush my teeth and still end up with cavities. It was so frustrating! As I’ve gotten older I’ve done more research on what causes cavities. It was during my research that I stumbled upon Loloz. 

We were sent an assortment of Loloz products. Currently, they offer lollipops and hard candies (lozenges) in Orange and Berry flavors. They also recently launched lemon flavor lozenges, but we did not try that flavor. 

As far as taste goes, we all agreed that the Berry flavor is our favorite. Orange was not necessarily bad, we just prefer the berry flavor. 

I like that Loloz offers both lollipops and lozenges. My kids certainly enjoyed the lollipops and it was easy for me to pop a lozenge in my mouth two times a day.



The only drawback to Loloz is that it can be tough to remember to use 2xs a day for 10 full days. We were not able to make it a full 10 days without forgetting a lollipop here or there. When we do a second round with them, I think I will set an alarm on my phone for 2xs a day so we don’t forget. 

Of course, the most important question is, do they work? Well, I can’t really say for SURE but the science behind them looks solid. Check out these peer-reviewed studies. I’m willing to give them a try in hopes that they help protect my kids’ teeth! I’d do anything to help their teeth stay strong and healthy!

Loloz are available directly from their website and also sold on Amazon.  We have enjoyed Loloz and would purchase them again for sure in the future! 




Tuesday 26th of July 2022

We loved using these and they really did help my kids. It seems that the company suddenly vanished though! Do you happen to have any information about why they closed down or where we might be able to purchase these now? Thanks!

Mia E.

Friday 12th of April 2019

This is very interesting and not something that I was aware of before. It could be difficult to go 10 days straight without forgetting.